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Home theater systems have long been a status symbol for the rich and privileged. Traditionally, they cost upwards of thousands of dollars to buy and install. Despite the high purchase price, they reward is a premiere home theater system with immersive sound and a big picture feel. Now what if we said, for the average Canadian household, that they could save hundreds of dollars on home theater accessories, yet not have to sacrifice quality – with Prime Cables, it’s possible.

Prime Cables has been in business since 2007. As a Canadian-based company, we run shipping locations out of Montreal and Vancouver, have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of orders in our time, and have helped thousands of Canadian households afford premiere quality home theater accessories at a lower cost. Browse through our home theater accessories categories today, including TV wall mounts, TV stands, and ergonomics; speaker systems and professional audio cables; media streaming devices; projectors and cables; pro audio and musical instruments; home theater seating and recliners; A/V cables, HDMI cables, and network routers and switches; smart home compatibility products; smartphone and tablet connector cables; computer and laptop connecting cables; and Blu-ray and recorder cables.

You don’t need to be clearing $250,000/year to have the best possible home theater setup for your family. Create an immersive, theatrical experience without having to leave your couch by browsing our online storefront. Better yet, all orders above $49 receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada. In terms of buying home theater accessories in bulk, it shouldn’t be challenging to meet this threshold.

In our experience, Canadians love the home theater experience and it’s the affordability that oftentimes results in compromises on what to buy. Though the big stuff (such as the TV) is going to carry its own price tag, a consumer can cut down on cost when it comes to home theater accessories. Though you might be tempted by big ticket items, staying within your budget is easier done when buying from a single supplier. Then again, if you can afford shelling out thousands of dollars, go for it. From what we’ve read, some systems cost as much as $70,000 when all is said and done. That’s awesome if you can make that investment. For those that don’t wish to, there’s Prime Cables.

At Prime Cables, we got your back and we’ll help build your system the way you want it. Feel free to browse our selection of home theater accessories and no matter where you are in Canada, fast shipping with a 1-year guarantee is on the way!

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