Upgrade your Ethernet Cable before going Back to School!

Your Internet cable might be worn out, full of kinks from wiring and rewiring your home network, or the clips broken from frequent plugging and unplugging. You can get brand new Ethernet cables on the cheap as part of our back-to-school deals at PrimeCables.ca.

Not only are cables our specialty, with high-quality wires and casings, but all of them come with lifetime warranties and free return shipping in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

Back to school Ethernet cable deal from primecables
Back to school Ethernet cable deal from primecables

We’ve got plenty of products in our network solutions catalogue: Ethernet cables, Keystone Jacks & Accessories, Network Tools & Testers, Patch Panel Racks & Cabinets, Home Network Routers & Switches, Cable Organizers, Office Routers & Switches, and Surveillance Camera/CCTV Cables.

primecables BTS 2018

Right now, you can the PrimeCables® 6FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable for just $1.99. With durable, gold-plated connectors, 550Mhz transfer rate, and exceptional reliability, this is the most affordable and practical home network solution replacement cable, especially for when you’re moving between sublets in college or university and misplaced or damaged one of your old cables.


If you’re the DIY kind of person, then you might like the PrimeCables® Network Cable Tester & Crimping Tools Combo, a 2-in-1 combo which includes a RJ45 & RJ11 Crimping Tool and RJ-45 RJ11 BNC Cable Tester, for just $12.99! Check for malfunctions and crimp your own cables with this handy combo kit. If you’re new to crimping, then check out this YouTube video to get a head start introduction.


If cable management is the name of the game, then you’ll want to view the Monoprice® Cable Management Kit, for just $15.99. These customizable railway cable organizers run along the trim of your wall or ceiling to protect your home network cables from guests, pets, and parties. Including more than 80 inches of rails, you can cut them and colour them to your needs, making them the perfect solution for completing your shared home network on a dime.


If you’re looking to save big, then make an order of $29 or more before the end of July and get free shipping to anywhere in Canada. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to get your delivery within about a week. If that’s not quick enough for you, consider adding fast shipping to any item for just $5.95.


For all the best networking solutions, accessories and cables, as well as back-to-school deals, visit PrimeCables.ca!

Small but powerful! Editor’s Pick for Back-to-School: Ergonomic Monitor Document Clip

Going back to school means you need to get out of vacation mode and refocus your attention on getting work done! One of the most useful and affordable little items you can buy yourself is our Ergonomic Monitor Document Clip, for just $3.99.


Having an adjustable monitor arm can prevent musculoskeletal problems caused by having to adjust your body to see your display instead of adjusting the angle of view of the screen. But, most often, nobody thinks about craning your neck to view hard copy documents on your desk. This monitor document clip allows you to read a print out at eye level, meaning you no longer have to bend over your table to review something.


Just clip it on and clip it in, and you’re ready to read.


The 360-degree rotation allows you to clip it on left or right of your display, whether your left- or right-handed. Attain a healthier reading position with this ergonomic document clip.


Simple to use, just peel the 3M adhesive cover and attach the clamp to the side of your monitor. Perfectly designed for 8.5 x 11” sheets, the clip will hold up any size of document.


Add it to your shopping cart now and keep shopping! Now until the end of the month of July, place an order of $29 or more and get free shipping to anywhere in the country.


With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, we’re certain you’ll get your package in about a week. If that’s not quick enough for you, add fast shipping to any item in your cart for just $5.95, and get it in just a day or two.


Upgrade your workstation and make it completely ergonomic, with products such as our Ergonomic Foot Rocker or Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat.


The PrimeCables® Ergonomic Foot Rocker, for just $14.99, is a compact foot rocker with low- and high-settings for rhythms quick and large. When not in use as a foot rocker, it can be used as an elevated ergonomic foot rest, giving you the most comfort possible while stationed at your desk at school, home, or work., on sale for just $25.99, is an 18” x 22” standing mat that will soften the pressure on your spine and feet, giving you an ergonomic solution to standing for long periods of time while working.


For all your back-to-school needs, ergonomic accessories and more, visit PrimeCables.ca today!

Get overhead headphones for under $40 during PrimeCables back-to-school event!

Back to school supplies are available now on sale or at special prices at PrimeCables.ca!

Right now, you can score yourself some stellar headphones for school at the low price of just $39.99. The Monoprice® Hi-Fi Light Weight Over-the-Ear Headphones are perfect for back-to-school season, because of their stylish look and durable design, and above all, their high-definition sound quality.


