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10 Considerations when Choosing a Sit-Stand Desk

Update: Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser   There’s never been a more exciting time in the world of ergonomic sit-stand desks than today, as the market continues to grow on a daily basis with more and more people choosing to buy.   Beyond the obvious considerations such as pricing,…

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The Ultimate Sit-Stand and Standing Desk Guide

UPDATE: Check here for for complete guide of how to choose the sit standing height adjustable desk riser   Why more people are coming to buy sit-stand and standing desks have to do with the benefits. The more that a person sits over the course of their day, the higher their blood pressure tends to be, the higher their blood sugar tends…

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A New Ergonomic Solution, an Electric Desk Riser for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Choice!

Update: Feel free to check our Black Friday deal 2018, deals start on Nov 23rd 10:00 am EST A new ergonomic desk solution is reinventing the way that computer work stations are being setup in offices across Canada and the United States. Remaining still and sitting goes contrary to a human body’s natural instinct. To be sitting for extended periods…

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An Update about the iPhone 8 and Model X

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are about to hit the market, and they’re coming with a number of amazing features. Among the bolder items, the 4.7 and 5.5-inch LCD display is second to none among smartphones, contains an impressive A11 processor, and features glass bodies with wireless charging, upgraded cameras, and louder speakers. The aluminum framed bodies come in…

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How to Set Up your First Home Theatre System with Accessories on a Cheap Budget on Black Friday

It is easier than it’s ever been to set up a home theatre system with accessories in your home. If you are looking to do it on the cheap but without sacrificing quality in accessories, this can be a challenge. Browsing through corporate stores, the prices they put on some of those accessories are high! If this is your first…

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Where to Find Instruments and Audiophile Accessories in Canada?

Check out a premiere selection of musical instruments accessories in Canada right here at PrimeCables! If you’re a guitar player, you never want to leave the house without your guitar strap or an extra pick. We got you covered. If you’re a vocalist, you want to know your vocal is going to come out clear on the recording so you…

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Your Ultimate Ethernet Cable Solution

Ethernet is a high-tech LAN technology that allows a user to connect multiple systems via a LAN network connection. There are a multitude of benefits to using Ethernet which is why it has been so popularized these last two decades. For example, Ethernet offers connectionless communication, making it great for a number of uses. If you are interested in buying…

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 Is a Sit-Stand Desk the Right Solution for Daylong Desk Work?

A growing number of Canadians are working at desks and in office environments than ever before. The IT industry is growing and many people are finding themselves stationed in front of a computer for eight hours a day and even longer. Combine this with the amount of students and those working from home, and you’re beginning to see how there…

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