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Beware of Black Friday Criminals, check out our Surveillance Solutions!

Add to your home security and surveillance setup with exclusive Prime Cables Black Friday deals! Black Friday is a tough day for most shoppers. They wake up early, drag themselves to corporate retail, and try to make the most out of a very stressful situation. That doesn’t have to be you. If you are searching for accessories to heighten your…

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Black Friday’s Upcoming Red Flag Deals from PrimeCables

Black Friday is almost here and Prime Cables has launched several red flag deals to celebrate! Specializing in the sale of cables, adapters, mounts and sit stands, tools and appliance, home theater systems, and network solutions, PrimeCables red flag deals are available to browse here. For our upcoming red flag deals, we highly recommend getting all the items and accessories…

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Buying a TV wall mount on Black Friday: your Complete Buyers’ Guide

  TV sales skyrocket come Black Friday yet many of us forget to follow up on our purchases, buying the accessories we need to set up our new TVs. Buying a TV wall mount this Black Friday provides you with the opportunity to hook up your TV as soon as you get home.   4K, LED, LCD, TVs of all…

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Cyber Monday and Black Friday season Means the Time to Upgrade Network Tools

The best savings on the market are coming up this Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Now is the time to upgrade network tools. Don’t put it off any longer. If you know you need an upgrade, prices will never be lower than they will be on these days. Don’t wait until it’s sold out! Prime Cables has been a strong…

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Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals are Coming!

  Cyber Monday offers some serious savings this shopping season on smart home items and accessories!   Prime Cables has been serving Canadian consumers for over a decade and throughout the past few years, we’ve been building our inventory of smart home items. Cyber Monday smart home deals are finally here and we are so excited! If this is your…

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Different Types of TV Wall Mounts you Should Know about before Black Friday

  With so many different types of TV wall mounts to choose from, what the right TV wall mount is for you might not be the most obvious choice. You can refer ebay’s site TV wall mount guide for more info. LED, LCD, or plasma, most TV wall mounts are suitable for any flat panel TV. Before buying just any…

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Have you Heard about Prime Cables’ Bookshelf Speaker, Meet our Ultimate Black Friday Deal

Fast, easy, and convenient, online Black Friday deals in Canada have never been lower with Prime Cables. Browse from the comfort of your own home and stay cozy instead of having to brave the crowds to find the items that you want.   This season, among the many items on discount with Prime Cables, are these bookshelf high performance speakers.…

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Here are Some Suggestions for Low Budget Stereo Amplifiers in Canada

When it comes to speaker systems and subwoofers, it can be difficult to find the right stereo amp for your setup. There are many things to consider when searching for the right stereo amplifier in Canada. The top selling item in our catalogue and for anyone looking for a low budget stereo amplifier, check out our 200W Class D Bluetooth…

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How to Choose a Sit Standing Desk like a PRO?

In the last decade, office ergonomics have jumped ahead with the latest innovations in sit standing desks. For when you’re looking to take your office setup to the next level, knowing how to choose a sit standing desk will ensure you buy the right one for your needs. The first step in learning how to choose a sit standing desk…

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How to Choose an Amplifier?

  Major points to consider when choosing an amplifier varies depending on the person. Depending on the genre of music and/or the use of the amplifier, you may consider different amplifiers for different purposes. How many channels you require, how much power you need, what features you require, and the brand of the amplifier all matter. The first thing you…

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