USB Type-C is one of the highest rated consumer cables in the current marketplace. As one of Canada’s premiere eCommerce cable retailers, PrimeCables is proud to offer some of the country’s biggest selling cables and at huge discounts!


For a limited time only, receive the official PrimeCables® USB TYPE-C to TYPE-C Charging / Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – Space Grey for $11.99 only! There are a number of key benefits to this cable. Firstly, the Type-C compatibility ensures that smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more are able to be easily connected through this cable. The 1-metre length ensures that it is easily handled, connecting devices across longer lengths than other cables have been able to. In addition, the metal housing and metal braided jacket on the exterior helps to protect the advanced tech on the inside. The metal braided jacket will prevent pets from chewing through, freezing in cold Canadian temperatures, and the cable from bending and breaking – something which is highly common among cheaper USB Type-C cables.


PrimeCables is proud to be able to offer such a premiere USB Type-C to Type-C charge and sync cable. Please feel encouraged to browse our catalogue for similar products. Any order above $49 receives free shipping to anywhere in Canada. If you choose not to combine this USB Type-C cable with additional items, no problem. Receive fast shipping, a 1-year guarantee on your cable purchase, and free returns included. In the last decade, PrimeCables has built its brand off of high quality items at low, low prices. Cables like this USB-C offering are among our best sellers. If you have never had a USB-C cable before, you’ll enjoy the reversible male USB-C connector employed here. This means that, no matter what way it is plugged in, connect devices easily, and sync and charge with no hassle.


So many of the components included in the official PrimeCables® USB TYPE-C to TYPE-C Charging / Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – Space Grey are future-proof, meaning that this cable was built specifically with future adaptation in mind. The vast array of applications pertaining to this cable makes it an almost necessary accessory to any Canadian household. Whether you have not had a USB-C cable before and this is your first, you are searching for an extra USB-C cable to keep in the drawer, or you are seeking an upgrade, this USB TYPE-C to TYPE-C Charging / Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – Space Grey is second to none!

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