Top 5 Things to Consider While Buying Wireless Headphones on Black Friday!


With the advancement of the wireless technology headphones are the hottest product on the market wooing consumers with the amazing functionality they offer to ensure enhanced sound quality and ease of use. However since there is so much to offer when it comes to wireless headphones it is important to understand what are your specific needs then finding the right wireless headphones is easy.

Before you dive in to make your black friday wireless headphone purchase do not just look for the functionality and make a wrong purchase consider the features to that the headphones offer. There are two most common features that you should not avoid.



Battery: The use of any device solely depend on the battery life it offers. Almost all wireless headphones either have rechargeable batteries or have a charging docking station. You would ideally want a battery life of 8-12 hours for a 24 hour usage. So before making a purchase make sure the wireless headphones support the battery life you need.


Noise Cancellation: If you are looking for the portability and the ease of use aspect of wireless Noise cancellation is another feature that you should consider. As it enhances the sound quality drastically.


Currently the latest functionalities that wireless headphones offer which are popular in the market; Infrared, Bluetooth and Ultra-High Frequency. Each functionality has its pros and cons so it’s crucial to understand what suits your needs.


Infrared Wireless Headphones: These headphones use infrared technology by which the headphones and an external transmitter communicate constantly.  They come with a transmitter which plugs into the audio jack of the electronic device. They are ideal for use with TV, Gaming Consoles. Although Infrared Wireless Headphones deliver an extremely good sound quality as there is less interference. They are not so adequate when it comes to mobility.

UHF / RF Wireless Headphones: Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones utilize high frequency radio waves to transmit signals between the headphones and the paired electronic device. They come with transmitter attached to an electronic device. Constant close contact with the transmitter is not required for Ultra-high frequency wireless headphones which is a major advantage over Infrared wireless headphones. Also they are extremely mobile and can function over long distances. One of the many brutal disadvantages is they experience when in contact with other electronic devices and the sound quality is impacted.



Bluetooth Wireless Headphone: Similar to radio waves yet much more effective are the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones as they operate at a different band ISM. Although they support a shorter transmission distance about 33-feet; however the range can be modified depending on the devices. Another advantage is all smartphones, TV’s, Gaming Consoles are well equipped to pair with Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. In comparison to other primitive technologies the Bluetooth Wireless Headphones do not need a transmitter to function. For more home theatre related cables and equipments, feel free to visit Primecables’ site!

How to Install, Configure and Place Speakers Seamlessly?


With the enhanced technology options available for a luxurious entertainment surround sound speakers are available in many variations. However to be able to experience the full potential of your surround sound speakers placement and configuration play a very vital role. Follow through the recommendations below to utilize the complete potential of your speakers. For more information about home theater accessories, you can always check our site.


  1. Speakers and Subwoofers: Most speakers that offer surround sound technology may vary typically from one to five speakers paired with a subwoofer. Speakers, Subwoofer both are hooked up to the receiver, however always make sure to manage wires lying across the floor. As often a damaged wire connection is the reason for the performance of a subwoofer, speakers. As placement is the key for both the speaker and the subwoofer, often the corner of a room may be the ideal placement.


  1. Front Speaker Placement: While installation as well as placement the most key component is measurement. Always while taking measurements make sure the tweeters of the front speakers are placed at ear-height when seated; if needed take assistance of bookshelf-style speakers, stands to maintain the optimal height. Measurements often tend to be faulty while installing.


  1. Surround Sound Speakers: Surround sound speakers are the key component to to amplify the movie or television experience. So while placing standard surround speakers in your home the length should be two feet above ear level. However placing speakers behind your couch or side walls is also ideal for a 5.1 setup, 7.1 system, speakers are best when placed behind walls to create rear surround ambiance.


  1. Projection Screens/ TV: Once all the speakers are placed efficiently the placement of Projection Screens/ TVs is crucial. Depending on the room and the furniture setup often this is determined. Ideally the front speakers on both sides right and left of the Projection Screens/ TV should be a one to two feet away. However the central speaker should be ideally placed above of the screen if the furniture is close to the screen and below if the furniture is placed appropriately.


