Get USB Type C Chargers during the Back-to-School Sale at!

It’s that time of year again, when back-to-school deals at give you the most affordable choices for school supplies, with some of the lowest prices in the country for USB Type C Chargers.


PrimeCables® USB Type-C Essential Accessories are one of our specialties, with the highest speeds and most durable cables for charging, syncing, adapters and converters. USB Type-C is the next generation of USB cable, and for back-to-school season, we’ve got some of the best offers nationwide for students returning to studies in September.


Stock up on charging and syncing cables with this 2-pack USB-C to USB-A & to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable deal, for just $16.99. Coming with two, 1-metre long rose gold metal-braided cables, these cords allow you to hook up all your USB-enabled devices to PC or Mac for charging up to 3A and synchronization with data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps.


Hook up your mobile devices to charge or sync to modern laptops with the USB-C cable, and use the USB-C to USB-A connector for older USB ports. The aluminum metal housing and durable metal jacket means these cables have super long lifespans, resisting extreme temperatures, bends, folds, kinks, nicks, and daily usage for years.


Compatible with the new Macbook 12 Inch (2015), Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus Two, Pixel C, New Nokia N1 tablet, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Asus Zen AiO, Lenovo Zuk Z1, HP Pavilion X2, ASUS ZenPad S 8.0, and Google Pixel/XL, this is the most ubiquitous option for going back to school, allowing you to charge and sync all your devices, even those of your friends and guests, no matter what type of machine they carry.


If you identify as a more frugal student, then you’ll love our 1m USB-C to USB 3.1A Charging/Sync Cable with Aluminum Alloy Connector, on sale now for just $5.99! Connecting your mobile devices to traditional USB-A ports, you’ll be able to enjoy the superior PrimeCables® quality by purchasing this stylish, durable, metre-long cable.


If you’re looking for versatility and ubiquity, then you’re gonna wanna check out our 3-in-1 Charging Cables USB 2.0 to Lightning (MFi-Certified), Micro USB, and USB-C adapter, for just $14.99. Connect all your Apple devices, Android, and more with this multi-compatible design adapter, one metre in length. Flexible, durable, and delivering fast charging and fast syncing, this is the most appropriate solution for the student with a collection of devices from various generations.


Orders of $29 and up are eligible for free shipping nationwide until the end of July, so shop now and place an order today at, so you’re ready for the autumn semester.

What’s the Best Kids Ergonomic Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Workstation in 2018

As we ready for the school year up ahead in September, we can probably all agree that it’s a good thing for young kids to have structure and stability in the home. This provides them the space and environment where they can get their homework done, study, research, and write. Unfortunately, not every student has their own workstation. A lot of students end up doing their homework at the kitchen table which is oftentimes somewhere prone to distraction.


The advantages of kids having their own desk in a private setting somewhere in the home are numerous. For one, it gives them some place personal to sit and get their work done. This may result in improved grades, more engagement and investment in their homework, and a better school performance overall. Also, if their desk is designed with ergonomics in mind, this can provide some additional support in height adjustment as well.


Young kids may not be at risk for developing serious health issues related to prolonged sitting however a kids’ ergonomic height adjustable sit-stand desk shows an example of building good habits. For adults, neck pain and back pain are just the start. Almost every adult spends the majority of their day sitting and with that has come certain stresses on the body.


That’s not what we want our kids to feel twenty years from now as they are ushered into similar sit-friendly environments. A kids’ ergonomic height adjustable desk means a child can sit or stand, reducing stresses on the body and keeping them physically engaged while their mind works. Instead of sitting down for eight, ten, or twelve hours every day, they’ll have a private ergonomic environment to study in. Any excessive stresses on their low back, shoulders, or neck will be non-existent, and there’ll be no need to worry about interruptions or distractions.


The Kids Smart Interactive Ergonomic Sit-Stand Workstation can be purchased today with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. The PrimeCables’ kids ergonomic sit-stand desk features a spacious work surface, adjustability mechanisms already built-in, safety corner padding, and easy assembly, there’s no reason not to buy. Shop with PrimeCables to get the lowest prices in Canada on high-tech school accessories like this. Your ergonomic desk can easily fit anywhere in a kids’ room and should be a necessary addition if they don’t already have a desk in there. Shop with PrimeCables today for more discounts and deals on desks and related accessories.

