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What is the Toslink Optical Audio Cable?

Toslink audio cable
Toslink audio cable


Toslink digital optical audio is among the most accurate digital audio signals communicated through cabling systems. Receive maximum audio clarity through a thinner and flexible Nylon-braided design when purchased from PrimeCables.


For any home entertainment speaker system or soundbar setup, using a mix of Toslink optical audio cable assists in retaining the highest quality audio possible. Simple to use and straightforward in their setup, the more complicated the sound signal is, the more likely it will require Toslink optical audio technology. For example, 7.1-channle audio and more expanded speaker system setups commonly are equipped with these cables to function.


As we live in an increasingly wireless world, for general Canadian consumers, they may not have a direct need for the Toslink optical audio cable. Also, let’s face it, they may not even know the best way to employ it. For those that do know though, optical cables face a specific purpose and there’s a reason why so many products have adopted its ports in the past decade.


When Toslink optical audio cables were first invented, they were very much viewed as one of the most futuristic, high-tech cables in the marketplace. Though the expensive nature of purchasing it might it impractical for most Canadian households, those that had it experienced the many benefits associated with it. Toslink optical audio cables uses laser instead of copper, which is in part why they were able to provide more advanced sound. Because of this however, optical audio cables are generally more fragile and those that weren’t were typically built from cheap plastics that cut down on quality.


Today’s Toslink optical audio cables have improved tremendously over past designs, used everywhere from Dolby Digital and DTS to Roku, Apple TVs, Chromecast Audio, and more. As more advanced cables have come into the marketplace in the last two decades, such as HDMI, Toslink optical audio cables are facing their fair share of competition. Though most devices employing audio-video connections are now being built with ports and connectors other than optical audio, the one product category where these Toslink cables have held on is with home entertainment audio. Many speaker systems and soundbars still count on Toslink optical audio cables to communicate the highest quality sound.


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