  1. AT Screen: An AT Screen (acoustically transparent screen) is a projector screen used to accommodate the speakers behind the screen often placed in small rooms. When installing a transparent AT Screens to get the best experience place all speakers on right, left and centre behind the screen. However while installing perforated AT screen place the speakers behind the screen at a distance of 12 inches.


  1. Subwoofer Placement: Generally the best place for a subwoofer is the corner of a room. However another best spot is to place it along the wall half or quarter way for enhanced bass.


  1. Multiple Subwoofer: If you are looking to enhance the bass to its maximum potential the best solution is a subwoofer. A second subwoofer elevates the bass to ensure tight, well-defined and evenly distributed bass.


  1. Multiple Speakers: To support different sound formats different speakers are used; especially immersive-sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and DTS are associated to create 3D sound fields using height channels. While choosing these sound formats often single speakers are not able to deliver the enhanced potential. So the best route is to use 9 to 11 speakers depending on the processor


  1. Height/ Main Speaker Placement: 45° is the ideal placement, for but often if the ceilings in your home are not high then place the as away as possible from the front main speakers.


  1. Dolby Atmos Speakers: Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers help deliver height and immersion to utilize their full potential they should be placed at 14 feet along a acoustically reflective ceiling

10 Important Facts About Cabling

How to choose your cables with ease? Let’s find out from this article:

The important about cabling |PrimeCables Blog|
The important about cabling |PrimeCables Blog|

Cables form an integral part of any installation that you are looking to set up as they communicate with your devices. So it is very crucial to understand that choosing them wisely is the key to facilitating a smooth communication in between your devices. Here’s top 10 tips to consider while handling cables choosing by PrimeCables :

  1. Plan: This is the very first step of any installation, plan all the cable requirements you will need. Especially if you are doing it from scratch? Consider all the devices, walls or soffits.
  2. Length: Too big or a too small cable is never the right solution; choosing the right size cable is very important. The best approach while choosing the length of cables is to estimate the placement of your devices.
  3. Objective/ Purpose: Every cable has a precise purpose to serve. So at all times before making a purchase understand the device and the purpose the cable will support. As different cables support different power capacities. Also always make sure cables interconnecting analogs are shielded.
  4. Specifications: While using cables with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connections, for enhanced rejection of induced noise use XLR cables with devices whenever needed.
  5. Protection: The most common danger while handling cables of all kinds is signal degradation; which may often be seen as sparkles. So as a protection measure avoid using long cables; this is more common while handling HDMI cables.
  6. Wireless Connectivity: While working with cables that transmit, receive, power or activate devices wirelessly; especially HDMI cables use the ones powered by RedMere Technology this helps to cover a distance of over 20 feet efficiently.
  7. Choose Wisely: As cable prices may vary depending on the purpose of their use often basic cabling options are economical over audiophile cables.
  8. Efficiency: Often the efficiency of devices rests on how effectively the cable supports the connection. So before an installation make sure you understand the polarity of cables are accurate for your devices.
  9. Management: Messy cables are not just a fire hazard; but often can create efficiency issues for devices. The best way to keep things organised is to use the right size cables and undo tangles whenever possible.
  10. Interference: Avoid running Analog audio cables close to AC power cables; to avoid interference which further impacts device signals. If you have them close to each other due to a specific arrangement make sure they are placed at right angles from each other this keeps manage interference.

Once you follow all the basic recommendations to consider while handling cables, listed above you will have a professional perspective. If you have any question or concern, please feel free to visit our web site PrimeCables for better solution.

Monitor Desk Mount Diversity: Upgrade to the Workstation You Deserve!  


Employees attempting to upkeep a healthy productive lifestyle in the workplace are no longer leaving that decision to their employers. While waiting endlessly on budget approval for necessary workstation upgrades that never come, employees are taking matters into their own hands by personally investing into their workstation to benefit immediate lifestyle changes.

While the Sit-Stand Desk has brought a fundamental change to the office, further options are now available to offer the same experience that works around replacing your desk; a variety of Monitor Desk Mount options that are tailor made to service any occupation, work environment, and budget. This is a wonderful advancement for those personally investing in upgrading their own workspace, by simplifying the process in eliminating the need to replace your desk.

