Things you don’t know about “Primecables”, AKA Canadian Monoprice!

Update 5/31:

We are going to celebrate our 4th PrimeCables Birthday Anniversary on our site, feel free to check our page and stay tuned.

PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale
PrimeCables 4th birthday anniversary sale



PrimeCables Brand Story:

The establishment of the Primecables brand started with a true story that happened during the harsh winter of 2013, when one of our colleague- Andrew, accidentally had his cable destroyed by his beloved cat Zuzu. Considering his mobile phone was one of his essentials just like anybody else, he had no choice but to purchase a new cable as soon as possible to charge his phone for the next morning. With no doubt in mind, he stormed out in the middle of the freezing winter night just to get a charging cable, when he finally got his cable, he thought he was in luck, but this is just half of the story.

Cat chew your cables? Not a problem, Primecables will help !

Even though he managed to get the cable that he needed, because of the low quality or perhaps bad luck, the cable just didn’t work.  Eventually, he had no choice but to return to the store where he bought it to get a refund.  He wasn’t too happy about that.

Feeling so disappointed and frustrated because of this bad customer experience, it led him to have an idea for promoting pet friendly high quality cables. Since the market was filled with cheap un-braded cables, the cable product team had to come out with a recognizable name for the customers to remember it, and this is how the name Primecables was chosen. Please believe us, it was based from a true story!


To define what Primecables actually mean to us, you can look up the word ‘’Prime’’ in Google dictionary to find out:

1) Of first importance; main, major, first

2) Of the best possible quality; excellent.

3) A state or time of greatest strength, vigor, or success in a person’s life.


How do we differentiate Primecables from other cable brands?

The name Primecables represents our original success principle: to provide higher quality standardized cables and accessories at the most competitive price possible, by being a retailer that sells a large quantity of custom cables as well as home theatre, networking and studio cable accessories, we have profound knowledge on how to make & offer the best cables possible to our customers.  By consistently improving our product quality with industry technology, we always stand behind our brand and work with our customers to ensure that Primecables is the ultimate and trouble-free website for people who need different types of cables.

We want to establish Primecables as the ultimate website which specializes in general cables, professional cables and related products. We are specialized on audio video cables as well as home theatre, networking and studio accessories and with our fast shipping within Canada, we are confident to say that we are the most reliable online source for purchasing cables in Canada.

How are we  different compare to Monoprice cable: 

We offer huge varieties of Monoprice cables and we are one of the Monoprice distributors from Canada, the only differences that we have are our prices, shipping, and services. Since Primecables is base on Canada, we are able to provide you with our rocket speed shipping, customers no longer need to pay huge custom or shipping fee (Monoprice is from U.S.), and also, we charge Canadian dollar instead of US dollar, the currency will greatly help our Canadian customer to save much cost from ordering online.

Feel free to check some of our Monoprice brand items:

Monoprice TV wall mount
Monoprice CAT6 network cable
Monoprice lightning cable

Why are our cables stronger than others?

-Our cables are pet chew resistant
-Our cables can handle both high and cold temperature environments
-Our nylon jacket protection give a significant protection against abrasion
-Our nylon jacket protection cables are corrosion resistant
-Our nylon jacket protection solve the problem with wire tangle
-Our Primecables brand cables have a lifetime warranty

NO.1 TV Wall Mounts in Canada

If you have any question regard to our HDMI, audio video or network cables, feel free to ask in the comment and we will reply you shortly !

DIY Ethernet Cables with PrimeCables Crimping Tools!

In the market for crimping tools? Looking for a DIY Ethernet cable solution? If you want to customize your Ethernet cable lengths and save money doing it yourself, then PrimeCables Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo is for you!

Make Ethernet cables cheap, make them custom length, appropriate for any situation, and do it right, with this test and tool combo package, for just $12.99, which includes a multifunctional network cable tester and RJ45/RJ11 2-in-1 crimping tool with 8/6 pin ratchet. If you’ve never crimped CAT5 or CAT6 cable before, then watch this video and see how easily it’s done.

