Why your Home Theater Speaker System sounds Terrible

When the speaker on your smartphone or laptop blows out, sure, it sucks but it’s not the end of the world. When your home theater speaker system begins to sound terrible, that’s when the real frustration sets in. If you think it’s time to upgrade your home theater speaker system or are curious as to why your existing speaker setup may sound awful, here’s some things to think about.


Sound plays a huge role in the consumption of video media. As impressive as a 4K HD video is, if the sound quality is bad, it ruins the experience. Be it music, movies, TV, sports, or gaming, when you’re using your home theater speaker system, you want it to sound powerful. No one wants their speaker system to sound cheap or blown.


To understand why your speaker system is giving you trouble, look to what speakers are built to do. A speaker emits audio through the use of sound waves which are typically provoked by magnets and a coil. The frequency of the vibrations of the waves is what defines the pitch and the size of the vibrations are what makes volume. To that last point, this is why speakers shake when they get louder. To get loud or heavy bass, a speaker needs space. This is why a smartphone speaker is not great at emitting bass audio.


Any speaker system should have its specs written somewhere, identifying how many watts its maximum is. It also has a number for THD, also known as Total Harmonic Distortion, which identifies how well a speaker is able to resist the electric current that transfers through it.


As it pertains to speaker systems, age can wear out some models. The cones for example can wear down from the vibrations they are constantly burdened with. Also, the many different components of a speaker can begin to wear down over time, which modifies the calibration of a sound that could result in a slightly different volume or tone. Inputting certain audio mixes through your speakers, you may unexpectedly find certain frequencies going beyond the maximum limits thereby blowing that frequency. To this point, any time a speaker is pushed beyond its limits in volume, it typically creates permanent damage.


Many people use their speakers long past the point where frequencies are blown. Whether you are just an everyday Canadian homeowner wondering how things got this bad or an audiophile looking for the next best thing, if your home theater speaker system is producing terrible sound, now’s the time upgrade.

How to build an amazing Home Theater System for a Gamer


For many gamers, their idea of paradise involves settling into a black leather recliner, and being tucked in amongst the immersive sound and theatrical pictures of a home theater system.


So many of us associate home theater systems with movie watching, TV, and sports, but for gamers, the same type of system plays perhaps an even more central role in their consumption experience. Be it an enemy plane soaring across the skies, the sound of gunfire approaching, or the creek of an opening door, building an amazing home theater system for a gamer involves knowing how to integrate the video game console into a surround sound system, among other challenges.


There are some video games today that would rival any blockbuster movie for excitement. More than ever before, it’s important to hear dialogue, soundtracks, the ambience, and the in-game environment. A dedicated gamer’s home theater system maximizes the listening experience and ups the intensity of play simply by knowing what to hook up and where.


Building a home theater system involves first selecting the visual. There are TVs and projectors to choose from, with the least expensive and most adaptable option for game play being a projector. Next, and perhaps most important, there’s the question of audio. This involves not only buying the right home theater speaker system but also, knowing how to properly configure these speakers to the room. In addition, one must know how to program the digital audio settings of the gaming console for maximum compatibility. In anticipation of figuring this out, you may need a couple of hours to do some research into what works for your gaming console and in how to set it up for home theater audio.


When building this gaming home theater monstrosity, don’t be discouraged by the requirement of and difficulty in finding different cables and adapters. Anywhere in Canada, Prime Cables offers a number of cables, adapters, and home theater system accessories. Assemble an order above $49 and receive free shipping to anywhere in the country. For any issues with cables and/or if you need a specialized adapter to hook up the gaming console, speakers, or projector, look no further than Prime Cables, Canada’s #1 seller of home theater system cables.


Building a home theater system for gaming provides a thrill ride that you won’t find anywhere else. Though it may take some time to get the in-console settings correct and in getting the cables set up, once complete, you’ll have a very impressive space on your hands!

What is KODI and is it Legal in Canada?