Liberate your workstation to a standard you deserve, by choosing a top of the line PrimeCables Sit-Stand Desk Mount from a diverse range of styles that serve your occupational purpose with budget conscious prices. Quality options are just a quick delivery away, from finally starting your workweek off on the right foot!


Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Based on the popular gas-spring mounts, this flexible stand floats the monitor for a customized placement, full range motion, and instant sit-stand height adjustability providing comfortable viewing from the perfect position customized to match your sit-stand needs.  The grommet clamp base suits most desks, and provides an adjustable clamp height.  The built-in spring gauge can be adjusted to suit various monitor weights, a full motion mechanism with effortless swivel rotate and tilt movements that you can raise, lower, push, pull, and adjust the mount throughout the changing needs of your workday.

Micro level adjustment enables precision alignment of the keyboard configuration, with a keyboard tray that hosts a ledge on the bottom to securely hold it in place that’s also foldable to save space when not in use.

A secondary storage tray also offers additional accommodation for a cup, phone, notes, stationery etc.

Single Monitor Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount

Sit-Stand Laptop Gas Spring Desk Mount Workstation


With the Sit-Stand Laptop Desk Mount you can continue living the out-of-office “laptop lifestyle”, while now benefitting from the advantage of accommodating your laptop on those in-office occasions. Instead of dreading being anchored to a desk when you’re accustomed to more freedom, the Sit-Stand Laptop Desk Mount is a tool that changes a stale office environment into a healthy lifestyle option that will keep you on your toes.

This height-adjustable laptop mount offers convenient, ergonomic adjustability to elevating portable computers in an upgraded sit-stand option. This unique mount allows users to ergonomically position their laptops to promote less eye and neck pain, from the stooping and straining associated with the common attempt to properly view a smaller laptop screen.

Sit-Stand Dual Monitor and Keyboard

Finally benefit from seamless multitasking between two monitors, by transforming your crowded desk or table into an ergonomic sit-stand dual-monitor workstation. This height-adjustable workstation supports two monitors in precise alignment along with your keyboard, smoothly letting you transition from sitting to standing in one motion. The rotate displays 360° to easily switch between landscape and portrait display orientations, with smooth full range motion that can be tilted for the perfect view, and swiveled for optimum viewing angles.


Triple & Quad Monitor Desk Mounts

With the Triple & Quad Sit-Stand Monitor Desk Mounts, you will experience the same ergonomic and efficiency benefits, while meeting a higher level of multitasking needs in occupations that require the use of multiple monitors. Extend your viewing necessities across several screens, with the elevated display position that improves your posture by allowing you to look straight ahead instead of downward.  The Tripple & Quad Sit-Stand Monitor Desk Mount options clear your desktop and space in your office, while creating a neat and clean professional appearance that enhances the style of any home or office environment.

Triple Monitor Free Standing Desk Mount

Quad Monitor Articulating Arm Desk Mount

When you invest into upgrading to a sit-stand workstation, it immediately invests into you as well. It provides the opportunity for better posture, improved ergonomic alignment, and comfortable productivity for a healthier work environment.  You will discover that the Sit-Stand Monitor Desk Mount is so much more than a convenience. It’s a necessity that after personally experiencing, you will quickly wonder to yourself; how did I live without it until now?


The Importance of Proper Body Posture at Work Place. Let’s our Sit & Stand Desks Speak!

PRO TIPS: How sit and stand desk will change your productivity
PRO TIPS: How sit and stand desk will change your productivity

Before starting my article, I would like to show you some statistics that you might have not aware before, and some of the facts will directly impact to your health & work efficiency.

  • Average people spend 65% of time sitting over for the past few years
  • Spend more than 10 hours work in a chair might increase the risks of disease
  • Research has shown that long hours sitting might have direct association to risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

The statistics are cleared about the facts how “over- sitting” might impact our health as well as productivity, this is perhaps the reason why ergonomic environment concept has become such a trendy term where company are crazy about flexible break time or tools which allow employees to work with maximum comfort level, but on the top that that, it is always recommendable that you still need to stand up more, “sit less and stand more” are the keys- quoted from health experts.

Due to the comfort workplace concept, many companies have realized how beneficial and ideal to allow employee to stand up while working, products like sit stand desk or uplift desk has become popular over the internet, with different prices, brands, and tag lines, it’s actually very confusing for customers to pick their right one, so how to choose the sit & standing desk that might work for you?

