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USB Type-C Wiki Unofficial

USB Type-C is one of the most acclaimed, most used, and most reliable consumer cables today. USB Type-C is not only being used to charge smartphones, tablets, and similar compact devices, but is also being implemented into laptops and larger devices as a replacement for the traditional power cable.   The massive improvements in data transfer and power, particularly as…

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The Best iPhone USB Type-C Cable is Here via PrimeCables!

Imagine what it would be like to receive a cable that is fast charging, with quicker data transfer speeds, compatible with a range of mobile devices, and with the power capability of replacing numerous other cables. For a limited time only, high quality iPhone USB Type-C cables are available exclusively through PrimeCables at savings up to 70% off!  iPhone USB…

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monoprice usb type c cable, USB, USB cable, USB type C cable

Where to get Big Stock USB Type-C Cable for Sale

USB Type-C cables are in-demand across Canada and widely used for things like smartphones, tablets, and other forms of high-tech sync and charge technology. It never hurts to have an extra Type-C cable around the house, in the event that the one you’re using breaks. For affordable, bulk and big stock purchases surrounding USB Type-C, visit PrimeCables today.   As…

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USB Type-C Cable Explained and Everything you Need to Know about USB-C

USB Type-C refers to the connector on the end of some of the most popular consumer cables in North America today. Type-C has become a standard in cable technology due to its ability to uphold high speeds of transfer and its compatibility with a wide range of devices.   Type-C may appear as a standard double-sided, 24-pin USB cable but…

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Where to Get a Cheap TV Wall Mount that is Still Durable

TV wall mount sales are reaching new heights in Canada. At PrimeCables, they remain one of our audience’s most favourite items and with the high quality items in our catalogue, this says something. Though TV wall mounts can be expensive depending on the quality and brand one is searching for, buying an inexpensive TV wall mount in Canada has never…

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How is PrimeCables’ TV Wall Mount better than Best Buy’s Mounts – a Discussion

TV wall mounts are all the rage as more Canadian households have come around to creating in-home theater spaces. For a truly immersive flat-screen viewing experience, buying a TV wall mount is where it’s at. That said, where to buy a mount has a lot to do with price, quality, and more. Corporate retailers, including Best Buy, claim to deliver…

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Here is your Complete TV Wall Mount Guide

Browse the official PrimeCables’ TV wall mount guide here for all of your questions answered. When buying a TV wall mount, if you’ve never done it before, you may have no idea on where to even start – no worries. Browse PrimeCables’ complete line of universal and VESA-compatible TV wall mounts which will suit any need. Combine home theater accessories…

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