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What is KODI and is it Legal in Canada?

For residential homeowners who are looking to build home theater systems on a budget, we know how difficult it can be to find things to watch in your categories of interest. Hooking up the laptop or smartphone is tedious and buying Blu-rays add up in expenses pretty quickly.


To any Canadian looking to expand the media on their home theater system, we would recommend to look into buying a media streaming device. With many premium streaming media players in the marketplace, which one to buy is not so crystal clear. We recommend KODI, an industry leading media player with nearly two decades of development behind it and a TON of YouTube tutorials to browse. For anyone searching for a multi-platform home theater streaming app, go KODI. Here’s a little bit more info on what KODI is about.


KODI is a streaming media player that allows a user to connect audio, video, and photos as needed. KODI used to be referred to as XBMC, otherwise known as Xbox Media Center. As XBMC, it was independently designed for users to add additional apps to their Xbox. That was in 2004. Today, KODI is all things audio-video. Get add-ons such as YouTube that allow you to connect directly to the web, browse millions of unique applications in its app store, and even watch and record live TV. Is KODI legal in Canada – yes, it is. For cord cutters, it’s been a huge blessing!


There are a few different ways to install KODI. In terms of a home theater system, what we recommend is a media box that comes with KODI pre-installed. Here’s why. A media box with KODI will not only be loaded with the interface but will likely come with additional features.


For example, this MyGica® ATV1900PRO Quad Core, 2GB+16GB Android Ultra 4K HDTV Box is among the top quality streaming media devices in Canada and will actively turn your TV into a smart TV, taking your home theater space to the next level. With the MyGica HDTV box, you get KODI in addition to an internet browse, a game player, a music player, a selection of e-books and newspapers to buy and read, and an online streaming player allow you to cast to your TV from your smartphone or laptop. Everything you need in a smart TV or in KODI is here for the taking.


KODI has been very popular for Prime Cables’ audience as well as for Canadians in general. If you have any doubts or questions about your KODI, there are literally thousands of tutorials to browse, showing you different ways to get the most out of the KODI interface. Take your home theater system to the next level with a streaming media player device you can count on!

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