Wait a minute! So do the sit / stand desk actually work? According to the measure conducted by different researches across the world, it has clearly shown that too much sitting is bad for your muscles, in additional, standing actually help you to burn much more calories. If average adult burns extra 20 calories per day, then a week will be in a total of 100 calories, which can accumulate into an impressive number, and this is only for the people who stand only for 4 hours a day, so how to pick a nice sit / stand desk, you can always start with the following points:

  1. Price, price, price! You don’t need expensive gear to be healthy
  2. How much adjustment you can make from height & wide range for your desk
  3. Do the design avoids any dangers of clamping injury?
  4. Is that fast, quiet or portable?
  5. Does it support VESA, tilt, swivel, and rotation?
  6. Max weight support? Does the company cover the warranty?

By following this list, you should have a better idea about how to choose a standing desk.


If you have any question or idea that you want to suggest to PrimeCables, feel free to comment at the follow or use the hashtag #AskPrimeCablesGuy on our social and we will reply you ASAP.

How To Get The Best Rise for Your Buck? Find “Your Type” of Sit-Stand Desk Riser


It isn’t in question that you’re ready to take the next step, and treat yourself to a Sit-Stand Desk Riser that promises a lifestyle change with health benefits that can’t be denied. But if you’re going to invest into changing your workstation, you want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck while receiving the highest quality rise.

PrimeCables offers a level of quality Sit-Stand Desk Risers, that will offer health comforts you weren’t aware needed tending to, satisfying your needs to the extent that you’ll want to give your transformed workstation a standing ovation. Since PrimeCables only builds products with the highest standards, you’ll find their Sit-Stand Desk Risers performance will more than rise to the occasion, happily giving you a daily encore, again and again.

So which Sit-Stand Desk Riser will give you the type of rise you’re looking for? PrimeCables gives you a variety of options to service your needs.

Upgrade Your Current Desk With A Height Adjustable Standing Monitor Desk Riser

If you have a favorite desk you don’t wish to part with, or a work space you would like to upgrade, you now can easily convert your current work surface into a sit-stand work environment. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just place your sit-stand workstation on your desk and quickly adjust it to one of the 12 height settings that meet your ideal ergonomic typing posture, customizing to your own height for optimal viewing.

Feel free to check our PrimeCables® Sit to Stand Adjustable Desk Riser here >

The Pre-Assembled Ergonomic Monitor Desk Riser

This is an easy Standing Monitor Ergonomic Desk Riser solution that comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. A large work surface is provided designed for two monitors, and is uniquely designed with a spacious keyboard tray large enough for a laptop. This specific design offers a retractable shelf offering further ergonomic comfort that supports the health benefits you’re aiming to benefit from.

Customize Adding a Trendy Tabletop to An Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame

If your “type” isn’t found in traditional sit-stand models, you would probably prefer something a little out of the box. If you would like to customize your own personal style into your workstation, PrimeCables offers an easy solution to you’re creative endeavors; purchase a height adjustable sit-stand desk frame, then add your own unique desk top for individual design aesthetic.

The Electrical Sit-Stand Desk Frame is more than just a stylish contemporary design that offers customizable opportunity. It features electric vertical height adjustability,

that quickly and quietly adjusts from sit to stand, with superior stability and heavy duty lifting capacity. And without low cross bars built in, the frame offers ample knee clearance for user comfort.

This simple economical option accommodates creative types to personalize their experience, while enjoying a smooth electrical adjustable desk riser under the desktop of your choice.

Whether you seek to upgrade your current desk experience with the perfect Adjustable Sit-Stand Monitor Desk Riser, or wish to fully customize a PrimeCables desk frame to suit your needs…your body, mind and soul will be immediately grateful for your investment into a lifestyle change that rises to serve your particular needs.

Keeping a Healthy Relationship  With Your Sexy New “Type-C” Cable Device

PrimeCables USB TYPE c TO HDMI

You’re in the honeymoon stage, and have recently upgraded to a hot new device that’s keeping you on your toes, requiring the latest standard for wired connectivity. The USB Type-C cable is showing you advanced features you’ve never experienced, and have quickly discover you can’t live without.

