Beware of Black Friday Criminals, check out our Surveillance Solutions!

Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday Shopping

Add to your home security and surveillance setup with exclusive Prime Cables Black Friday deals!

Black Friday is a tough day for most shoppers. They wake up early, drag themselves to corporate retail, and try to make the most out of a very stressful situation. That doesn’t have to be you. If you are searching for accessories to heighten your security systems and surveillance, check out our catalog here.

For us, surveillance solutions fall into two separate categories. The first is surveillance accessories, meant to heighten existing security systems. Think cable couplers, connectors, power supply adapters for security cameras, security camera power plugs, CCTV camera cords, and mounting brackets for CCTV. All of this is available through Prime Cables surveillance accessories catalog here. The second are CCTV kits. The one that we recommend is this Security Camera System with 4 1080P Night Vision Cameras and 1TB XVR (Digital Recorder). Though its market price is $499.99, Prime Cables currently has it on discount at $349.99 including free shipping to anywhere in Canada!


There are a variety of Black Friday surveillance options that can secure your home. Add to an existing system or build your own with an all-in-one solution. There’s no reason to brave the cold, crowds, and chaos on Black Friday trying to find these items anywhere else for the same price. From the comfort of your own home, you can completely re-design your security setup. If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to build your own surveillance solutions, now’s the time. Black Friday sales are second to none and only come around once a year. Contrary to how it’s been depicted in the media though, you don’t need to battle the crowds to get what you want. Do it all from your couch. Forget the long lines. Browse our catalog, decide on your purchase, and for any order above $49, receive fast, free shipping. Within days, you’ll have everything at your doorstep from either of our shipping locations in either Montreal or Vancouver.

Online sales on Black Friday hit $2 billion last year and this year, they’re expected to be even bigger.

Prime Cables enjoys being able to provide some of the most affordable deals in Canada to consumers who don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes to make a purchase. Keep yourself cozy and wake up when you want to wake up. Online sales on Black Friday grew 16 percent last year and this year, we are expecting a huge crowd so be sure to get in early while quantities last.

Black Friday’s Upcoming Red Flag Deals from PrimeCables

Black Friday is almost here and Prime Cables has launched several red flag deals to celebrate! Specializing in the sale of cables, adapters, mounts and sit stands, tools and appliance, home theater systems, and network solutions, PrimeCables red flag deals are available to browse here.

best deal.jpg

For our upcoming red flag deals, we highly recommend getting all the items and accessories you need to get yourself set up in the post-Black Friday world. Browse thorough. No matter if it’s HDMI cables on up to 70 percent off, USB Type-C cables on discount, Ethernet cables, monitor desk mounts, or TV wall mounts, receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.

Enjoy Prime Cables’ own HDMI Cables Festival here and enjoy the deep cuts we’ve made on our most premiere items. Every week leading up to Black Friday, Prime Cables also has scheduled exclusive deals every week on select items so be sure to mark down your favourites!

Delving into our selection of audiophile and instrument accessories, there are savings as high as 70 percent to enjoy. If you’ve been searching for audio accessories at the lowest possible price, browse here to see Prime Cables’ audio selection of marked-down items.

Prime Cables has always sought to bring the best deals in Canada to its customers and its upcoming red flag deals are no exception. Please feel encouraged to visit back regularly throughout the coming weeks to pick up on the latest deals. As a Canadian company, we have been serving Canadians since 2007. With shipping locations in both Vancouver and Montreal, we are committed to ensuring every order is shipped safely and quickly.

black friday day.PNG

Black Friday 2017 is fastly approaching. November 24TH is the big day. The best Black Friday sales and deals in Canada can only be found at Prime Cables. Be on the lookout in the weeks to come for more information on what is on sale, when it’s on sale, and how to nab it. Forego the retail shopping experience, and save yourself time and stress with us.

A lot of the time, consumers will come to us seeking accessories and items complimentary to bigger items, such as TV wall mounts, sit standing desks, and cables. Buying through Prime Cables has saved Canadians hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

That’s why, this Black Friday, check in with Prime Cables first before you go anywhere. Take advantage of the biggest red flag deals and reap the rewards!

Buying a TV wall mount on Black Friday: your Complete Buyers’ Guide



TV sales skyrocket come Black Friday yet many of us forget to follow up on our purchases, buying the accessories we need to set up our new TVs. Buying a TV wall mount this Black Friday provides you with the opportunity to hook up your TV as soon as you get home.


4K, LED, LCD, TVs of all varieties can be matched with an appropriate wall mount. As a Canadian-made supplier, choosing a TV wall mount with Prime Cables here comes with a one year guarantee, free  returns, and free shipping on any order over $49 to anywhere in Canada.


