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What is the Toslink Optical Audio Cable?

  Toslink digital optical audio is among the most accurate digital audio signals communicated through cabling systems. Receive maximum audio clarity through a thinner and flexible Nylon-braided design when purchased from PrimeCables.   For any home entertainment speaker system or soundbar setup, using a mix of Toslink optical audio cable assists in retaining the highest quality audio possible. Simple to…

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PrimeCables New Arrivals 2018, as Chosen by our Editors

This year, PrimeCables is seeing some big new arrivals under the categories of ergonomic office accessories, TV and monitor desk mounts, smart home technology, and more. Please feel encouraged to browse our top picks for new arrivals 2018 and receive free shipping on any item on this list! If you’re looking to re-design and innovate in your home entertainment space,…

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How Strong is a Nylon braided Cable – let’s Find Out!

Seeking to find the strongest possible cable at the most affordable price point, employing Nylon braided protection across a range of different cable types has produced some of the highest quality cable designs this decade. Consumers that have purchased Nylon braided cable report back stronger, faster, and better performance overall, particularly as it applies to consumer-friendly USB sync and charge…

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USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 – One Port to Connect Them All!

For the past few years, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 have completely revolutionized port standards, signifying a new age in how devices connect to one another. Today, more than three billion USB ports are shipped every year internationally and USB Type-C currently stands as the world’s most popular USB connection standard. Prior to the invention of the USB Type-C peripheral…

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What Speaker Wire Gauge should I use?

Searching for the right speaker wire gauge to use can be challenging. There are many specifications to consider when selecting a speaker wire gauge. To begin, resistance is arguably the most important component to choosing a speaker wire. For example, a low-resistance speaker provides more power from the amplifier to the speaker. All in all, resistance is influenced by three…

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What you Need to Know about the USB 3.0 Cable

Numerous types of USB cables have come and gone over the years. USB 3.0 cables demonstrate key advancements over USB 1.1 and the long-adopted USB 2.0 standard. Boasting a Type-A connector across each of these standards, USB 3.0 cables do not require their own dedicated port. Instead, they provide advancements on the existing cable standard, consistently delivering a higher quality…

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Buy the Best TV Antenna in Canada when you Shop with PrimeCables

Imagine being able to spend literally hours watching your favourite TV shows, news programs, and sports games without having to pay a cent to the cable company. More Canadians than ever before are becoming cord-cutters, as TV rates continue to rise. A part of the cord-cutting lifestyle involves buying a TV antenna to procure the free over-the-air signals that many…

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The 10 Best TV Antennas to Buy in 2018

Here’s PrimeCables’ exclusive list on the top 10 best TV antennas to buy in 2018. Depending on whether you want indoor or outdoor, how much your budget is, and how much reach you want, any of these options might appeal to you.   To begin with, there’s the Winegard FlatWave FL-5000 which offers some of the strongest signal reception at…

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