You can save a lot of cash by crimping your own cables, and these tools cover all the specifics: the tester check continuity in network connections for RJ-45 and BNC cables; while the crimping tool strips, cuts, and crimps any cables you’re making for whatever network environment you need them for.

If you’ve got a unique home office, workspace, or public event to network, then this package is essential to saving money, making the right size cables for the right setup, and making you the go-to person for networking solutions.

The crimping tool is made of low carbon steel material, with a sharp edge for cutting, anti-skid handle making it comfortable to use, and is equipped with a spring setting to make the pliers easier to use, as well as a lock setting for safety. Cut Ethernet cables and telephone wire with ease and personalize your networked workspace or home. If you’ve already got pliers, you can also purchase a network cable tester separately.

The cable tester features Line DC detecting, anode and cathode determination, a ringing signal, and determination of open, short, and cross circuit testing.

Each of these products comes with a 1-year warranty with free shipping for returns and you can get it now with fast shipping for just $5.95. Free shipping available on all orders $49 and up.

It’s the perfect pair of tools for keeping your networking labour under budget, whether it’s for rewiring your home network, doing handiwork on the office telephone and internet, or setting up public events like video game tournaments or a LAN party.

Save money and pick up this combo package, and get your Ethernet cable in bulk, saving you from spending cash on pre-fab cables sold with huge profit margins and a large premium for labour.

Check out PrimeCables for your kids’ ergonomic sit stand desk solution!

Right now with PrimeCables is a sit stand desk solution that’s perfect for kids, the Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair set, complete with cup holder, available for just $159.99!

This sit standing desk is perfect for children who spend a lot of time sitting down to play or do homework, because in one swift, fluid motion, they can go from a seated to a standing position, giving them better circulation and a way to avoid slouching, with an adjustable, tilting desktop view to continue working or playing.

The PrimeCables Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk has three ranges of viewing angles: 0-15 degrees for writing, 16-30 degrees for reading, and 30-40 degrees for drawing, as well as an adjustable height, making this desk perfect for your growing child, between ages 3-14. Underneath the tabletop is a pull out drawer, perfect for colouring supplies, agendas, homework, books.

It’s a totally safe, sturdy, and fun desk for your child’s room!

Made out of PP grade plastic, the desk features 1” stoppers to keep children from clamping their hands when adjusting the tilt, and measures 26” x 19”. It adjusts between heights of 21” to 30”, and comes with a chair which can be adjusted to 12.5” up to 17” in height. This way, your child can reap the benefits of an ergonomic work station from kindergarten till high school, allowing them to maintain good posture and overall health.

The desk also has an embedded pen groove to the right-hand side, a hanging hook to the side for school bags, and cup holder, so they can get to homework as soon as they get home along with a nutritious snack and drink.

The chair is designed with good ventilation to allow proper airflow, ergonomic structure, and a solid steel frame for support. Get your child an all-in-one ergonomic solution that will grow with them all throughout their elementary school years.

Check out our video to get the bigger picture on our Ergonomic Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair. And to see how easy it is to build and install, check out our other video, here.

And see our website for a variation on this product, which comes with space for a small, adjustable desktop stand, LED lamp, and equipped with a pullout keyboard/mouse tray.

Order now and you’ll receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada! This is the perfect gift for back-to-school, and the fun, ventilated design makes it appropriate even for the summer. So what are you waiting for? Order today at!

Get LivingWise Smart Home Devices Exclusively at!

