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A New Ergonomic Solution, an Electric Desk Riser for your Black Friday / Cyber Monday Choice!

A better office ergonomic solution
A better office ergonomic solution

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A new ergonomic desk solution is reinventing the way that computer work stations are being setup in offices across Canada and the United States. Remaining still and sitting goes contrary to a human body’s natural instinct. To be sitting for extended periods of time has had a negative impact on the health of hundreds of thousands of people. In an effort to improve spinal health, help with circulation, and reduce muscle fatigue, more offices are using electric desk risers.

PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd
PrimeCables Black Friday 2018 Deal start on Nov 23rd

Electric desk risers are meant to engage muscle movement by rising electronically, allowing a person who would traditionally be sitting at their desk, to stand. The use of an ergonomic electric desk riser has successfully been able to address issues related to static muscle fatigue, including neck pain and back pain. Throughout the past decade, more research has been publicized encouraging desk workers to get out of their chairs and move the body for at least five minutes per hour. The most ergonomic solution to this request is, no doubt, the use of an electric desk riser.
The added benefit of it being electric means that all you need is a plug outlet and you’re good to go. There’s no need to work a crank or anything. It all is set to happen electronically and with ease. Throughout your day in the office, rise it up now and again to get some good time standing. Then, when you feel like you need to have a seat for a little bit, you can. Enjoy the health benefits of being able to switch between sitting and standing with ease. Among the most popular ergonomic solution in the Canadian marketplace, electric desk risers are easy to use and affordable.


If your workplace is struggling to make up for lost workdays and/or are having productivity troubles, electric desk risers can provide some benefit. The investment that organizations have made in electric desk risers have resulted in reductions in employee discomfort and injuries, increased productivity, savings in workers’ compensation expenses, and can also help to reduce and/or eliminate sources of work related stress.

For the employees themselves, this new ergonomic solution will see them have more energy, experience reduced fatigue levels, and reduce risk of injury which can be caused by remaining in one body position for too long. Quickly move the work surface to meet your needs, as they happen. If you don’t already have some form of desk riser already available to you, considering the many benefits, there’s all the reason to look into adding this to your office environment, be it in a corporate, small business, or home.

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