Learn How to Fight Disease with a Height Adjustable Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

Combat the dangers of prolonged sitting with PrimeCables’ exclusive deals on ergonomic sit standing desks. For under $200, there are numerous models and makes to choose from, allowing consumers to choose the perfect ergonomic desk solution for their workspace.


Canadians never used to sit so much. Throughout history, Canadians have always been a very active bunch however in today’s work climate, with more office and tech jobs than ever, sitting is just a part of daily life. For example, think of how much you sit on an average day. Between working a job, commuting, driving, and sitting on the couch or at the dinner table, most of us are easily hitting double digits on the amount of hours we spend engaged in a seated position.


The Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitors 26″ Wide PrimeCables® for $189.99 is hoping to change that. Multiple studies done on ergonomic sit-standing adjustments have noted that with a desk like this, it’s possible to erase neck pain and back pain, and lower the risk for obesity, heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers which have been associated with lack of cardio activity. Though some may say this is slightly overhyping what a height adjustable desk can do for an individual, it’s true that by adjusting how much we stand per day, this makes a huge difference in these categories.


Why this sit-standing desk is a favourite among PrimeCables’ customers is because of how easy it is to raise and lower to various heights according to comfort. Receive a wider adjustable range than the average ergonomic table, while enjoying features like support grooves for smartphones and tablets, anti-clamping mechanisms to guard against injury, and twelve height options.


Instead of accepting sitting anywhere from 7-12 hours a day as a reality, activate more muscles and protect your posture using a PrimeCables sit standing desk. You may even see yourself lose some weight in the process. Stand as you see fit and sit down whenever you like. Adjust it to your lifestyle and how you might be feeling that particular day. Just because you have a standing desk does not mean you need to stand the entire day at the office. That’s tough! Instead, buy a height adjustable desk that works both from a sitting and standing position.


Visit PrimeCables to view the latest discounts, deals, and promotions on ergonomic height adjustable desks. Protect your back and burn some extra calories in the process. To Canadians everywhere, save money when you shop with PrimeCables.

How USB-C cables are changing the way we Make and Charge our Smartphones

There’s been a lot of hubbub about wireless in the smartphone industry, within the past few years. Many insiders predicted an end to sync and charge cables almost a decade ago. Today, thoughts have changed, thanks to the invention of USB Type-C cables.


The ‘USB Type-C cable’ is one of the most advanced consumer cables in the marketplace. Used to sync and charge smartphones and other digital devices, they are regularly proclaimed as ‘future-proof’.


That is, USB Type-C cables are built for speeds that most devices haven’t even really been able to tap into yet. Therefore, when you buy a USB-C cable, you’re not only receiving the fastest sync and charge cable in the market today but you’re also receiving what will likely be one of the fastest performing cables long into the future.


As evidence of the impressive technology included in a USB-C cable, even Apple has put the future of their smartphones in the hands of USB-C. That says something! After all, Apple has long been at the forefront of how we use our smartphones. Years ago, they used the fast speeds of FireWire to sync and charge. Not only after, Apple made the switch to Apple lightning cables which are currently used on this generation of iPhones and iPads. According to a recent preview of the next generation of Apple products, it appears they’re switching to USB-C. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies in this space, PrimeCables welcomes this news!


Today, you can buy the high quality PrimeCables® USB 2.0A to USB-C Charging/Sync Metal Braided cable Up to 3A charging-Space Grey for only $9.99. Taking a look through its pictures, it’s easy to see that it looks cool, sure, but its performance is also up there with the best smartphone cables in Canada. Buy this charging sync smartphone cable to enjoy features such as its metal housing, metal braided jacket, three-foot length, and more. Even better, connect any new USB-C or USB Type-C devices with regular USB ports, and begin tapping into its capabilities today.


Browse PrimeCables for deals, discounts, and promotions on Canada’s best USB-C cables. Capable of sending data and power faster than any other USB cable, you will notice the difference immediately.


Though many consumers are tempted, don’t overspend on these. Get your USB-C cables from a reliable source like PrimeCables, one of Canada’s most trusted eCommerce go-tos for cables. Remember, USB-C cables will charge devices far more quickly than anything else. Now, as Apple accepts USB-C as its’ newest iPhone sync and charge cable, this makes it the new ‘industry standard’. Buy it today from PrimeCables.

