PrimeCables 12000mA Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster has Arrived

12000mA Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster
12000mA Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster

If you ask any Canadian how to jump start a car, nearly everyone is sure to reference those long, sometimes tough-to-use and prone to breaking booster cables. Though booster cables that work well are wonderful tools to have, they aren’t always reliable and, in this day and age, surely there are better alternatives out there. Instead of carrying around booster cables – which can be a hassle – try a mobile car battery booster.


Buy the 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster and Phone Charger PrimeCables® to receive one of the highest quality products in this category. The ongoing promotion happening at PrimeCables includes a 4-in-1 USB charging cable gift with any purchase of this mobile car booster.


Powerful and compact, this portable battery booster works just like charging cables do – except it is much easier to store and carry. Needless to say, customers of this portable battery booster have reported back with high ratings and five-star reviews. Reliable and dependent, when your battery loses its charge, having a tool like this on hand can help save the day. Remember, it’s better to be prepared and already have a strong battery booster in the car. There’s no reason to stick with bulky cables that are not getting the job done.


Beyond all of this talk about car battery boosters, this product also has two USB ports allowing for smart charging while on the go. So when you’re not using it in car battery emergencies, plug in and charge your smartphone in the car or whatever you need.


Car batteries lose their charge all the time. Even on the newest of vehicles, it’s still possible to accidentally run down the charge on a car batter. Whether it’s leaving your lights or wear-and-tear experienced over time, inevitably, every car will run into battery issues.


A portable car battery booster and jump starter saves you from the panic of not having anything on-hand to help. Imagine being stranded somewhere you don’t want to be. Sure, you can call someone to come down with booster cables but that’s going to cost, be it in time or financially speaking. Instead of calling an on-road mechanic or trying to flag down someone with booster cables, having a portable jump starter battery booster makes you self-sufficient.


Buy the 12000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Booster and Phone Charger PrimeCables®, and enjoy the advantages of free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

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