How to Build your own Home Theatre on a tight budget

how to build your home theater for cheap
how to build your home theater for cheap

Home theatre devices and accessories at their most affordable now available through PrimeCables! Build your own home theatre on a low budget with our exclusive home theatre catalogue.


We’ve broken it down, as simple as possible, into six categories. We’ve got video cables, audio cables, mobile device cables, mounts, switches, and routers, network cables, and game console cables. Everything you need to wire your home entertainment system on your own, we’ve got in stock and ready to ship cheaply and quickly.








Go from zero to working-class hero and build your own home theatre on a budget today with!


Put your TV at the centre of attention with a reasonably placed wall mount, then hook it up to your computer, media center, video player, game console, and receiver. Mount a projector with A/V splitting to double your displays, throw in surround sound speakers, and you’ll have everything you’ll ever need all in one room. Hook up your headphones, mobile devices, Wi-Fi and networking devices and, all said and done, you’ll be able to change it from your personal entertainment system into a luxurious, welcoming, and immersive entertainment environment for all your family and friends in an instant.


Of course, free shipping within Canada is offered for any order over $49. Furthermore, fast shipping is available on any product for just $5.95.


PrimeCables offers you the best prices with the lowest profit margins possible, providing you with a one-stop shopping solution for all your home entertainment needs. If you’ve been looking to spruce up your bachelor pad, impress and entertain house guests, or just treat yourself to a more intense entertainment experience, look no further than

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