For residential homeowners who are looking to build home theater systems on a budget, we know how difficult it can be to find things to watch in your categories of interest. Hooking up the laptop or smartphone is tedious and buying Blu-rays add up in expenses pretty quickly.


To any Canadian looking to expand the media on their home theater system, we would recommend to look into buying a media streaming device. With many premium streaming media players in the marketplace, which one to buy is not so crystal clear. We recommend KODI, an industry leading media player with nearly two decades of development behind it and a TON of YouTube tutorials to browse. For anyone searching for a multi-platform home theater streaming app, go KODI. Here’s a little bit more info on what KODI is about.


KODI is a streaming media player that allows a user to connect audio, video, and photos as needed. KODI used to be referred to as XBMC, otherwise known as Xbox Media Center. As XBMC, it was independently designed for users to add additional apps to their Xbox. That was in 2004. Today, KODI is all things audio-video. Get add-ons such as YouTube that allow you to connect directly to the web, browse millions of unique applications in its app store, and even watch and record live TV. Is KODI legal in Canada – yes, it is. For cord cutters, it’s been a huge blessing!


There are a few different ways to install KODI. In terms of a home theater system, what we recommend is a media box that comes with KODI pre-installed. Here’s why. A media box with KODI will not only be loaded with the interface but will likely come with additional features.


For example, this MyGica® ATV1900PRO Quad Core, 2GB+16GB Android Ultra 4K HDTV Box is among the top quality streaming media devices in Canada and will actively turn your TV into a smart TV, taking your home theater space to the next level. With the MyGica HDTV box, you get KODI in addition to an internet browse, a game player, a music player, a selection of e-books and newspapers to buy and read, and an online streaming player allow you to cast to your TV from your smartphone or laptop. Everything you need in a smart TV or in KODI is here for the taking.


KODI has been very popular for Prime Cables’ audience as well as for Canadians in general. If you have any doubts or questions about your KODI, there are literally thousands of tutorials to browse, showing you different ways to get the most out of the KODI interface. Take your home theater system to the next level with a streaming media player device you can count on!

Global Smart Home Market will grow to $125 Billion by end of 2025

ow to use smart home to improve life
ow to use smart home to improve life

The rise of smart home kits, smart home devices, and smart home accessories has meant the market growing to $48.7 billion as of this past year. By the end of 2025, estimates suggest that the international smart home market will have grown to $125 billion. This is big news for anyone interested in upping the ‘smart-ness’ of their home in the coming year.


There are already a number of kits and devices on the market that can be combined with existing home tech, such as home theater systems, to get the most from your property. Thousands of Canadians have already made purchases through Prime Cables on such smart home accessories, including home automation controller and kits, lighting and appliances, monitoring apps and sensors, security and access, and smart locks and door bells.


The Canadian growth in smart home accessories has been attributed to the rise of energy-efficient home systems, a growing demand for home security systems, and an increased interest in technology. Smart home accessories, similar to home theater systems, are categories of the marketplace where spending is likely to come from consumers’ disposable incomes. As more consumers are focused on integrating tech into their lives, smart home accessories have come to the forefront to help reduce energy, increase security, and foster communication between the home and one’s smartphone.


Beyond smart home appliances, the biggest selling category of the smart home market is lighting controls. As more people wish to have intelligent lighting, which is now possible through the use of advanced sensors, companies such as Prime Cables have benefited from expanded product lines servicing such interest.


There has also been much purchasing happening under entertainment controls. The ability to manage and control home theater systems and home entertainment spaces is a major focal point of many smart homes. Subsequently, there has been a surge of interest in home theater system controls specifically as wireless communication tech continues to hit its stride. Needless to say, by 2025, the world is going to be a very different place. Residential homes are going to see some big changes as they pertain to smart home technologies and home theater systems.


In Canada, there’s no better place to shop for smart home accessories than Prime Cables. With free shipping to anywhere in Canada available on purchases above $49, you can build your smart home from scratch. Mix and match the accessories you need most!

