Tiring from Amazon’s Prime Day Deals – Try PrimeCables.ca

The annual Amazon Prime Day event is fast approaching, with the popular eCommerce site promoting numerous deals, discounts, and promotions on select items. There’s a lot to sift through when it comes to Amazon Prime Day 2018 and the deals are rarely as good as they could be. Instead of shopping with Amazon for Prime Day deals, why not try a homegrown Canadian eCommerce company with possibly even more favorable shopping terms – that’s where PrimeCables comes in.


PrimeCables offers discounts up to 70% routinely throughout the year. In celebration of Amazon’s Prime Day, you can find everything you need to know on our home page. Browse extensive promotions in categories like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, and more. The annual Prime Day event at Amazon has nothing on PrimeCables. Instead of paying expensive shipping fees for a product that you can buy from a Canadian company at a lower rate, shop with PrimeCables for free shipping on all orders above $49, in addition to enjoying free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

PrimeCables power drill
PrimeCables power drill

Though PrimeCables has many sales events throughout the year, this is going to be one of the biggest of the summer. Every year, we put through thousands of orders from Canadian households seeking to upgrade their in-home products. Why we have so many returns customers comes down to our low pricing, yes, but also the quality of our products. We stand by everything we sell, and will go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. This is why we are widely celebrated.


Whether you’re buying for a family member, a friend, or yourself, there’s something for everyone in the PrimeCables catalogue. Every week, we have new products on sale. For example, the 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle was originally priced at $49.99 however has now been discounted by 20% and is now listed at $39.99. As one of our newest arrivals, this product is already highly popular among consumers buying for Father’s Day and/or for individuals with a keen attraction to drilling. Enjoy the 1.3Ah Li-ion battery, 0-350/0-1250 RPM with two-speed transmission, an LED light to illuminate darker workspaces, and a slide pack battery ensuring easy installation and removal as needed.

Power drill tool from PrimeCables
Power drill tool from PrimeCables

The 20V Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle is just one of the several products on PrimeCables’ Prime Day deals list. Don’t miss out on this off-brand deal. These are the ultimate summer savings that won’t be beat!

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