PrimeCables 360° Rotatable Mount Holder

Primecables 360 phone car mount
Primecables 360 phone car mount

The best mobile mount is on sale for 75% off at just $4.99, the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount. Have you ever wanted hands-free calls while driving? Eye-level visibility in the kitchen? Somewhere to put your waterproofed phone in the shower? This is a versatile, ubiquitous rotatable mount holder that sticks to any surface, with a magnetic ball and adhesive base, and gives you a rotating solution for all your hands-free device needs.


Available exclusively on, this 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder sticks to any flat surface, giving you unlimited possibilities!

PrimeCables 360 phone magnetic mount
PrimeCables 360 phone magnetic mount

Weight bearing up to 250g, the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount works with virtually any mobile device. Smartphones, GPS, iPods, tablets. Free of wobbles, free of slippage, the magnetic intensity of the mount guarantees safe, hands-free operation while driving, cooking, working out at home, and in a great deal of other situations, such as showering or operating another device. The ball mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle fluidly, while holding your device firmly in place with its neodymium magnet and silicon center. It can even be used as a desktop kickstand for your smartphone or tablet, to provide a perfect line of sight to both your desktop and handheld displays.

magnetic phone mount primecables
magnetic phone mount primecables

Installation couldn’t be simpler, just stick it to any flat surface and presto! Durable in all temperatures, safe to use with any device. Check out the video review on YouTube.


It’s got three components in total: the magnetic ball mount, with 3M sticker base to stick to any flat surface; the magnetism pad, providing the secure mounting action between mount and device; and the metal plate, which binds to the pad on one side, and comes with a 3M sticker on the otherside, to adhere to your handheld and mobile devices.


On sale for just $4.99, the full package includes the ball mount, magnetic pad, magnetic plate, and two additional stickers to allow for multiple mounts throughout your life. Add a mount in your sedan, in your truck, and in your home! Mount your phone, your GPS, and your tablet with a single purchase!
Tired of walking through aisle after aisle to track down a car mount that measures the dimensions of your GPS or phone? With the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount, you’ll never have to worry about it again! It’s an all-in-one solution that’s quick, reliable, and functional in every possible scenario. You’ve arrived at your destination:

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