Smart home accessories are on sale exclusively through PrimeCables. Smart home devices like security cameras, windows and doors sensors, motion sensors, and Wi-Fi enabled outlet sockets will transform your home into a 24/7 surveillable residence, giving you access to video streaming and smart phone notifications and monitoring whenever you’re away from home, anywhere in the world!

smart home accessories
smart home accessories

The Smart Security Camera is perfect for indoor video surveillance and monitoring, with 720p quality video and night vision, two-way audio, and no need for connectivity hub. Just install it and watch it from anywhere via Wi-Fi connection. On sale now until May 29th, for just $29.99, you can keep an eye on your home day and night, whether it’s for watching the family pet, as a baby monitor while you’re at work, or to watch out for raccoons from the porch at night.


Equipped with human body detection and malfunction alarm, the Smart Security Camera is a fun gadget for home security and starting your very own smart home environment.


Available in packages of 1 or 2, place them anywhere in the house: basement, garage, hallway, or patio. With a 113-degree field of view and 6m vision depth, you can download the app and stream audio and video any time you feel like checking in on your domicile.


If you think that’s cool, then you’ll want to look at the Wi-Fi Smart Socket next. Plugging into any conventional home outlet, indoors or out, this device allows you to turn off and on any outlet in your home from your smart phone. With a smart countdown timer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and easy installation, you can change your home into a smart home overnight, for just $24.99 per socket. Just plug in, download the app, and pair the devices. Presto! You’ve now got complete control over the lights, TV, router, heater, A/C, and appliances in your house from your phone.


Imagine the possibilities. For just $99.99, you can get the Smart Security Camera and 3 Wi-Fi Smart Sockets in a bundle, a deal complete with free shipping anywhere in Canada.


Another package you might appreciate for starting your own smart home environment is the Smart Home Security Combo Set, including 2 window/door sensors, 1 motion sensor, and connectivity hub, for just $99.99.


The window/door sensors will notify you by mobile whenever a window or door is opened in your house while you’re away from home or at work. Furthermore, the motion sensor will pick up any movement, in your backyard, alleyway, front porch or patio, letting you know if something going on when you’re going out.


Free shipping on any order $49 and up, and fast shipping anywhere in the country for just $5.95. Smarten up your home today with

The Perfect Father’s Day gifts with PrimeCables Tools and Accessories

A Father’s Day gift can be a difficult buy for many people, but PrimeCables has got you covered with the latest in tech deals for Dad.

Father's day deal
Father’s day deal

Take for instance our Multipurpose 38-in-1 Precision Screwdrivers Phone Repair Tools Set priced at just $14.99. If your dad likes to repair phones, handheld gaming devices, computers, laptops, toys, watches, and more, then this kit is right for him. With high-quality material, ergonomic grip, screw-on bit, and an all-in-one toolkit, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.


The whole package includes a 10 hexagonal screwdriver bits, 4 Phillips, 2 slot, 2 triangle, 2 pentalobe, 1 U-shape, and 7 hex pieces, along with an ergonomically-friendly screwdriver handle, as well as 1 universal rod, 1 extension rod, a tweezer, two triangle opening tool, mini-sucker, needle, and two separate screwdrivers, Phillips and pentalobe. All the small, precision bits you need to repair small devices are included in this portable toolkit case.


Get something practical and fun, like the Illuminated Dual LED Light Head Magnifier, with 4 lenses, for just $8.99. It’s got both a headlamp and magnifying lens perfectly made for watch repair, mobile device repair, mold making and other hobby work.


The lenses can provide an enhanced view of 1.5x, 3x, 8.5x, and 10x, and the headband is lightweight, durable, and portable. The LED lamp has a tilt function to adjust to every situation, and the whole gear fits over most prescription and safety glasses. They’re great not just for repairs, but sewing, reading, any many other types of precision work and daily tasks.


Another cool gift idea is the Digital Temperature Gun Sensor, an IR infrared thermometer, for just $15.99. Measure temperatures at a distance, guided by a laser gun pointer, with a backlit LCD display and choice between Celcius and Fahrenheit measurement. Great for cooking in the kitchen, barbecue cookouts, computer repair, and more! You can watch the product review video here.


