Buy usb type c cable- PrimeCables
Buy usb type c cable- PrimeCables

Amazon’s selection of USB Type-C cables compare in quantity to what’s available through PrimeCables however when it comes to quality, we think we have them beat. Searching for a high quality, well-built USB Type-C cable in Canada, many consumers might head out to a corporate retailer to see what’s available or might buy from Amazon. In return, in many cases, consumers receive a low quality cable or end up overpaying for a level of quality that they could have received for half the price with PrimeCables.


Instead of going to shop for USB cables through Amazon, take a minute to browse one of Canada’s growing eCommerce markets first. PrimeCables has a number of high quality USB Type-C cables that far exceed the quality of cables currently available through Canada’s version of Amazon. Instead of settling for a lower quality cable or a USB Type-C that may not be delivering the kind of performance you expect, there are dozens of incredible cable options to choose from on PrimeCables. When you put in an order via PrimeCables, we guarantee quality by providing free returns and a 1-year guarantee. Buy a USB Type-C cable , receive these terms, and in addition, should you decide to pair up some other items and meet a threshold of $49 on your order, enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


As a Canadian-made and Canadian-owned company, PrimeCables has sought to bring to market some of the best USB Type-C cables in the world and at a fraction of the cost. There are numerous advantages to buying USB Type-C standard, including data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps, 56 ohm pull-up resistor safe capability, and a user-friendly reversible connector ensuring easy plug-in both ways. Just as an example, one of the top sellers in the USB Type-C category at PrimeCables is a 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – White – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for only $6.99. Now, compare this same cable to what is available through Amazon. This high quality cable has an original market price of $32.49, reduced to $6.99 for quick sale, which is a deal that you won’t find anywhere else!


Shop with PrimeCables and enjoy high quality USB Type-C cables at a fraction of the price. Amazon’s USB Type-C selection cannot compete on price, quality, or standard. Enjoy the best of the best when you buy through PrimeCables and receive more favorable terms, including guarantees on quality and price. Visit PrimeCables today!

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