Meet the Top Black Leather Recliners for Home Theater System Seating in Toronto and the GTA

how to build your own home theater
how to build your own home theater

Toronto’s best black bonded leather recliner specifically for home theater system seating has arrived, from one of Canada’s top ecommerce marketplaces for home theater shopping. Exclusive for pick-up only in the GTA, meet these Prime Mounts Black Bonded Leather Manual Recliner Home Theatre Seat – 3 Seats, originally priced at $1,299.99 and now available for $799!


Though we like to talk about how immersive pro audio speaker systems can be and how to mount your TV just right to get the full theatrical viewing experience, having the right seating is a major component to any home theater space. If you and/or your family are uncomfortable where they’re sitting, it’s not going to make for a very comfortable home theater experience. Black leather recliners brand new are costly, there’s no question, and we understand that after buying what’s needed for the TV and the audio, the budget is probably pretty tight. That’s why we cut down the cost for these black leather recliners to such a price point that you won’t find this deal anywhere in corporate retail or in-store. Though this sale is available to any consumer, due to weight and size restrictions, we are only able to offer this product for pick-up in the Toronto area. We do not ship these, they are pick-up only!


Beyond the pairing of three reclining seats as featured in the promo picture, we also have a two-seat pair for $649.99 and a single seat add-on which is available for $399.99. Depending on what configuration your home theater space is in, mix and match to what you need for seating.


These bonded leather recliners are easy matched to other décor in the home and come complete with a manual recliner mechanism. No tools required for assembly either. Just get them out of the box and within minutes, you’ll have your recliners ready to go. See the benefits to the leather fabric in addition to the hardwood frame construction and built-in cup holders.


If you’re looking for home theater seating in Toronto or the GTA, look no further. There won’t be a better deal than this. Pick these up today and enjoy them in your home by day’s end. At Prime Cables, we are proud to be able to offer black bonded leather manual recliners at a fraction of the cost you would find in-store. Buy today from a trusted Canadian name in the home theater space!

Get Pro Tips on Setting up Audio for your Home Theater System

home theater system studio cable accessories

No epic home theater system is complete without pro audio accessories setup and a high quality speaker system. To get earth-shattering sound, there’s plenty of pro audio speaker systems to choose from however to get the most out of it, you need to know how to set them up.


Professional audio can actually get quite complicated with formats, acronyms, and configurations all leading to a lot of confusion. We’ll try to keep it simple here with these pro tips on setting up audio for your home theater system.


Where to place your speakers


The most important component to getting pro audio in a home theater setup – beyond buying the right speaker set and accessories – is knowing where to place your speakers. The right speaker configuration leads to immersive surround sound while inaccurate placement cuts down on the potential of any speaker set.


The term ‘surround sound’ begins when there are three speakers in the mix – one to the left, one to the right, and one in the middle. The middle holds most of the sound and thereby should be the highest quality speaker.


There’s also the subwoofer which takes care of the low frequency booms and rumbles. For a subwoofer, it can be placed relatively anywhere in the room as long as it is kept a fair distance from the walls.


If you’ve gone all out for a surround sound system, you may also have what are called satellite speakers. For these, you want to place them to the side, immediately behind the main listening space facing towards it. Depending on how many satellite speakers you want or have (typically two or four is the number), you want to configure accordingly.


Audio formats to get the most from your pro audio setup


When it comes to maximizing the potential of your pro audio speakers, Dolby and DTS are the top two digital sound formats. Any Blu-ray compatible audio format is acceptable as Blu-ray can hold more information than other hardware can. If you are streaming from Netflix or YouTube, the sound you receive will typically be somewhere in the middle quality-wise.


Buying a soundbar and keeping things simple


If you’ve not yet made a decision on your pro audio setup, sometimes keeping it easy with a soundbar can be an excellent choice. Save some space by buying a soundbar which uses digital processing to create the illusion of surround sound though your ears won’t know the difference.


