How to Ergonomically Optimize your Workspace

Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost
Build your ergonomic workstation at lower cost

Ergonomics is essentially the commitment to creating an environment that is most favorable to proper body positioning and eye contact. By making adjustments to your workspace, you can help reduce stress on the body and keep yourself more engaged in your work for a longer period of time. How to ergonomically optimize your workspace begins by knowing what you need to buy, how to make the most from the elements in your workspace, and knowing when to switch it up to keep your mind and body engaged to the highest degree.

build your budget ergonomic workstation
build your budget ergonomic workstation

A big component in optimizing your workspace involves using a sit-standing desk. This height-adjustable desk is almost a necessary component as it is the greatest tool to combat the risk of musculoskeletal problems associated with prolonged sitting. The next time you’re sitting at a desk, take note of your posture. Chances are it’s not probably not great – and that’s pretty normal. It’s sort of natural for the body to gradually hunch over, using one or two arms to lean and/or to sit with a leg propped up in some awkward way beneath you. Though it may seem comfortable, it may be unknowingly putting stresses on your muscles, joints, and nerves. Switch to a sit-standing to begin the ergonomic optimization process!


Next on the list of how to optimize your ergonomic office is to set up your ergonomic work station. This might involve purchasing some ergonomic-friendly products such as a monitor mount, a height adjustable chair, an anti-fatigue footrest or mat, a document clip, and more. All of these products are available on discount through PrimeCables, one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce office accessories marketplaces. In our catalogue, there are numerous ergonomic accessories to consider buying. Though every accessory might not be ideal for your personal workstation, that’s ok. Set up your ergonomic workstation how you want it.


At PrimeCables, designing an ergonomic workstation is treated very much like a science. Instead of physically forcing the body to confirm to workstation expectations, design the workstation to suit the worker. This is not just about buying a new ergonomic desk and chair but is about creating a work environment in which you thrive in. It’s about activating your body in strong, healthy ways while your mind is engaged in your work.


Through ergonomics may seem like the latest fad, the science it’s built on says a lot. PrimeCables is proud to be counted among the companies promoting health and well-beign in the workplace. Proper ergonomic workstation setup is increasingly a key component to improving worker health. Please feel encouraged to browse PrimeCables ergonomic office accessories today to find what suits you best!

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