The Perfect Christmas Gift Selection for your Family, courtesy of Prime Cables

Buying Christmas gift for families is typically time-consuming because you need to find something that appeals to each individual, whether it’s individual gifts or a single group gift that you are looking at.


The perfect Christmas gift for a family who has not yet hooked themselves up to the smart home revolution is the Orvibo® Wireless Smart Home Security Kit w/ Motion Sensor, Door Window Sensor, Camera and ZigBee Hub. This is an easy choice for anyone seeking to purchase something techie for the fam. This collection of items comes in an all-in-one kit and instantly turns any home into a smart home. Parents and kids alike will find this to be pretty cool. It is easily installed, easily configured, and provides access to a variety of sensors and camera all in one app. It will turn even a basic residential home into an impressively high-tech security maze. Better yet, a user gets the chance to control it all from a one app!


For a limited time only, the price of this wireless smart home security kit has been lowered to $139.00 with free shipping included. It will be like you just picked it up from the store. Buy today online and receive it in time for Christmas.


The Orvibo smart home security kit can add to an existing smart home setup or be a consumer’s first foray into this product space. Either way, it is not at all difficult to set up and if safety or security has ever been a concern, this can be a great guard against protecting your property. As long as your smartphone is connected to a WiFi hook-up, anywhere in the world, tap into a live stream of what’s going on. Don’t worry about something being stolen or someone unexpected entering the home. It provides all the tools you need to ensure your home is being adequately monitored. With the purchase of this Christmas gift, receive 1 smart camera, 1 smart hub, 1 motion sensor, and 2 windows/door sensors.


There are a lot of features to take in here so be sure to check out the Prime Cables catalogue for more information on how the kit may appeal to a specific home space. There are also other Orvibo products that can be added at a later date and combined into the same app. There’s no pressure to buy everything today but this kit will get a home on its way to being its own high-tech space.


Enjoy super low prices with Prime Cables leading up and through the holiday season! Nowhere lower, see exclusive online deals, and browse our catalogue for more information on complimentary products that make for nice Christmas gifts for family and friends.

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