Choose this Bluetooth Stereo Soundbar to equip your TV with the Ultimate Sound Setup

Choosing to upgrade your TV speakers is not always as easy as it sounds. Not only are TV speakers super expensive but it can be challenging finding the right aesthetic balance. If you’ve upgraded your high-definition TV recently and/or are thinking about getting a good-sized screen, a stereo Bluetooth soundbar might be the perfect way to accent it.


Imagine having a sound setup small and lightweight enough to install anywhere in the room. Imagine being able to plug in everything from your TV to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, and DVD player. That’s what a stereo Bluetooth soundbar is designed to accommodate. If you’ve been craving something better, we’re confident you’ll have a blast listening to anything and everything on this hardware. A stereo Bluetooth soundbar is optimized for a home entertainment setup and when you purchase today from PrimeCables, receive a wired subwoofer included as well!


The Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer 2.1CH – PrimeCables® for $59.99 is on-sale in a limited quantity and is a tough deal to pass on. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables provides free shipping on this product to anywhere in Canada. Included in this stereo Bluetooth soundbar is wireless Bluetooth input for any digital device, multiple input options, remote included, subwoofer unit included for a heightened bass sound, and superior, modern slim sound quality.


If you’re going to buy a new set of speakers or a soundbar like this, the main reasoning would be to elevate the sound experience in the room. Though a TV may come with its own sound experience, it doesn’t compare to a Bluetooth soundbar like this. Aesthetically pleasing, you’ll be amazed by how much sound it spreads across the room. Enjoy enhanced dialogue and crystal clear audio from wherever you might be in the room. Superior to other models at this price point, the Bluetooth soundbar is a full-sized, full-ranged deep bass model that is perfect for home theater application.


Finally get the audio experience you’ve always wanted for your TVs and movies. No more missing dialogue or adjusting audio throughout the movie. The Bluetooth stereo soundbar doesn’t complicate things. Instead of paying upwards of $200-$300 or above, this exclusive Bluetooth soundbar comes in hot for under $60!


High quality sound is only a click away when you shop with PrimeCables. Enjoy exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. Limited-time sales are just a buy away. Buy this dialogue-enhancing television-perfect Bluetooth stereo soundbar and tap into bigger, more dramatic sound instantly

Buy this Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna for free Over-the-Air TV in Canada for under $5

Indoor TV antennas are a great digital resource to get free over-the-air TV for inside the home. Finding the right TV antenna for your home entertainment setup can sometimes involve weighing variables like price, signal range, size, and placement. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce companies, PrimeCables has an amazing super thin indoor HDTV antenna for under $5 that should meet all of one’s free TV needs. Nab signals from your nearest broadcast tower and never have to worry about paying a monthly cable bill again.


The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna FM/VHF/UHF for $4.99 is on massive discount for a limited time. Receive free high-definition TV broadcast signals, installation is as easy as plugging it in and scanning for channels, and use its design to easily hide it anywhere around the TV monitor. For anyone new to the world of cord cutting in Canada and/or over-the-air TV signals, this is a great starter kit. As more Canadians move to cutting the cord, you can ditch pricey cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of PrimeCables’ cheaply priced high quality indoor HDTV antenna design.


Streaming services by Sling TV, YouTube TV, Netflix, Crackle, and others are great ways to consume content. What they don’t provide however is the live TV experience. If you want to watch your favourite TV show, you’ll never see it live in real-time on a platform like Netflix. To see your favourite shows, you’ll have to wait to download it illegally or pay $100s for a cable subscription. A super thin indoor HDTV antenna like this provides the opportunity to tap into channels like the CW, FOX, CBC, CTV, and others for free. It’s perfectly legal and you don’t need to pay a thing!


Another advantage to having a TV antenna is that it allows a user to watch local programming and news, which is something you’ll only find through an antenna or a very expensive cable subscription service. Fill the void with a small collection of basic cable channels that you can rely on for live hockey, TV, movies, and more. If you’re a student that can’t afford a larger satellite subscription or someone with a second property in need of additional TV services, these are just some of the circumstances where a high-definition 1080p antenna work. Also, combine this HDTV antenna with other products in the PrimeCables catalogue and receive free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Shop PrimeCables today to complement your existing entertainment and streaming setup. Do so with this high-tech antenna that will pull in 1080p high-definition channels. Stick your antenna wherever you want and don’t look back. HDTV antennas like this are a great buy for all ages!

