What are the USB Type-C Advantages?

PrimeCables USB type c cable
PrimeCables USB type c cable

USB Type-C is the go-to sync and charge connecting cable for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. As an example, any Canadian who has bought a new smartphone in the past year will notice a slightly different USB cable coming with it in the box. The latest in the USB standard, USB Type-C is one of the most advanced consumer cables in the marketplace and there are some huge advantages that come with it, including higher speeds.


Much of the consumer success of USB Type-C has to do with brands such as Apple and Samsung adopting it as their preferred charging cable type. In 2017, Apple announced that the newest release of its MacBook Pro would no longer be using a power cable to hold its charge. Instead, Apple shared, the MacBook Pro would now feature a single port to transfer data and power it, and that port was to be USB Type-C. This demonstrates how much power is behind the USB Type-C standard and the kind of influence that it is having in the lives of Canadian consumers. Continuing to gain popularity, few consumer cables have come close to what is accomplished with Type-C standard.


Type-C may seem like a pretty standard cable however it’s so much more when one moves past an initial inspection. The double-sided, 24-pin connector is pretty standard, however a big advantage to USB Type-C is its ability to act as a reversible cable. That means, no matter how you plug it in, any device connected will benefit and has the potential to be charged using the power between it. There’s no need to mess around with the cable attempting to figure out the right way to use it. Plug it in as you see fit and irrelevant of which side is connected, it should provide a charge.


Now, compare USB Type-C to similar USB consumer cables. USB Type-A cables, as an example, are pretty bulky and were built for use by devices like desktop computers. The sleek and modern contemporary-ness of cameras, laptops, smartphones, and tablets does not really fit the old standard so much. For a long time, as new, more modern devices were released, more advanced cables were produced that bridged the gap between the past and the present, sometimes called USB Micro, USB Mini, or Type-B. Though these worked well in some situations, they did not and do not produce the same performance as what would come after it.


USB Type-C has received rave reviews across the tech industry for its fast data transfer, high poweredness, and small, compact design. Buy USB Type-C today for a compatible device and know without a shadow of a doubt that you have the right adapter for your needs!

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