Like all new device relationships, initially we just can’t get enough of exploring it’s features day and night until energy eventually fades and it’s time to recharge. No worries, you’re a gentleman and have a USB Type-C Cable charger on standby. But be warned, not all USB Type-C Cables are created equal, and your charger could be shooting something much worse than blanks.

Lost in the determination to quickly charge your device to get back into action, your intentions can become detrimental if you are plugging in a dodgy USB Type-C Cable that can result in permanent damage to your device to the extent of completely frying it altogether. Such abuse is not conducive to beginning a healthy relationship with your device!

To give any serious relationship a fair chance, understand the needs of your device by getting to know the body, brains & brawn of the Type-C cable it depends upon to promise “safe se…” Errrr…..service.”

The “Body” of USB Type-C Cable

Your sleek new device is thinner, and no longer fits into its old USB Type-A Cable wardrobe. The general population has been in a long- term relationship with the larger USB Type-A Cable that has remained unchanged, with weaker capabilities while also being a difficult connector that demands to be plugged in only one way.

The USB Type-C Cable has a new small connector that is reversible, letting you easily plug in your devices without a struggle. But don’t be distracted by the physical changes to the body structure, it also has brains & brawn.

You can take the example of our PrimeCables USB metal braided USB B cable 

The “Brains” of USB Type-C Cable

The USB Type-C Cable is reversible, meaning you will only need a single cable whether you’re connecting an external hard drive to your laptop or charging your smartphone from a USB charger. That one tiny connector is small enough to fit into a super-thin mobile device, but also powerful enough to connect all the exterior devices you desire into your laptop. The cable itself has USB Type-C connectors at both ends—it’s all one connector.

The “Brawn” of USB Type-C Cable

The USP Type-C Cable is bi-directional, so a device can either send or receive power delivery up to 100 watts. Not only can this kind of power delivery let you charge a laptop (which requires up to approx. 60 watts) but the power can be transferred at the same time the device is transmitting data across the connection.

Gone are the days where you need to juggle an awkward collection of differently shaped connectors, attempting to use and charge varied devices to meet all your needs. With a PrimeCables USB Type-C multi-port charging adapter, you’ll simultaneously sync all of your needs with satisfying efficiency.

Preventing Miscommunication leading to a “Break Up”

To prevent an expensive break up with your hot new device, you need to understand the “relationship incompatibilities” of mixing cables that won’t send the kind of sparks you are hoping for.

A major miscommunication issue that arises is with cables that feature a USB Type-C connector on one end, and an older USB connector such as the Type-A on the other end. Most devices are still currently using the USB Type-A port, which is the most common USB port with significantly less power. While it is the cable’s responsibility to make sure a device charging from it doesn’t try to pull too much power, in a poorly designed cable it lies to the device by communicating that it is attached to a charging path like the Type-C to Type-C Cable, and the device will attempt to draw power it is incompatible with. This electrical miscommunication will likely permanently damage the weaker device the Type-A end of the cable is plugged into.

Choose Quality Accessories for USB Type-C Cable

Now that the USB Type-C cable has given you a taste for higher standards, it’s here to stay and time to accessorize your device. While your upgrade isn’t high maintenance, it does require proper maintenance if you expect it to stick around. Before buying USB Type-C cables for your new devices, look up whether the cable is actually compliant with the USB-C specification.

To ensure you are purchasing quality USB Type-C Cables, the logical advice is to only trust a professional cable company who specializes in providing reliable, guaranteed top quality cable products such as PrimeCables.

A Happy Wife Is A Happy Life

Now that you’ve accessorized your new device properly by putting a ring on it, make sure to remember your vows to respect protect to the compatibility issues between Type-A & Type-C USB Cables when combining your mixed modern family of hardware. After all, a happy wife is a happy life. And you benefit from that, while enjoying a healthy device that’s ready to keep impressing you with the power of its’ exciting new tricks.

Happy Accessorizing!

How to Choose the Right USB Type-C Cable To Prevent “Device Homicide”

How to choose a good USB C cable
How to choose a good USB C cable

The USB Type-C Cable is a new universal connector, which many smartphones, tablets and laptops are now using that provides advanced features such a reversible port with bi-directional capabilities, and power delivery up to 100watts just to name a few.