When buying a TV wall mount this Black Friday, there are many things that need to match up between mount and TV for it to work. Prior to buying a TV wall mount, you need to know some things about the TV. Note screen size, for example.


Also, consider the dimensions of the room and your viewing habits. The right wall mount should be adaptable to fit your screen size comfortably. From there, knowing where you want to set it up in your home is key. By identifying where, you can set the angle appropriately and buy the right wall mount for viewing.

Buy HDTV wall mount on Black Friday
Buy HDTV wall mount on Black Friday

TV wall mounts on Black Friday are going to be on huge discounts. Beyond price point, there are many reasons to consider buying on this day. A TV wall mount frees up a large amount of physical space in a room, something that is highly valued in smaller condos, apartments, and other spaces. Buying the right TV wall mount for your room can also add the flexibility of being able to angle and place your TV for the best possible viewing experience.

Beyond what is already mentioned, consider the weight of the TV. Some wall mounts won’t be able to handle screens that are beyond a certain size or weight. Note where the wall studs are. Ensure that furniture placement is properly spaced out as well. Every TV’s owner manual should list the type of brackets recommended for a particular model. TV wall mounts, such as those found in Prime Cables wall mount selection here, range from fixed flat brackets to those that swivel, angle, and extend.

When installing your TV wall mount and your TV, ensure that everything is properly secured. Also, avoid damaging the walls by making sure that the mounts are screwed into studs or joists. Beyond the hardware that already comes with your TV and/or TV wall mount, nothing else should be used to hold up your TV.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday season Means the Time to Upgrade Network Tools

The best savings on the market are coming up this Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Now is the time to upgrade network tools. Don’t put it off any longer. If you know you need an upgrade, prices will never be lower than they will be on these days. Don’t wait until it’s sold out!

PrimeCables networking tool
PrimeCables networking tool

Prime Cables has been a strong name in Canadian network tools since 2007. Among the different items we have on discount for Cyber Monday and Black Friday include network Ethernet cables, keystone jack and accessories, network tools and testers, patch panel rack and cabinets, surveillance cameras and CCTV accessories, business routers and switchers, cable organizers and management tools, and home network router and switchers. Browse the full catalog of network tools available with Prime Cables this holiday shopping season here.

networking solution from PrimeCables
networking solution from PrimeCables

Please rest assured that every purchase order we receive we take with the highest seriousness. When it comes to network upgrades, we know time is of the essence. We have shipping locations in both Vancouver and Montreal, serving all of Canada and ensuring fast shipping at all times. Also, any order above $49 ships free to anywhere in Canada. Don’t worry about expensive shipping fees with Prime Cables. We do what’s right by the consumer and will ensure that you receive your items as fast as is possible on our end. Rest easy knowing that if there are any items that do not function as advertised, please advise us. Every purchase comes with a 365-day guarantee!


The last thing we want to do is to compete with the hustle and bustle of Cyber Monday and Black Friday. If it’s your thing to get out and venture into corporate retail on these days, that’s ok but that’s not us. We try our best to provide the most affordable Canadian deals year-round. On these days, we try to sweeten the pot a little bit and work hard to reach out to consumers in need of network tools such as the ones advertised here. With Prime Cables, there’s no reason to battle the crowds. Browse from the safety of your own couch and see great discounts on major categories all the same.

In addition to network solutions, we also offer key items under the categories of fibre optic cables, network adapters and couplers, network modular connectors, and HDMI 4K cables that are well worth consideration. We are your all-in-one network solution. Stop by anytime!

Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals are Coming!

cyber monday date 2017 November 27
cyber monday date 2017 November 27


Cyber Monday offers some serious savings this shopping season on smart home items and accessories!


Prime Cables has been serving Canadian consumers for over a decade and throughout the past few years, we’ve been building our inventory of smart home items. Cyber Monday smart home deals are finally here and we are so excited!


If this is your first Cyber Monday, get ready for some deep cuts on tech and smart home items. Save yourself all the hassles of in-person shopping on Black Friday and come to Prime Cables the following Monday to purchase what you need to get your home going. Among the items that we offer include home automation controller and kits, smart lighting and appliances, smart locks and door bells, monitoring sensors, and security and access items. Mix and pair your favourites. Browse our PrimeCables smart home selection to get a fuller grasp on what’s out there in the marketplace and build the smart home that is right for you.


The biggest pro about shopping at Prime Cables, other than some of the most affordable pricing in Canada, is the ability to shop online and receive your items within days. We have shipping locations in both Montreal and Vancouver, and any order that comes in over $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in the country. Building up an inventory of smart home items, it shouldn’t take much for you to come past that threshold. So don’t be worried about shipping fees or having to wait forever for your purchases to arrive. With Prime Cables, we already have someone on top of it.


