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Top 4 Advantages of Buying an Ergonomic Foot Rest



Buying an ergonomic sit-stand desk, for many people, gets them started on their journey towards a more active lifestyle. Learning how to treat your back, shoulders, and neck right in an office environment oftentimes leaves the legs and feet forgotten about.


It’s important that your feet and legs are being properly supported. The next step towards having a more ergonomic, physically engaging environment is to have a height-adjustable ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform to add. Here are some advantages to buying an ergonomic foot rest and why it’s something that you might want to consider.


Advantage #1 – For Shorter People, a Footrest is a Great Addition

Smaller people can benefit from a footrest, to get the full extent of benefits from ergonomic seating. To get the maximum benefit from an ergonomic chair, you need your feet flat on the floor. If you’re on the shorter side height-wise, this can be tough. An adjustable foot rest lets a shorter person keep their feet flat, ensuring their weight is properly distributed and that your body is comfortable.

Advantage #2 – A Foot Rest reduces Pressure on your Legs

Reducing pressure on your legs helps to prevent blood clots related to the deep vein thrombosis, relieves pressure on the lower back, and decreases swelling and varicose veins. If you are prone to any discomfort sitting or circulation problems when seated for an extended period, choosing a foot rest helps to cure those issues.

Advantage #3 – It Encourages Active Sitting

A foot rest tends to encourage movement below the waist, helping to keep those legs engaged. Many users tend to sit and rock themselves using a foot rest to keep blood flowing and the body moving. In terms of standing at a sit-stand desk, a foot rest also provides you an opportunity to work one leg at a time while resting the other on the platform.


Advantage #4 – It Comes Height-Adjustable

The fact that you can change its height means that you can match it the way you like it with your sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair setup. While you’re still getting used to your ergonomic office setup, a footrest can help. On average, a footrest allows a person to stand up to 30 percent longer, maximizing the health benefits of standing while working.

Choosing a foot rest that is comfortable, heavy duty, and height-adjustable is key to getting the most out of your purchase. Design it specifically for your feet’s comfort. Prime Cables’ ergonomic free-standing foot rest platform comes equipped with six height settings, a padded surface to prevent slipping, all-steel construction, and a soft-grip handle making it easy to carry. Please feel encouraged to browse our other ergonomic office accessories and consider equipping your workspace with more equipment meant to maximize your

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