While the demand for the latest & greatest devices are being met, manufacturers are still in the early stages of providing quality USB Type-C Cables, many of which are poorly designed and could potentially damage your hardware.

So now that it’s time to start populating your living and workspace with new USB Type-C chargers and accessories, be warned. If you are careless in choosing a poorly made cable, you could be sending your shiny new device straight for the electrical chair. And if it fries due to your basic neglect, it isn’t the USB Type-C Cable’s fault. It’s yours; you’re guilty of “device homicide.”

So how can the average consumer pick the right USB Type-C cable, to prevent ruining expensive hardware? Understand what unregulated USB Type-C Cable issues have arisen, why a quality cable is paramount, and where to trust finding the most reliable cables at PrimeCables’ type c cable.

How A Bad Cable Could Damage your Hardware

New devices that require the advanced USB Type-C Cable support faster charging, however until now devices have used the older less powerful USB Type-A Cable which were never designed to withhold or provide the level of power a USB Type-C device can take.

The problem arises with cables that feature a USB Type-C connector on one end, and an older USB connector such as the Type-A on the other end. Most devices are still currently using the USB Type-A port, which is the most common USB port with significantly less power.

While it is the cable’s responsibility to make sure a device charging from it doesn’t try to pull too much power, in a poorly designed cable it lies to the device by communicating that it is attached to a charging path like the Type-C to Type-C Cable, and the device will attempt to draw power it is incompatible with. This process will likely permanently damage the weaker device the Type-A end of the cable is plugged into.

It is vital that you match the appropriate cables with devices that can withstand the power of it, further learn inside & out what power your new device is capable of, and select the conducive accessories from a professional cable company such as PrimeCables to avoid disaster.

Saving Your Device from the Death Penalty

Before buying any USB Type-C Cables for your new devices, look up whether the cable is actually compliant with the USB Type-C specification. You also may want to get a quality USB Type-C to Type-A Cable to charge it on your older laptop or older power blocks.

While popular retailers and smartphone companies provide a variety of cables and adapters, you shouldn’t buy any random cable you find online. In this time of Type-A to Type-C Cable transition, companies are trying to crack down on USB Type-C Cables that don’t meet stringent standards. But scarily enough even smartphone companies have been known to ship bad cables responsible for destroying their own products.

So how do you make sure to not purchase cables from a company who’s only guaranteed use, will be a device noose?

Unless you’re able to replace your device weekly, carelessly selecting a poorly made USB Type-C Cable is like damaging your devices only lifeline. It isn’t worth the risk. This is where you leave it to the professionals who offer trusted top of the line products:

Your Device Lifeline: Trust “Cable Professionals”

The solution to such a catastrophic problem is ridiculously obvious. Invest in cables specifically made from a company that specializes in providing quality cables, who guarantee the highest standard in the market such as PrimeCables. Not only does their product offer the highest standard in cables, but a lifetime guarantee is offered attesting to the quality of their cables. If that’s not enough PrimeCables always promises to offer appropriate solutions at affordable prices that don’t break the bank. With a tried and true company that is trusted like us, you can relax to freely enjoy accessorizing your new device knowing it will remain as safe and strong as ever.


What is PrimeCables 24h Flash deal about?

If you have visited our web site, you should have known that we do have our weekly flyer send out on regular basis and every day, we will have one exclusive flash deal with the lowest price that you will get from the market, the price is usually unbeatable and the most important, the deals are usually are TOP 10 PrimeCables HOT SALES!

So what is PrimeCables Flash deals about for this week? It’s about Back to School! As we all know the BTS does not really only require office station items or printers, student do have different needs depend on the field of studies. For art or Tech students, the best thing  to have are mostly monitor related, a product like monitor mount, adjustable sit stand desk or even an ergonomic chair will definitely improve the quality of work.

