Your Last Minute Black Friday Shopping Tips


Get hyped with some last minute Black Friday shopping tips that only Canada’s most dedicated shoppers know!


Check Ads Days Before


Map out your strategy beforehand. Know exactly where it is you want to hit up. Also, be on the lookout for any attractive, unusually low prices from stores near where you want to touch base. All in all, stick to a definitive plan as best as you can.


Compare Prices


Many discount retailers will be offering items at similar prices. That said, there will be names like Prime Cables out there who will cut prices even further on select items such as sit-standing desks. Prime Cables’ sit-standing ergonomic desk riser has seen its price reduced specially for Black Friday.


Start Early


“While quantities last” is a saying that you will hear a lot of this Black Friday season. By getting going early on the day of, you have the best shot at getting all the things you want without experiencing too much hassle.


Stick to your Budget


Always give yourself a little bit of padding on your budget – just in case something really good comes along that is too good to pass up. Even with that padding though, know your budget. Don’t overspend. No doubt, you will regret it if you do. Creating that budget and sticking to it is key to having a successful Black Friday.


Browse Online


Though Cyber Monday sales are big, many companies actually offer similar discounts or sometimes better pricing on Black Friday. There are a number of products in the Prime Cables catalogue that are seeing price cuts especially for Black Friday that won’t be available come Cyber Monday. Capitalize while you can and get social on one of Canada’s most trusted ecommerce sites.


Be Realistic about Time


Part of why we recommend going online for Black Friday deals is because it can save you a lot of time. Assuming you had an unlimited budget, the next restriction a person would face is time given. By not planning out a journey carefully, you either run out of time on your big day or by the time you get to the stores towards the end of your list, they’re no longer carrying what you want.


Be Mindful of Others


The last last-minute Black Friday shopping tip we want to mention is to just be courteous and mindful of others. Be kind, hold the door open for anyone who needs a helping hand, and be generous even amongst all the chaos out in the economy that day.


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