If your father’s a handyman, then we’ve got the gift for you. Maybe spring cleaning was a wake up call, well then you’ll find what you need at


The GreenWise™ 12.5ft Portable Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder is a wonderful addition or replacement to your father’s garage. For just $125.99, this durable, aluminum structure ladder will solve all your dad’s working needs, that’s retractable and portable, complete with 13 steps, spring-loaded locking mechanism, and anti-slip rubber feet, and comes with free shipping anywhere in Canada.

The best gifts for Father’s Day, get him something that makes him proud

A Father’s Day gift is always a challenge, but at, you’ll find the best tech deals for Father’s Day, so you can get him something he’ll enjoy, something fun, something to make him proud.

PrimeCables sound bar
PrimeCables sound bar

Furnish his mancave or garage with the Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar, which comes bundled with a wired subwoofer (2.1CH). Get high quality, wireless sound with the sound bar and mount it anywhere in your father’s unique, personal work space, then plug in the subwoofer and groove on the bass guitar riffs coming out over the radio.

Equipped with multiple inputs, hook up the TV, DVD player, smartphone or stereo through the 3.5mm aux-in, or play tunes from a USB MP3 player. With the remote, he can crank the volume or stop the track from anywhere in the room or out in the driveway. The sound bar measures at 900mm in length and provides a rich, crisp sound. The Bluetooth sound bar comes with all the gear you’ll need to set it up, get it going, including screws, remote control batteries, and wires for subwoofer, aux-in, and Toslink.


Until May 22nd, you can save $20 when you order now, and score free shipping to anywhere in Canada, for just $79.99.


Maybe your old man is a bit of a shutter bug? Then check out the Yongnuo YN-622C Wireless TTL Flash Trigger kit for Canon DSLR, available at the low price of $109.99. This combo of wireless trigger and transceiver features a high-speed sync (HSS) as quickly as 1/8000s, a range of 100m at 2.4GHz, and 60 hours of standby time on two AA batteries.


Give your dad a fun toy, letting him establish shots at a distance and use the remote control to manipulate the flash; get the perfect perspective and timed flash at the click of a button, or switch into continuous shoot mode and become the best amateur paparazzo in the family!


Got a dad on the go? Then he might appreciate the iOttie® Easy One Touch 2 Universal Desk/Car Mount. This desk/car mount, just $35.95, fits iPhones, Galaxy and Note smartphones and is perfect for hands-free phone calls while working or driving.


With 360 degree rotation, a foot rest for the phone allowing access to all ports, and 2-inch extending telescopic arm, this desk/car mount makes sure he can always access his apps, his GPS, phone calls and text messages, without interrupting whatever he’s doing. This mounting device is easy to install, and attaches to table tops, windshields and dashboards, to provide a secure solution that’s intuitive and takes just one finger to securely mount and dismount the device.


There’s free shipping on all orders $49 and greater, and free shipping is available for just $5.95. So don’t wait, shop with today and make your dad proud this Father’s Day.

Get the PrimeCables Ultra-Thin Hard Case for iPhone X just $1.99!

This iPhone X case, an ultra-thin hard case, is on sale for just $1.99 with The PrimeCables phone case is a high-quality polycarbonate case to protect your phone from dust and scratches, as well as dropping, and comes with a tempered glass screen protector. Normally listed at $9.99, you can’t miss this opportunity to get a cheap solution for all your phone protection needs.

iPhone X phone case from
iPhone X phone case from

Lightweight but heavy-duty, this iPhone X case is precisely measured and cut to fit the form of your mobile, leaving enough room for speakers and charging/sync port while protecting the entire body of the phone. Its polycarbonate body is shock-resistant and adds to the lifespan of your phone by protecting it from being dropped, scratches, dust, grease and liquid, and it’s easy to clean, keeping your phone safe from the slings and arrows of everyday use.


It’s easy to install, durable, reliable, and perfect for city life and on-the-go lifestyles. Ultra-thin means this is a bulk-free casing solution, adding only 0.05mm to the height of your iPhone. Bundled with a tempered glass screen protector, you can completely protect the entire body of your phone with this single purchase.