They’re great for walking to campus, catching public transit, cramming for midterms or exams during an all-night study session in the library, working at home while your roommates make as much noise as they like, and even computer video gaming.


Lightweight and comfortable on the head, these hi-fi headphones fit over the head, giving you better sound quality than with earbuds or cheap around-the-neck devices, by isolating the sound and cancelling out all other outside noises with the thick, comfortable padding. Vertically adjustable by an inch on each side, these headphones are lighter than most other over-the-head designs, while still delivering the highest quality of audio available.


Complete with a 50mm driver, 102dB sensitivity, 47-inch cord, and 3.5mm gold-plated jack, these headphones provide ample volume and clear sound reproduction at any frequency.


Portable and ubiquitous, you can hook these headphones up to your laptop, gaming computer, phone, iPod, or tablet for the best sound quality and most authentic audio experience. If you’ve been missing out on footsteps in your video games, or yearning for that bass line that your old car stereo can’t quite deliver anymore, these are the headphones for you.


You can shop smart and get free shipping on any order of $49 and up from PrimeCables.ca. With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to get your delivery within a week or two, tops. If that’s not fast enough for you, add fast shipping to any product for just $5.95 and have it in a day or two, at most.


The 3.5mm gold-plated plug provides maximum conductivity, resisting corrosion better than tin- and nickel-plated alternatives.un

The super soft ear pad cushions and ergonomically-friendly design provide the best comfort available and allow you to jam out to your favourite playlists or mixtapes for hours on end, without needing to readjust, so you can enjoy a full study session without fear of them falling off, giving you headaches, or damaging your eardrums.


For all the best deals, sound equipment, audio/visual accessories, and back-to-school supplies at the most affordable prices, visit PrimeCables.ca today!

Get a single-monitor desk mount during the back-to-school sale at PrimeCables.ca!

Right now, you can get this monitor mount for $14.99 just in time for heading back to school, just one of many amazing back-to-school deals being offered this summer at PrimeCables!

The PrimeCables® Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand works with LCD monitors sized 13” up to 27”, bearing weight up to 8kgs., and fitting VESA mounts of 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm. Height adjustable, with 180-degree rotation and 70-degree tilt options, as well as cable management designed into the architecture of the arm, this is the perfect addition to a busy, personal workstation at home or at work.

Do it yourself! It’s easy to install, just unbox it, mount it, and clamp it to your desktop workspace. Quick to set up and quick to dismount, it really couldn’t get any easier than that, just watch our YouTube demonstration!

This Single Monitor Desk Mount delivers 400mm of adjustable height and 280mm of horizontal extension, giving you the best possible viewing experience from wherever you’re sitting. With 70 degrees of tilt and 180-degree screen rotation, including 360-degree VESA plate rotation, you’ll get the most customizable view with this affordable single-monitor mounting solution.

primecables single monitor mount from back to school deal!
primecables single monitor mount from back to school deal!

Safe and sturdy, the monitor mount is made out of durable steel, with a wide clamp so you can rest assured your display will not wiggle or jiggle once installed onto the arm.

If you’re new to using monitor mounts for ergonomic or entertainment purposes, this is the perfect beginner’s mount for use at home, because of its ease of installation and super affordable price. Normally listed at $25.99, you’ll save $11 by ordering today. You won’t find a cheaper mounting solution anywhere else in the country!

With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’re sure to receive your order within about a week or two, anywhere in the country. Spend $29 or more during July and get free shipping, to boot!

Order two or three and hook them up for everyone in your sublet or family household to get them shipped out for free. Or check out the rest of our monitor mount catalogue and see what else you might like to add to your shopping cart to score that free shipping.

If that’s not sweet enough a deal, then you can add fast shipping to any item for just $5.95.

Visit today and shop for tomorrow. There’s no better place in Canada to find back-to-school deals than PrimeCables.ca!

Get ready for back-to-school deals at PrimeCables.ca!

Going back to school? Then you’ve got to visit PrimeCables.ca, for all the best school supplies and back to school deals in Canada!

Back to school free shipping code primecables
Back to school free shipping code primecables

Wherever you’re living this fall semester, whether it’s Dalhousie University or UBC, you can get what you need where you need it with our excellent shipping offers. Order $49 or more and get free shipping! Order 5 items or more and get free shipping! Need it express? Get fast shipping on any product for just $5.95!

