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If you’re Planning to get a New Smart TV for the upcoming new year 2018, Maybe you Need a Mini Wireless Keyboard as Well

The madness of Boxing Day hits us every December 26th, with sales going through the roof and consumers returning to their favourite brands to buy big. With many bargain hunters looking ahead to Boxing Day, many have their eyes set on a new smart TV. That’s understandable. The deals are going to be good and smart TVs are in vogue, well worth the purchase price. Beyond buying a smart TV, to get the most out of it, you may want to consider adding a mini wireless keyboard to your list. Here’s what we think about it.


The newest in mini wireless keyboards that have hit the market are impressive additions to a home theater setup. The enhanced layout, the smaller size, and the multi-function use are factors that play into how this a mini wireless keyboard can play into improving your smart TV experience. The Air Mouse Mini Wireless Multifunction Keyboard 2.4G 3D Multifunctional W Infrared IR Remote Learning is one of the most highly reviewed and acclaimed mini keyboards in the marketplace today, available through Prime Cables for only $21.99. This unique gadget is ready to hook up with systems ranging from Android smart TVs to IPTV, set-top boxes, Windows, Mac, Linux, HTPC, PCTV, and all-in-one PC/TV among other setups. By adding this to your shopping list, you will make the smart TV experience all the more enticing.


There are many people who own smart TVs and who get by without a mini wireless keyboard. That aside, it does make the viewing experience that much easier. Instead of having to use a small remote to individually enter in letters, you can type it out easy on a mini wireless keyboard. In addition, the Air Mouse Mini Wireless Multifunction Keyboard 2.4G 3D Multifunctional W Infrared IR Remote Learning comes with motion sensor functionality which connects easy to games.


You will find that with a mini wireless keyboard, you won’t have to wait for anything. Type out your favourite TV shows and movies, and get instant access. Also, with this particular keyboard, it’s not so small that you’re bound to lose it. It’s very easy to keep track of, can be placed anywhere, and acts as a normal remote at the end of the day when you need it to. This new year 2018 deals from,  go all out with your smart TV purchase and accommodate it with a mini wireless keyboard as well!


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