Fast shipping is just $5.95 with, and you can score free shipping on orders of $49 and up. So deck out your iPhone and shop with PrimeCables today!


With precise form, the case and screen protector grant you access to all the ports, buttons, speakers and front-facing camera, with tactile response, never impeding the usage of your phone. Solid and trustworthy, its minimalist design guarantees you can still slide it into your pocket or bag, without adding much weight to the overall body of the device.


Do you like to use your iPhone as an MP3 player while exercising in the morning? Do you take your phone with you to work? Do you rough and tumble day to day? Have no qualms, the PrimeCables Ultra-Thin Hard Case for iPhone X will keep your phone safe from danger.


Its polycarbonate body and screen protector allow you to wipe it down after a night out, when its covered in fingerprints, dust, or grease. Just wipe it off and your phone remains unscathed beneath the tight-fitting PC case.


Don’t normally protect your mobile devices? Don’t care for the exorbitant prices of the other cases on the market? Don’t worry. For just $1.99, this iPhone X case is the best way to get protection quick and put it on without breaking a sweat. It won’t stop you from clipping it to your belt, mounting it on your dashboard, or using it in your charging port. Keep your phone safe from here on out and order yours today!

Cheaper than Amazon, Living basic AA batteries 8-pack on sale for just $1.99!

AA batteries on sale through PrimeCables, right now for just $1.99. LivingBasics is our brand of long-lasting, durable, zero-mercury alkaline batteries, that are normally listed at $6.99. It’s cheaper than Amazon, with fast shipping available all over Canada for just $5.95, and free shipping on all orders $49 and up!

AA battery
AA battery

Why spend more money shopping for batteries at the drugstore or big box store? LivingBasics guarantees a cheap, effective solution to all your power needs.

If you’re not on the market for rechargeables, our alkaline batteries are perfect for devices with low current draw, that are usually turned off, or just things around the home, like TV remotes, flashlights, and electronic toys.

8cef3-CAB-ALK-AA-8B-Battery-Charger-AA-8pcs-box-alkaline-battery-paper-box-packing-30pks-carton.jpgTested in an independent laboratory, these batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of national leading brands. With a long shelf-life, of around five years, and anti-leakage protection, you can store them and pop them into your device whenever you need and rest assured they’ll hold their charge and be ready to power whatever you put them in.


They come packaged in a paper box, perfect for gifting, keeping in storage, and easy to recycle once you’re done with it. Cheap to ship, you can also reuse it to store any depleted batteries until it’s time to recycle them.


Order as many as you like and stock up at home, making sure you never run out of juice for your TV and home entertainment system remotes, flashlights, porch lights, barbecue starter, remote control cars, boombox, toothbrush, wireless mouse, video game peripherals, camera flash. For just $1.99, you could purchase them in bulk and save yourself from going to the store for the rest of the year!


You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


PrimeCables has everything for your battery needs. Get yourself a 20-pack for just $4.89! Or, if you’re in need of AAA, same price! Perhaps you’re looking for 9Vs? Two-pack is on sale for just $2.49!


If you’re not satisfied with your shipment, we offer a 365-day warranty on all our products and free return shipping. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, order today and get them tomorrow, with our fast shipping option!

If you need it, we’ve got it.

PrimeCables has tons of deals on cables, home entertainment packages, home office equipment, and mobile phone accessories. Free shipping is offered for any order $49 and greater, so what are you waiting for? Click on and browse through all our deals!

Great deals during Home Theatre Week at!

Every week this month you can score a super home theatre deal with PrimeCables. Until June 10th, get your home theatre accessories on the cheap, check out this week’s deals.

May 21st to the 28th, you can find deals on TV boxes built for multimedia streaming.



The MXQ-4K Android Smart TV Box 4K HD Media Player is on sale now for just $39.99, for $10 off. This 4K HD media player you hook up to your TV so you can stream YouTube, Netflix, photos and videos.