Some of our biggest sellers this time of year are fun, practical, and affordable, like our 3 in 1 Full Motion Wall Mount for TV 37″- 70″ with 6ft HDMI Cable & Organizers, on sale now for just $37.39! This freely tilting TV wall mount is perfect for shared accommodations and one-room apartments alike, giving your living room or bedroom the luxurious view of your TV from any seat. Swivel, height adjustment, and cable management are built into the design of this cheap and sturdy mount. This package includes four colour-coded hook and loop cable ties and a six-foot HDMI cable so you’re good to go with this all-in-one DIY setup.


Another popular product to make your lifestyle more technologically accessible is our two-pack of 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with Smartphone Holder & Dual 2.1A Charging Ports on sale right now for just $12.99. Protecting your laptop, computer, or appliances from power surges, while providing a docking station and two USB charging ports on the front, these outlet accessories will make you an authority on all technological in your household.


If you’re in need of new phone charging cables, then look no further than our 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone and iPad, on sale for just $7.99. The strong nylon-braided cable is super durable, making it last throughout your three or four years of studies. It’s equipped for quick file transfers and fast charging and resists extreme temperatures, daily usage, and kinks, bends, and nicks.


Another essential for setting up your home network is our 50-foot Cat5 Ethernet Cable, on sale right now for just $7.99. Rig up any gaming console, desktop or laptop computer with safe, secure, and fast internet access using our premium-quality Ethernet cable. Available in a variety of lengths and quantities per pack, enjoy the best of what PrimeCables has to offer by investing in our top-of-the-line networking cables.


For all your back-to-school needs, back to school supplies and back to school deals, visit PrimeCables.ca today!

10 Ways to make going back to school less painful

Back-to-school season is approaching fast and we at PrimeCables.ca have the top 10 tips and corresponding products to help make the transition out of vacation mode easier.

PrimeCables back to school sale 2018

Shift back into an early routine

Waking up early so you can get to class on time can be difficult after a long summer of staying up late and sleeping in. One way to make the transition to a healthy sleep schedule is the LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock, Calendar, Date, and Temperature for just $19.99. Charge it up by USB, place it on your nightstand, and set the alarm. With a 7-colour LED nightlight base, touch sensor with 3 different levels of brightness, calendar and thermometer, this is all you need to get out on the right side of the bed every morning.

primecables back to school shopping essential
primecables back to school shopping essential

Make an agenda

Draw up a list of everything you need to do and everything you need to purchase to make your first week a successful transition. Order any five items from PrimeCables.ca, or place an order of $49 and up, and receive free shipping anywhere in Canada.

Get ready before going to bed

Prepare your wardrobe, backpack or suitcase, and if you need a new bag, check out the Everyday Messenger bag, available on our website for just $149.99. With its weatherproof exterior, trolley strap, and top handle, this bag will carry all your documents, gear and tools to class, making you ready to take on the day, no matter what your major.


Make sure to eat breakfast

If you’re limited to eating cereal and fruit, then consider ordering the 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop, just $79.99, so you can cook skillets, eggs, beans, and tea, before heading out to campus.

Plan out your transit

Whether you’re taking a train, subway, bike or simply walking to campus, prepare your route beforehand and make sure you’ll have enough time to make it to your first lecture on time.

Make an itinerary

Map out or jot down all the buildings and places you need to visit each day of the week so you can keep your daily agenda in mind throughout the school week. A useful tool for keeping track of time without losing time is the MyKronoz® ZeCircle Activity Smartwatch, for just $79.99.


Maintain rapport with professors

Postsecondary is the time to air on the professional side of things. You don’t have to be a brown-noser, per se, but show up to class on time, participate in lectures, and hand in your assignments on the due date. Building good rapport is a useful real-world skill and it will earn you respect in the academic community.


College and university make for the time of your life and entering school with friends is great, but making friends is even greater. Don’t be afraid to attend lecture alone or sit beside somebody new, get involved in events and extracurricular activities, meet new people and nourish new friendships, your educational experience will profit greatly from it.


Watch your wallet

Attending postsecondary brings many new responsibilities into your life and another valuable skill is being able to budget your finances effectively. Make sure you always have money for rent and food set aside, while trying to keep a little in your savings for shopping. With PrimeCables.ca, you’re sure to get the lowest prices on home office equipment, back-to-school supplies, and more anywhere in the country.


