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Buy the Best TV Antenna in Canada when you Shop with PrimeCables

Get the best tv antenna from primecables
Get the best tv antenna from primecables

Imagine being able to spend literally hours watching your favourite TV shows, news programs, and sports games without having to pay a cent to the cable company. More Canadians than ever before are becoming cord-cutters, as TV rates continue to rise. A part of the cord-cutting lifestyle involves buying a TV antenna to procure the free over-the-air signals that many TV stations send out across Canada and the United States.


Buying a TV antenna and setting it up is simple, especially if you have an HDTV ready to go. Simply plug it in and scan for channels. Depending on where you are located and whether it is in a city or rural area, you may want to experiment with placement. With PrimeCables, we have numerous TV antennas to choose from, including several models under $20. There are indoor and outdoor antenna types, and the freedom to choose the range you want.

Buying from some of the best TV antennas in Canada does not have to be expensive, as long as you know where to get a bargain. PrimeCables has been helping Canadians for more than a decade cut the cord and get themselves set up with high quality, 1080p, HDTV antennas. Be sure to read product descriptions and customer reviews for more information on what these antennas are capable of. In terms of pricing, PrimeCables is proud to have matched or outperformed its competitors, ensuring that pulling in free TV signals is made affordable for any Canadian household.

In an age where TV subscriptions are so expensive, it’s no wonder that more are turning to alternative methods such as buying a TV antenna. Among the channels you might be able to receive include CBC, CTV, Global, CityTV, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, the CW, PBS, and more. While there’s no guarantee what channels you may or may not be able to receive in your specific location, it can vary from a mere three or four to upwards of twenty and more. For a cheap, easy investment though, you should be able to receive at least a few high quality HDTV channels from a combination of local and national stations.


Among the top sellers in PrimeCables’ TV antenna catalogue, these include the PrimeCables® HDTV Outdoor Antenna High Gain for both VHF/UHF for $19.99, and a 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay TV Antenna – Up to 70 Mile Range for $105.99.


There are a range of price points, features, and ranges to consider. By hooking up a TV antenna and giving it a try, we are confident you will find these products as a good fit for your home. The models provided via PrimeCables look amazing and provide high quality, HD signals almost anywhere in Canada!

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