Canadians hunting for the best sales, canada hot deals, and discounts might feel compelled to search on Amazon Prime Day for all of their household needs.

  • Hot deal from PrimeCablesAs popular as Amazon’s Prime Day deals are, research into the pricing model for the products reported to be ‘on sale’ show that their prices are more or less quite similar to regular pricing. Here’s another 5 reasons why we recommend shopping PrimeCables’ deals on Prime Day.


#1 – We are Canadian

Looking for hot deals in Canada? Search
Looking for hot deals in Canada? Search

PrimeCables is a Canadian company that was built by Canadians and for Canadians. Throughout the past decade, we have provided products on hundreds of thousands of orders to Canadian households across the country. When you shop PrimeCables, you’re helping to build a Canadian company instead of getting that money out to a non-Canadian eCommerce company like Amazon.


#2 – Better shipping prices

primecables fast / free shipping in canada
primecables fast / free shipping in canada

Amazon’s shipping deals are pretty good at times, yes, no question. That said, we believe PrimeCables to be better. To begin, any orders of $49 or higher receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Throughout the annual sales season, we also provide ‘free shipping’ coupons that one can easily cash on product categories such as cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools and appliances, home theater accessories, and network solutions.


#3 – Sister sites’ support

Though the PrimeCables brand is at the centre of what we do, we’ve also partnered with two sister sites that one can easily browse to meet the minimum $49 threshold for free shipping. These are and, two sites with a range of discount products on deals far better than Amazon’s Prime Day 2018 sales. Please feel encouraged to browse,, and for some of the lowest prices in Canada.


#4 – Free returns and a 1-year product guarantee

‘Cheap’ pricing does not mean ‘cheap’ quality. PrimeCables works hard with all of its manufacturers to ensure that high quality standards are upheld and that all products shipped meet that standard. That’s also why we offer free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases. If there’s ever an issue with your purchase, get in touch and we will do everything we can to resolve it in the timeliest of fashion.


#5 – Some truly amazing offers!

We’ve got some amazing special offers to browse! These include the AAA 8pcs/box alkaline battery paper box for $1.99, the iPhone X Supper Thin Transparent Clear Soft Case for $0.99, the Height Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand for $5.99, the Ultra Slim Height Adjustable Sit and Standing Desk for $149.99, the MXQ-4K Android Smart TV Box 4K HD Media Player for $39.99, and the Reversible Micro USB Double Sided Charging/Sync Cable for $9.99. There’s so much more!

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