No matter if you are an experienced smart home user or are just dipping your toe in the water, Prime Cables’ exclusive Cyber Monday deals have something for everybody. Enjoy super-low pricing unavailable anywhere else. Browse today and visit back on Cyber Monday for some unadvertised surprises. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Also, if there is an issue with any of your purchased items, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be sure to do what we can to rectify any issue. All purchases come with a 365-day guarantee! There’s no need to wake up at 4AM on a Friday to try and hassle your way down to corporate retail on Black Friday. Cyber Monday has much more to give!

PrimeCables smart home socket.png

Please browse Prime Cables full catalog of smart home items here and visit back on Cyber Monday for the day’s special deals.

Different Types of TV Wall Mounts you Should Know about before Black Friday

what type of tv wall mount should i choose - PrimeCables
what type of tv wall mount should i choose – PrimeCables


With so many different types of TV wall mounts to choose from, what the right TV wall mount is for you might not be the most obvious choice. You can refer ebay’s site TV wall mount guide for more info.

LED, LCD, or plasma, most TV wall mounts are suitable for any flat panel TV. Before buying just any though, know what you want to get out of a TV wall mount. Mounts vary. For the most part, they break down into four categories.


Fixed TV Wall Mounts

The most basic type, a fixed TV wall mount may also be referred to as a flat or low profile TV wall mount. This will place your TV as close to the wall as possible, maximizing space in the process. The problem with this is that you may have trouble installing cables behind your TV. Any cable connections should be right-angle if you intend to keep the TV close to the wall with a fixed mount.


Tilting TV Wall Mounts

Adding onto the basic, this type of TV wall mount allows you to tilt a screen up or down as you deem appropriate. The angle of tilt is roughly 15 degrees up or down, tough for some models you may be able to get more. Many consumers choose tilting TV wall mounts for when they need to install a screen higher than normal and they need a tilt to maximize the viewing experience. This can also help to reduce glare from windows and lights.


Tilt and Swivel TV Wall Mounts

This type of TV wall mount provides high flexibility and a wider range of movement. Choose a simple pivot to move a screen from left to right or pull the TV away from the wall and angle it up or down. A tilt and swivel TV wall mount with brackets of this type may also be referred to as a ‘swing-arm wall bracket’. For when you need to install a TV in the corner of the room, this can be very helpful.


Fully Articulating TV Wall Mount

Though they can come with at a high price point, a fully articulating TV wall mount are the most versatile on the market. Move the screen to almost any position you would want and alter it on a daily basis if you need. This choice makes sense for anyone who needs to re-angle their TV on a regular or semi-regular basis.


Please feel encouraged to browse through Prime Cables TV wall mount selection to find out more information on pricing, features, and the type of TV wall mount that is best suited to your home.

Have you Heard about Prime Cables’ Bookshelf Speaker, Meet our Ultimate Black Friday Deal

Fast, easy, and convenient, online Black Friday deals in Canada have never been lower with Prime Cables. Browse from the comfort of your own home and stay cozy instead of having to brave the crowds to find the items that you want.


This season, among the many items on discount with Prime Cables, are these bookshelf high performance speakers. This 6.5-inch two-way pair can be easily installed anywhere in the home. Despite its small size, its performance is truly profound making it easily mobile to where you need it to be. Featuring excellent clarity and detail across the sound spectrum, also receive quick connect speaker terminals. Whether it’s for an office, dorm room, condo, apartment, bedroom, or other living space, these bookshelf speakers are more than worth their purchase price. Speaking of, though their market price is $134.99, for Black Friday we’ve knocked them down to $69.99!


It also bears noting that this item comes with fast, free shipping from either of our shipping locations in Montreal or Vancouver. When you order, you should have your product at your doorstep within days. There’s no need to worry about expensive fees or a long wait. Before you know it, you’ll have it!


Though we associate Black Friday typically with corporate retail, deals like these are pulling more consumers online to places like Prime Cables. Throughout the past decade, we’ve been serving Canadians from sea to sea. We are expecting this Black Friday to be our biggest yet and in celebration, specific products like these bookshelf speakers have been marked down as serious steals!


We’ve been stocking up on our bookshelf speakers and other items as well. Please feel encouraged to take a look through Prime Cables full catalogue. There’s plenty to see and consider. Shopping online is way more convenient than having to leave your home. Visit Prime Cables before you head out anywhere and see what you might be able to find. Who knows. You may not have to leave the home at all on Black Friday. Try to reach us earlier in the day if you can as some of the best savings may be sold out by later in the day!


Count on quality products like these bookshelf speakers to add to your home entertainment setup. Listen to your favourite music, put on a movie, or blast a podcast through the speakers while you get some work done around your space. Get it all at the lowest price in Canada on Black Friday and take advantage at the biggest cut on record!