No matter what pro audio configuration and speaker system setup appeals to you, there’s merit to each of the selections recommended in this article. Be sure to browse thoroughly and compare different products to see what is right for your home.

How to Safely Hang a New TV using a TV Wall Mount

how to install tv wall mount.jpg

So you’ve decided to buy yourself a new TV and you’re looking to mount it on the wall now. By using a TV wall mount, you not only create a more immersive viewing experience for you and your family, but you also reduce clutter in the room by eliminating the table a TV would traditionally be on. That said, it is integral that a TV wall mount is properly installed and that a TV is appropriately positioned. When a TV wall mount is not installed correctly, a homeowner runs the risk of their TV falling to the floor and/or injuring a family member.


Safety is key when it comes to installing a TV wall mount. According to a recent 2017 report, every year, emergency rooms in the United States see approximately 30,700 people for injuries related to falling TVs, furniture, and appliances. The first step to ensuring that you or one of your family members does not end up in that statistic is by deciding where in the room a TV wall mount is best suited. Consider where the studs are and consult any instructions that come with your mount. Newer homes typically have walls with sheetrock, making an installation easy once the studs are found. That said, older homes with plaster or brick walls can be a little trickier. If you are working with a plaster or brick wall, you may need to hire a professional to install your TV wall mount somewhere where there’s not a risk of it tearing your wall.


Prior to installing, ensure that you have all the tools required to get the job done. The last thing you want is having to leave when the mount or TV is partially installed to get a tool. At Prime Cables, the TV wall mounts we sell are equipped with instructions and everything required to perform installation yourself making the job easy to complete. For TV wall mounts from other locations though, always ensure that you are receiving the instructions with clear indicators of what is required to perform an installation.


Finally, when the TV is up, make sure it is properly secured. If you give the TV a little bit of a shake, make sure it is stable enough to remain on the mount. If there’s a risk of the TV falling when a door opens or when a gust of wind comes through the window, this is not going to work.


If the instructions are clear and you approach TV wall mount installation with a safety-centered mindset, there shouldn’t be any conflict in setting up your mount. Take the time you need to complete the mount installation, position the TV in the mount, check for stability, and enjoy!


How to Keep Tangled Piles of Cables organized for your Home Theater System

Tangled data cables in your home theater
Tangled data cables in your home theater

Keeping a home theater system neat can be challenging with the many cables a homeowner needs to manage. For a larger home theater system setup, the amount of cables in the room can sometimes feel like they go on for miles. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep cables safely stored and tidy. To eliminate cable clutter in your home theater system, here’s where to start.


HDMI cables of an appropriate size


HDMI cables too long can needlessly dangle, adding to the mess behind the TV. Don’t get a cable with a lot of slack to it unless you need to. Sometimes, shorter HDMI cables are the way to go. That said, there are some who recommend longer cables and coiling up any excess with ties.


Prime Cables has a number of inexpensive HDMI cables of all shapes and sizes to browse, short and long alike, and at huge discounts compared to physical retailers. Be sure to measure the distance you need between your HDMI ports and the devices you want to plug in, prior to making any purchasing decisions.


Get some Cable Ties


Very inexpensive, cable ties and cable organizers keep things from tangling. Always have some permanently set up behind your TV as you see fit. Keep a few on hand for any temporary devices you may have to plug in, especially those that have cables prone to tangling. Place ties on every foot of a group of cables running near each other. Before long, instead of individual cables sprawled everywhere, you’ll have groups displayed in a coordinated fashion.


A properly designed surge protector


Invest in a surge protector power strip that works for your home theater setup. No need to buy awkwardly shaped bricks. Buy a surge protector that is able to handle every plug-in as needed and that is not going to present a fire hazard in the home. There are a wide variety of surge protectors available in the marketplace so be sure to look thoroughly before deciding on what’s best.


