The Best Choice for Networking Ethernet Cable for Construction Companies – Check PrimeCables

ethernet cable from PrimeCables
ethernet cable from PrimeCables

Installing networking cable in construction is a costly, time-consuming process. Save hundreds on networking Ethernet cable when you buy through PrimeCables. As a growing Canadian eCommerce favourite among construction contractors and cable installers, we have numerous types of networking cable that are sure to appeal to any construction project. Browse some of the lowest pricing in Canada on cat 6 cable and more!


For construction companies, browse thoroughly through the PrimeCables network solution category to find a range of different items that may appeal to your project. There are network Ethernet cables, home network routers and switchers, keystone jack and accessories, cable organizers, network tools and testers, business routers and switchers, surveillance cameras and CCTV products, and patch panel rack and cabinets. Depending on the construction project you are working on, any of these products may be appealing to you and/or your client.

PrimeCables networking cable
PrimeCables networking cable

At PrimeCables, what we really want to focus on however is the networking Ethernet cable. Some construction companies when working on commercial projects end up requiring hundreds of feet of Ethernet cable. The expense does add up in the end, especially if one is going through a vendor who is not concerned with giving you the best price for the product. That’s why at PrimeCables, we work with our manufacturers to provide the highest quality product at the cheapest possible cost. Before you get ready to kick off your next network construction, there may be a more affordable way to expand a network. Choose PrimeCables for the best prices in Canada on networking construction Ethernet cable.


Buy favourites including the 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue for $1.99, the 10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable for $2.69, the Cat6 Punch Down Keystone Jack – White for $2.29, the 2 Port Keystone Wall Plate for RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 RCA F-Type Jack – White for $0.59, and the 3FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable – Blue for $1.49.


Beyond simply quality and pricing of the product, there are also other advantages to shopping with PrimeCables. There’s fast, free shipping on orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada so if you order enough ahead, you can easily get away with paying any additional fees. We also provide free returns and a 1-year product guarantee ensuring that you are fully satisfied with your Ethernet cable purchase. For construction companies and their clients who are looking to enhance or extend the reach of a new or existing network, there’s only one place to buy the best priced Ethernet cables and that’s PrimeCables.

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