home theater system
home theater system

The most popular question we receive at Prime Cables is, “how can I connect my computer to my TV?”

The answer to this question is always a little bit different. With Prime Cables, we are one of Canada’s premiere distributors of home theater cables and adapters. Browse projector cables, TV A/V cables, A/V receiver cables, smartphone and tablet cables, computer and laptop cables, and Blu-ray cables. Nowhere in Canada will you find as good a deal as we offer at Prime Cables and any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in the country.


Featuring a mix of cables and adapters to choose from, you can connect any smartphone, tablet, computer, or tablet to your home theater system within a matter of seconds. Knowing how to connect your computer to your TV is an essential part to making the most out of your home theater system. By having the right cable on hand to get the signal to where it needs to be, it gives a user the power to cut the cord and consume visual media from any device.


The easiest way to hook up your computer to your TV is by cable. Plug one into the other. If you require an adapter, there are plenty to choose from in the Prime Cables catalogue. There are a few different options cable-wise to complete the task. Firstly, if there’s an HDMI port on your laptop, a simple HDMI cable will do. There are different types of HDMI cables, yes, however they are all built the same so any one should do. If all you have is a USB port, purchasing an adapter to modify the signal from USB to HDMI is inexpensive.


Through the use of cables, you don’t need to worry about incompatibility or the difficulties that are sometimes faced when trying to connect devices via Bluetooth or wirelessly. When setting up your home theater system, we recommend considering where you will place your computer or laptop when it is hooked up to your TV. Be it a permanent or temporary hook-up, it is important to think ahead to whether you will require a mount, a table, or an accessory of some sort to accommodate. Just remember, when you need high quality cables for cheap to connect your computer to your TV, Prime Cables is where to go.

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