This is our Favourite Ultra-Thin Protective Case for iPhone X available Exclusively on Discount

Ultra-thin iPhone X cases are one of the best buys for your smartphone. They’ll keep it protected, they look great, and best of all, your shiny new iPhone will be kept shiny new. The years of bulky smartphone cases is done with. Shop now with PrimeCables to see some of our favourite ultra-thin protective cases on discounts up to 75% off for our exclusive summer 2018 sale!


The Ultra-Thin Protective Hard Case for iPhone X with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – PrimeCables® for $1.99 will barely add any weight to your phone. Enjoy protection around each and every bend of the phone with its high quality polycarbonate outer shell. The tempered glass screen protector is a huge get. It’ll protect your iPhone from shattering if it’s dropped or beign scratched. Using this ultra-thin smartphone case, you may also notice that it doesn’t leave fingerprints as easy. Simple to set up, easy to clean, and with its high performance, for $1.99, it’s a steal.


There’s nothing more frustrating than the moment you pick up your phone off the ground to see that it’s been scratched, shattered, scuffed, or broken. Why many iPhone and smartphone users forego purchasing a smartphone case is because traditionally they are quite heavy and big and they don’t quite communicate to others what they’re holding inside. To put it simply, they take a device that’s really cool and they box it in a sometimes ugly outer shell.


That’s not what a company like PrimeCables wants to be known for. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce brands, we pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices in Canada on high quality product. Shop with PrimeCables to enjoy advantages like a 1-year product guarantee, free returns, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


When you have an iPhone X, you’ve already spent hundreds on it. You don’t want to put the hundreds of dollars you spent on your iPhone X into a mediocre product. When you buy the Ultra-Thin Protective Hard Case for iPhone X with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – PrimeCables® for $1.99, rest easy knowing you’re putting one of your most trusted possessions into a heavy duty protective case that’s got your back.


There’s no better time to buy your iPhone X case than now. The discount price is as low as it’s going to get. Maximize your iPhone’s protection with this simple, elegant design complete with cut-outs everywhere you need it. Shop with PrimeCables today to browse more iPhone X accessories.

Get affordable Display Mounts and Stands during Back-to-School season at!

If you’re going back to school sale this fall, you’re going to love our deals on school supplies at Right now, you can shop for mounts and stands for your TV, computer displays, mobile devices, and more at incredible prices!

PrimeCables back to school sale 2018
PrimeCables back to school sale 2018

For instance, check out our  Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 37″ to 70″ Flat Panel TVs, on sale now for just $39.99! Perfect for most TVs between 37” and 70”, this wall mount tilts, swivels, and extends from the wall, giving you the most customizable viewing experience in your bedroom, living room, or rec room.

full motion tv wall mount from primecables
full motion tv wall mount from primecables

Easy to install, as shown in this YouTube video, with a weight capacity of up to 50kgs, and including a lifetime warranty, this is a valuable investment for your home entertainment setup that can be done on a tight budget.

Place an order of $29 and up before the end of July and receive free shipping anywhere nationwide! With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’ll get what you need quickly, and if you need it immediately, add fast shipping to any item for just $5.95.

If you’re looking to bump up the total of your order, then consider purchasing our Magnetic Car Mount, a 360-degree rotatable universal phone holder for your car, on sale now for just $4.99!

It couldn’t be simpler to install: just peel the cover off the 3M sticker on the back of the mount, attach it anywhere in your car, and slap the magnetic pad onto the back of your mobile device or case and put it in place. Now you’ve got a fully-rotatable mounted hands-free device, so you can take calls, follow directions, or control your playlist with two hands on the steering wheel.

If you’re looking to make a substantial upgrade to your workstation, then you’ll want to check out our 26″ Wide Sit Standing Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser, for $189.99. Available in a variety of colours and widths, the Ergonomic Desk Riser allows you to lift your displays to a comfortable height for working on your feet.

Canadians spend 9 hours a day sitting in front of a computer to work, constricting blood flow and fatiguing the body. Stand up and work in a more natural position, giving you better blood flow and back posture, so you can carry on with your work and get on with your day. Not convinced? Check out this YouTube video about why you should choose the Sit-to-Stand Height Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Riser.

For all the best back-to-school deals, check out today!

Get a laptop stand for under $10 during the back-to-school sale at!

