The Best All-in-One Smart Home Devices to Enhance your Home Security

Smart home devices can enhance your home security, but the hardware is often retailed as separate pieces, and the boxes covered in jargon; if you’ve been frazzled combining components at the shop, look no further than the LivingWise smart home solution!

livewise smart home accessories
livewise smart home accessories

Available now on, the LivingWise home security devices are sold separately and in bundles, to save you the headache of setting up your very own first-time smart home security system.

livingsmart security camera system
livingsmart security camera system

You can combine any number of solutions to give you an affordable, independent security to your property, including window and door sensors, motion sensors, smart cameras, and smart electrical sockets. Everything you need to protect your house and home is available now, with all products eligible for free and fast shipping options!


Check out the impressive features of the LivingWise Smart Security Camera. This 720p motion-activated device has P2P Wi-Fi connectability, to stream directly to your smartphone in a private and secure manner whatever is going on in your home or office. It has two-way audio for security surveillance, night-vision, recording and an alarm equipped for malfunctions.


It’s one of the safest ways to monitor your residence when away from home or the office, and can even function as a monitor for your baby or pet. The camera detects human bodies and can send a text message to your phone if it is tampered with in any way. Boasting a 113-degree field of view, a six metres distance of sight, and recording at 30 frames-per-second, this smart security camera is the only solution you’ll need to wirelessly capture and stream what’s going on when you’re not around. At just $32.99, this is the one of the most cost-effective A/V home security solution available to homeowners, and order a 2-pack, for just $59.99, and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.


You can also order the Smart Security Camera in a variety of combo packages, for example, one camera and two motion sensors, for $99.99, that will tell you if your windows or doors are being entered while you’re away from home; you can also get the camera and smart socket set, for just $49.99, which comes with a Wi-Fi controlled electrical socket so you can turn on/off any devices remotely in your home or office from your smartphone.


All these smart home solutions are DIY-style installations, which can be accessed and controlled through the LivingWise app available for iPhone and Android. If you’re looking for an affordable way to boost your home security, do it in style with LivingWise smart home solutions!

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