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Buying a TV wall mount on Black Friday: your Complete Buyers’ Guide



TV sales skyrocket come Black Friday yet many of us forget to follow up on our purchases, buying the accessories we need to set up our new TVs. Buying a TV wall mount this Black Friday provides you with the opportunity to hook up your TV as soon as you get home.


4K, LED, LCD, TVs of all varieties can be matched with an appropriate wall mount. As a Canadian-made supplier, choosing a TV wall mount with Prime Cables here comes with a one year guarantee, free  returns, and free shipping on any order over $49 to anywhere in Canada.


When buying a TV wall mount this Black Friday, there are many things that need to match up between mount and TV for it to work. Prior to buying a TV wall mount, you need to know some things about the TV. Note screen size, for example.


Also, consider the dimensions of the room and your viewing habits. The right wall mount should be adaptable to fit your screen size comfortably. From there, knowing where you want to set it up in your home is key. By identifying where, you can set the angle appropriately and buy the right wall mount for viewing.

Buy HDTV wall mount on Black Friday
Buy HDTV wall mount on Black Friday

TV wall mounts on Black Friday are going to be on huge discounts. Beyond price point, there are many reasons to consider buying on this day. A TV wall mount frees up a large amount of physical space in a room, something that is highly valued in smaller condos, apartments, and other spaces. Buying the right TV wall mount for your room can also add the flexibility of being able to angle and place your TV for the best possible viewing experience.

Beyond what is already mentioned, consider the weight of the TV. Some wall mounts won’t be able to handle screens that are beyond a certain size or weight. Note where the wall studs are. Ensure that furniture placement is properly spaced out as well. Every TV’s owner manual should list the type of brackets recommended for a particular model. TV wall mounts, such as those found in Prime Cables wall mount selection here, range from fixed flat brackets to those that swivel, angle, and extend.

When installing your TV wall mount and your TV, ensure that everything is properly secured. Also, avoid damaging the walls by making sure that the mounts are screwed into studs or joists. Beyond the hardware that already comes with your TV and/or TV wall mount, nothing else should be used to hold up your TV.

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