Right now, you can purchase the PrimeCables® Ergonomic Height Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand for just $5.99! This laptop stand is perfect for typing notes during lecture, working from home in bed, or in the library, where ergonomic workspaces are rare, now we are offering this during back to school sale!

PrimeCables back to school sale 2018
PrimeCables back to school sale 2018

Going back to school this fall? Then you’ll want our Ergonomic Height Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand.

primecables laptop stand
primecables laptop stand

This laptop stand fits portable devices from 10 to 15 inches in width, providing 5 height settings for the optimal viewing experience, complete with anti-slip silicone pads to prevent slipping, dropping, and scratching. The foldable design makes it perfect for working on the go, fitting in your laptop bag or satchel with ease. The open architecture of the stand provides optimal ventilation and cable management solutions, so you can set it up wherever you need to work, without fear of overheating, clutter, or being unable to see and type.


Holding up to 5kgs and measuring at 255 x 255 x 35mm, this is the perfect solution for improving your portable, ergonomic workspace at home, at school, and at work. Available in black with a powder coating finish, it is sleek, practical, and efficient, giving you a variety of angles to view your screen at and comfortably type on.

primecables back to school sale 2018
primecables back to school sale 2018

Rig it up with your iOS or Windows tablet and enjoy the improved workspace. Make it easier to see, to type, to manage your cables, and to pack up and move around the building. With a solid frame and base structure, you won’t have to worry about your device slipping off the table, scratching the surface of the device or the desk, nor damaging the tabletop from heat output.


You can even holster your laptop or tablet into the stand and use it on your lap, for working in cramped coffee shops and study halls, where managing your cables, ventilation, and keyboard are crucial to your productivity and safety. Use it at 0-degree tilt for standard usage, 15-degree tilt for easy reading, 45-degree tilt for better typing, and 60-degree tilt for a shared viewing experience.


Add it to your shopping cart today and place an order of $29 or more to get free shipping nationwide. We’ve got two warehouses, one in Montreal and one in Vancouver, meaning you’ll get what you buy in about a week or so, and if you need it quicker, add fast shipping to any item for just $5.95!


For all the best back-to-school deals, visit today!

Back to School Deal Highlight: Get a Dual Headphone Stand Hanger for under $20

Back to school is one of the most important shopping seasons of the year and we’ve got school supplies for every type of lifestyle. Right now, you can get the PrimeCables® Headphone Stand for just $14.99, an aluminum alloy hanger that can hold two pairs of headphones in a clean and organized manner.

PrimeCables headphone mount

If you’re an amateur musician and video gamer, this headphone stand / hanger is totally the perfect organization/storage solution for you.


Keep your musician’s headphones on one arm, and your video gaming headset on the other. The stand won’t tip over, because of its excellent weight balance. It also features silicone cushion pads on the bottom of the base and a leather inlay on top, providing a safe and secure place to hold your headphones while maintaining their shape, settings, and condition.


Easy to reach and easy to install, sturdy and lightweight, this is an excellent item for your bedroom, workspace, and home.


Don’t fret anymore about where to store your headphones where they can be safe, uncluttered, and accessible – this is the best tool available for organizing your headphones, at the lowest price around!


Avoid scratches. Avoid dropping. Avoid tangled cords. Get the PrimeCables Headphone Stand today!


Free shipping is normally applicable to all orders of $49 and up, but until the end of July, place an order of $29 or more, and receive free shipping on your entire shopping cart!


You can score that free shipping by getting yourself the Monoprice® Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones, for just $39.99. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and complete with high-quality sound, these are the best headphones for starting school in September.

monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada
monoprice headphone deal from PrimeCables Canada

These hi-fi headphones fit over your head, isolating the sound from all other outside noises with their thick, comfortable padding. They are lighter than other over-the-head designs and still deliver the highest quality of sound possible.


Our warehouses are situated in Montreal and Vancouver, so wherever you’re ordering from in Canada, you’re sure to get your shipment quickly. If that’s not quick enough for you, you can add fast shipping to any order for just $5.95 and get it in just a day or two, nationwide.


Whether it’s headphones or a headphone stand that you need, if you’re looking for the best in style, lifespan, quality, and price, then you’ll want to do all your back-to-school shopping with us. At, we have the best in cables, the best in audio equipment, and the best back-to-school deals in the country!