Here are the exclusive deal from Aug 14th to Aug 20th, each deal lasts 24 hours:

PrimeCables exclusive flash deal
PrimeCables exclusive flash deal

HDMI Splitter 1×2 with Full 3D

Audio Splitter 3.5mm 5 Way Hub Headphone for PC

Orvibo® Smart Wifi Power Outlet S25

Universal Sound Bar Speaker Bracket-PrimeCables®

Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

PrimeCables® Duplex Receptacle Wall Plate

500FT 23AWG Bare Copper Cat6 4 Pairs UTP Solid Cable

Personally, I prefer the Orvibo Smart Wifi power outlet, the reason is simply because I am a believer of smart home products,  it’s always convenient for you to have sort of extra control while you are away from home, with this amazing wifi outlet control, you will be able to remotely open / close your devices, set up the timer or even plan everything ahead before you go back home, sound’s awesome isn’t it ? If you want to check the extra information how this device work, you can check our PrimeCables Youtube channel to find out more related products.

The second thing that I would like to suggest, is our microphone suspension stand, as you all know the microphone stands are usually expensive, if you use this keyword and search on, the minimum that you could get is around $30 and up to $200, , with the flash deal as cheap as $9.99, I would have multiple sets of microphone stand in my studio for different record purposes, so why not ?

If you want to spend your penny wisely, it is always recommendable for you to  subscribe our email in the bottom of the page, the benefit for having email subscribe does not only grant you to have the exclusivity to our amazing deals, in addition, we always give away our PrimeCables coupon so you will be able to SAVE lots more money that you imagine. Just keep that in mind, you will be able to unsubscribe on us anytime you wish simply by press the unsubscribe button in the email or you can log in into your shopperplus account to opt out the email subscription option.

For more info about our product, site & service, feel free to #AskPrimeCablesGuy on social media and we will reply you ASAP.

Comment enlever les bulles d’air pour un protecteur d’écran?

Protecteurs d’écran sont souvent utilisés pour les écrans d’ordinateurs, de jeux, téléphones et autres appareils électroniques. Il est spécialement conçu pour la protection et il ressemble à un film collant qui vous permettent de placer sur l’écran donc il doit être transparent. Parfois, les gens pourraient remarquer qu’il ya des bulles d’air sortant de l’écran après avoir placé le film de protection, bulles dans votre écran protecteur sont inesthétiques et visuellement gênant. Si vous êtes confrontés au problème tel, PAS DE PANIQUE! Avec un peu de patience et de conseils, votre problème sera finalement résolu une fois l’application des étapes suivantes.

Si vous n’avez pas encore appliqué le film protection :

  1. Éteignez votre appareil.
  2. Utilisez un chiffon microfibre ou collez des bandes de scotch sur votre écran pour enlever la poussière sur l’écran. (voir notre Monster® Ultimate Performance Screen Cleaning Kit)
  3. Appliquez votre protecteur d’écran dans la direction qui ont été fournis dans le manuel, la meilleure façon de le faire est d’utiliser votre permis de conduire ou carte de crédit pour lisser et faire sortir les bulles lentement que s’affiche à l’écran.

Si vous voulez ré-appliquer le protecteur d’ecran :

  1. Éteignez l’appareil.
  2. Utilisez le bord de votre permis de conduire ou carte de crédit pour appuyer sur les bulles. Ne pas appuyer trop fort si vous avez un écran LCD. Chauffez le film légèrement avec un séchoir à cheveux pour le ramollir, mais ne pas surchauffer le film ou l’appareil. Tenez la carte de crédit à un angle et de travailler à partir du centre vers les bords.
  3. Si la carte de crédit n’a pas suffisamment enlevé les bulles, vous devez nettoyer protection ecran. Remplissez un bol ou un plateau avec des parties égales d’alcool et de l’eau et ajouter une goutte de savon. Retirez le film et le plonger dans le bol. Tenez le film et secouez de l’excès de liquide. Réappliquez les étapes ci-dessus.
  4. Lissez le film fraîchement appliqué avec le permis de conduire ou la carte de créditet. Laissez sécher. Dans les trente minutes, la liquide va s’évaporer et votre protecteur devrait être nouvellement adhéré et à plat.

Avec plusieurs années d’expérience dans la vente de consommables par Internet et la confiance de plus de 100,000 clients. Pour vous, choisir , c’est la garantie de :

  • Les meilleurs prix du marché
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  • Livraison rapide de votre commande
  • Paiement sécurisé en ligne