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Stop getting gouged for guitar cables, get it cheap at!

Guitar cables are special: they show you’re ready to get on stage, they connect you to the crowd, and you need something reliable and durable. PrimeCables specializes in 1/4” audio cables and totally has the wire you need to jam!

Get guitar cable online from
Get guitar cable online from

You want something affordable and trustworthy? Look no further than the 3-foot Nylon Series 1/4” TS M/M 20AWG Cable, on sale until June 12 for just $6.39!


This quarter inch cable is perfect for your guitar or bass, with 20AWG solid conductors, gold-plated connectors, and a sexy black and gold braided cloth jacket. With two layers of copper braid shielding, you’ll get the best in sound quality, durability, and aesthetic.

guitar cable from
guitar cable from

Great sound coupled with a 20AWG conductor, with 99% shield coverage from the copper braid; gold-plated connectors deliver a smooth, corrosion-free connection every time, maximum conductivity, and protection from radio frequencies and electromagnetic disturbance; the braided cloth jacket promises a cable strength superior to those with common plastic jackets: they resist freezing, high temperatures, and pets who chew your patch cords.


This cable is compatible with guitars, bass, eletric guitars, mics, drums, pianos and keyboards, and they’re sold individually, as well as in a 3-pack, for just $17.99 until June 12.

primecables guitar cable
primecables guitar cable

If you’re looking for something a little longer, check out the 15-footer, on sale for just $10.39.


For something a little different, check out the 6-foot Premier Series 1/4inch (TS or Mono Phono) Male 16AWG Audio Cable, available for just $7.99.


Alternatively, there’s the Monoprice 8 Inch 1/4inch TS Guitar Pedal Patch Cable with Right Angle M/M 16AWG Audio Cable, for just $6.36, with that 90-degree angle perfect for plugging in your guitar or mixer to pedals. These nickle-plated cables are effective, inexpensive, and reliable for performances where space is precious and cable management is a must.


Did we mention PrimeCables has warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver? So if you’re looking for something that you can get shipped overnight, with fast shipping available all around the country for just $5.95, then choose us and be astounded by the high-quality and low prices of all our musical instrument solutions.


All orders $49 and up come with free shipping coast-to-coast, so make yourselves a shopping list and get the whole band wired up.


If you’re in the market for something else, click here to view our complete catalogue of professional audio cables. For all your cable needs, as well as anything you need in home theatre, office and ergonomics, visit!

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