4 USB Type-C Products on-sale for Back to School Shopping 2018

Expensive USB Type-C cables are a waste of money when you have eCommerce solutions like PrimeCables. PrimeCables is a leading name in the eCommerce sale of USB Type-C products, providing industry-leading technology at inexpensive pricing you won’t find anywhere else.


Above the fancy advertising and the high-tech design, our cables do the best job possible at sync and charge – better than anyone! Just as good as any $50 cable, receive high-class USB Type-C products on discount, deals, and promotions for back to school shopping 2018.


This list of the top 4 USB Type-C products on-sale for back to school shopping 2018 begins with the 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector – White – PrimeCables® – 2/Pack for $11.94. For under $12, receive two USB-C sync and charge cables with aluminum alloy connectors, guaranteeing the fastest possible charge in no time!


The USB-C Adapter, USB Type C to Micro USB Convert Connector – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $1.99 is a USB Type-C product that makes it easy to adapt an existing cable to contemporary needs. If you already have a high quality USB sync and charge cable, an adapter like this provides the opportunity to use different connectors without having to switch out the cable itself.


The USB-C 3.1 to HDMI & USB 3.0 & RJ45 & Type-C Charging Adapter – 15CM – PrimeCables® for $34.99 is a specialty USB Type-C product that only those who need it will truly appreciate. Featuring up to 1080p HDMI output, this charging adapter can manage multiple USB Type-C devices simultaneously. If you need to charge multiple USB Type-C devices at the same time, this adapter is a great buy!


The fourth USB Type-C product to make it on your list is the USB-C to USB 3.1 M/F Cable Adapter, OTG Compatible – White – PrimeCables® for $6.99. For households with older USB cables looking for an adapter, we have numerous on-sale adapter cables like this for the back to school shopping season. These are well worth a look if you’re looking to preserve the use of a certain cable.


Corporate electronic retailers make a ton of dough selling expensive USB Type-C products. From the consumer perspective, there’s no reason to pay such high prices for these type of products this back to school shopping season.

USB type c adapter from primecables.ca

Widely manufactured across the world, you’d be amazed at the amount of USB Type-C cables and adapters priced at under $15 at PrimeCables. For back to school 2018, browse your favourites and enjoy the best possible cable performance from one of Canada’s most trusted names in eCommerce.

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