These three tips are what we found work best for keeping cables from tangling in the home. Keeping a home theater system tidy should not require having to untangle wires bi-weekly. Invest in some ties, get HDMI cables of an appropriate length, and ensure you have a good size surge protector on hand. By following these strategies, it’s more than possible to keep things organized.

Did you Know with PrimeCables, you can Connect any Device to your Home Theater System – a Discussion

home theater system
home theater system

The most popular question we receive at Prime Cables is, “how can I connect my computer to my TV?”

The answer to this question is always a little bit different. With Prime Cables, we are one of Canada’s premiere distributors of home theater cables and adapters. Browse projector cables, TV A/V cables, A/V receiver cables, smartphone and tablet cables, computer and laptop cables, and Blu-ray cables. Nowhere in Canada will you find as good a deal as we offer at Prime Cables and any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in the country.


Featuring a mix of cables and adapters to choose from, you can connect any smartphone, tablet, computer, or tablet to your home theater system within a matter of seconds. Knowing how to connect your computer to your TV is an essential part to making the most out of your home theater system. By having the right cable on hand to get the signal to where it needs to be, it gives a user the power to cut the cord and consume visual media from any device.


The easiest way to hook up your computer to your TV is by cable. Plug one into the other. If you require an adapter, there are plenty to choose from in the Prime Cables catalogue. There are a few different options cable-wise to complete the task. Firstly, if there’s an HDMI port on your laptop, a simple HDMI cable will do. There are different types of HDMI cables, yes, however they are all built the same so any one should do. If all you have is a USB port, purchasing an adapter to modify the signal from USB to HDMI is inexpensive.


Through the use of cables, you don’t need to worry about incompatibility or the difficulties that are sometimes faced when trying to connect devices via Bluetooth or wirelessly. When setting up your home theater system, we recommend considering where you will place your computer or laptop when it is hooked up to your TV. Be it a permanent or temporary hook-up, it is important to think ahead to whether you will require a mount, a table, or an accessory of some sort to accommodate. Just remember, when you need high quality cables for cheap to connect your computer to your TV, Prime Cables is where to go.

3 Reasons to Cut the Cord, get rid of your TV, and buy a Projector for your Home Theater Space

home theater projector
home theater projector

The last three decades of home theater systems have all focused on building your space around a TV set. As we move towards a new decade, modern and contemporary design is helping to move home theater systems to more experimental setups, including to using projectors instead of TVs.


The price is affordable and easily connect your devices


There are numerous reasons to consider buying a projector for your home theater space. Firstly, the price point for some projectors are vastly better than those of TVs. Secondly, they are far smaller and more compact, meaning that you can save on space in the home. Thirdly, most projectors come with the capacity to hook up different devices, such as your smartphone or laptop, with a far easier, more accommodating setup than a TV. Beyond all this, you still get the same bright, HD-driven picture quality.


More Canadians are buying projectors today than ever before


As the next generation of Canadians are coming to the age of developing their own home theater setups, projectors are becoming an increasingly popular purchase. As TV consumption habits have changed, with media coming from a wide range of places, projectors have the multi-purpose capability to accommodate all that. The innovative design of a projector also means that whether it’s a large space or a small condo, a projector can be easily configured for optimum quality.


There are no limits on a projector


Due to the nature of a projector not adhering to a screen, you can modify the picture size as you see fit. Create a massive, immersive screen for watching everything from sports to movies. To see the same size TV, you’d have to pay at least $1,000 extra. For a projector, you get to pocket that money without compromising on the viewing experience. With a projector, you’re not losing anything. Watch broadcast TV, Netflix, the internet, and whatever you need!


For these 3 reasons, projectors get our seal of approval!


Projectors are well worth the purchase price, starting as low as $89.99 for a Mini Portable LCD Projector 1500 Lumens, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector, though you are more likely to find them for sale with cheaper models beginning in the $400-$600 range.


About projectors, it always makes sense to ensure you have the right collection of cables to match. Be sure to evaluate what you need to hook up your devices to the projector you choose.