Meet the Top Black Leather Recliners for Home Theater System Seating in Toronto and the GTA

how to build your own home theater
how to build your own home theater

Toronto’s best black bonded leather recliner specifically for home theater system seating has arrived, from one of Canada’s top ecommerce marketplaces for home theater shopping. Exclusive for pick-up only in the GTA, meet these Prime Mounts Black Bonded Leather Manual Recliner Home Theatre Seat – 3 Seats, originally priced at $1,299.99 and now available for $799!


Though we like to talk about how immersive pro audio speaker systems can be and how to mount your TV just right to get the full theatrical viewing experience, having the right seating is a major component to any home theater space. If you and/or your family are uncomfortable where they’re sitting, it’s not going to make for a very comfortable home theater experience. Black leather recliners brand new are costly, there’s no question, and we understand that after buying what’s needed for the TV and the audio, the budget is probably pretty tight. That’s why we cut down the cost for these black leather recliners to such a price point that you won’t find this deal anywhere in corporate retail or in-store. Though this sale is available to any consumer, due to weight and size restrictions, we are only able to offer this product for pick-up in the Toronto area. We do not ship these, they are pick-up only!


Beyond the pairing of three reclining seats as featured in the promo picture, we also have a two-seat pair for $649.99 and a single seat add-on which is available for $399.99. Depending on what configuration your home theater space is in, mix and match to what you need for seating.


These bonded leather recliners are easy matched to other décor in the home and come complete with a manual recliner mechanism. No tools required for assembly either. Just get them out of the box and within minutes, you’ll have your recliners ready to go. See the benefits to the leather fabric in addition to the hardwood frame construction and built-in cup holders.


If you’re looking for home theater seating in Toronto or the GTA, look no further. There won’t be a better deal than this. Pick these up today and enjoy them in your home by day’s end. At Prime Cables, we are proud to be able to offer black bonded leather manual recliners at a fraction of the cost you would find in-store. Buy today from a trusted Canadian name in the home theater space!

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