The MXQ-4K specs feature a quad core processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GBs of storage with a 32GB capacity SD card slot, HDMI A/V output, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, 4 USB ports, and it comes with its own remote control. Running on Android OS, this media player supports all major codecs for playback: DIVX, MP4, FLV, and many more; and for audio playback: MP3, OGG, FLAC, and so on.


Measuring at just 240 x 150 x 60mm, this box will easily fit in your home entertainment setup, giving you the power to stream high-quality video and music at the touch of a button and it’s easy to install. Preloaded with YouTube and Netflix, this 4K media player solution works right out of the box, just plug and play. Add a mouse and keyboard and navigate just like on a desktop computer.


And if you’re looking for our top-of-the-line solution, then you’ll want to check out our X96 4K Android 7.0.1 Smart TV Box, 2+16GB ROM H.264/H.265 10Bit WiFi, on sale for just $55.99, saving you $14! This media player grants you access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook right in your living room.


Quick and reliable, with 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB on-board storage, and 32GB of expandable storage with the SD card slot, this machine will stream any 4K TV shows and movies you load up on it. With a powerful 2.4G wireless card, it will connect to your Wi-Fi from anywhere at home. It’s time to upgrade your home theatre experience. Check out the video review here.


Later this month you can look forward to deals on speakers and amplifiers (May 28-June 3) and projectors (June 4-June 10). If you’re looking for a combo package, you might consider our 4K media player and projector bundle, available for the everyday price of $149.99.


All orders $49 and up come with free shipping all across Canada, and you can get fast shipping for just $5.95. If you’re looking to build your first home theatre, or want to add one to your cottage or new apartment, then PrimeCables understands. Find all the best deals in the country at!

It’s time to upgrade USB type-C!

USB-C is the future and the future is here at PrimeCables! We’ve got USB type-C cables and accessories for every need, all the type-C essentials: charging, synchronization, as well as power chargers, adapters and converters.

USB-Type c cable
USB-Type c cable

Right now, you can order the USB Type-C 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable, with aluminum alloy connector, for just $5.99. Normally listed at $14.99, this A-to-C cable is perfect for quick charging and data transfer, with a transfer speed of up to 10Gbps and a 56k ohm resistor making it safe for charging any device. It’s got a sturdy, sleek design that will fit perfectly into all your devices and make a wonderful addition to your personal collection of cables.

usb type c cable

If you like that deal, check out the USB-C to USB-A & to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable combo. This package comes in at $16.99 and comes with two, one-metre cables, in rose gold, one for USB-C to USB-A, and another complete USB-C cable, for charging and syncing, each with a durable metal braid to endure daily usage, plugging and unplugging, coiling up, and transport. With transfer speeds up to 480Mbps, this package of stylish cables will fulfill all your charging and syncing needs.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, then you’ll love our metre-long 3-in-1 Charging Cables USB 2.0 to Lightning (MFi Certified), Micro USB, USB-C, for just $15.99.


This multi-compatible design allows you to charge and sync any device with a Micro-USB, Lightning, or USB-C port. Flexible and durable, this MFi certified cable guarantees compatability with all your Apple devices, as well as providing a solution for all your other USB needs. It’s perfect for travel, family and friends, and covers a range of devices of many models.


Ubiquity is our middle name, as you’ll see with our USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter, listed at just $43.99. Hook up your HDMI, USB-C, Ethernet, and USB 3.0 A and get flawless A/V output, internet access, charging and syncing, all with one handy, three-foot-long adapter.


Shop today and get the 5-port version for just $27.99, featuring three USB 3.0 A ports, USB-C, and Ethernet. Sale ends May 22nd.


Mix and match cables, chargers, adapters, and converters and save! Free shipping across Canada on all orders $49 and up, and fast shipping available for just $5.95. For all your cable needs, all you need is