Discover your best self

Entering college or university gives you a chance to develop professionally and personally, they will be some of the best years of your life, so don’t let them go to waste. Try new things, study anything that piques your curiosity, work as hard as you can. It may seem like hell, but after graduation, you won’t have any regrets.

Get ready for back-to-school and visit PrimeCables.ca today!

While the Kids are getting Ready for Back to School, Now’s the Time to Ethernet the House

Soon all the hoopla in retail and eCommerce will be about back to school. While the kids are away getting together the school supplies they need for the next year, now might be the perfect time to buy network Ethernet cable and get ready to do up the house.


Ethernet cables are one of the most common types of network cable used in residential and commercial spaces. Via a network Ethernet cable, wired devices can be connected together across a local network. Creating easy connections for file sharing and internet access, Ethernet cables are a great way to bring together switches, hubs, routers, adapters, and personal computers.


PrimeCables has some amazing Ethernet cables on deals and discounts in celebration of the summer back to school shopping season. For when the kids are running around making a fuss about having to start up school again, it’s worth keeping it in the back of your mind. As the kids leave the house for the first time in weeks, enjoy the time and space to get some home renovations done, to clean up problematic areas in the home, and to Ethernet, as you see fit.


Browse audio cables, video cables, and network Ethernet cables, including varieties such as Cat7, Cat 6/6a, Cat 5e, Ethernet phone cables, fiber optic cables, and bulk network Ethernet cables. PrimeCables also has exclusive deals on related products including keystone jacks, network routers and switchers, and keystone wall plates.


As one of the country’s fastest growing eCommerce companies selling Ethernet cable, PrimeCables guarantees some of the lowest prices in Canada on its cables, adapters, and more. When you buy with PrimeCables, enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee on all Ethernet cable, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49.


Back to school deals shouldn’t just be for the kids. Pick up a few items for yourself and upgrade your home entertainment setup a bit. It might even help other members of the family connect with internet technologies and more. Keep things organized and connected when you have Ethernet cable handling things in the mix.


High-speed Category 7, Category 6, and Category 5e network Ethernet cables are just a purchase away. They can be used for snagless, shielded, crossover, and more. Take advantage of the PrimeCables’ back to school shopping season with deals, discounts, and promotions appealing to all ages. Instantly improve connectivity in the home. All it takes is your network Ethernet cable to be installed and activated!

See the best Back to School Gifts to get you Excited for the Upcoming School Year

It’s the perfect time of year to begin your back to school shopping. The lines are not yet long, there’s still plenty of school supplies to browse because inventory’s high, and you have all the time in the world to get everything on your list. Also, if you’re low on excitement for the upcoming year, shop with PrimeCables to see what back to school gifts we have on-hand.


The Super Thin Indoor HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® for $4.99 is the best back to school gift for university students. Give them the chance to watch local news, sports, and see some of the most popular channels on the air, while they’re away at college or university without having to pay a monthly subscription. Should the university be near a broadcast tower, receive up to 22 channels free!


The PrimeCables® Single Monitor Desk Mount Adjustable Articulating Stand for 1 LCD Screen up to 27” for $14.99 is sure to better anyone’s study station. If they like binge-watching TV and film, gaming, or simply need a desk where they’re able to get some studying done, a single monitor desk mount will help to free up some space. Choose a dual monitor or triple monitor should you need more, and add on accessories to your at-home study workstation at your recommendation.


The Ultra-Thin Protective Hard Case for iPhone X with Tempered Glass Screen Protector – PrimeCables® for $1.99 is a fine gift for any young person who might be new to the world of smartphones. No one wants to see their smartphone hit the ground and see the screen shatter. Browse PrimeCables for the best color and shape, and enjoy this extra-protective case that will have your phone totally covered.


The Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 26″ Wide -White PrimeCables® for $189.99 is the ultimate ergonomic workstation for junior high, high school, and university or college age. This extra-adjustable will help keep things organized, even with all the average student has on the go. No matter what your favourite subject at school is, every student should have their own personal workstation to study, research, and enjoy in their own space. If you already have everything you need for your back to school shopping and you need something to get excited about, a new, inexpensively priced desk is sure to do the trick.


The 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT, Orange – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $7.99 is the last product that’s made our back to school shopping list here. Needless to say, the Nylon-braided discount lightning cable is an amazing back to school deal for students prone to seeing their smartphones’ battery die.

How to Buy a TV for Back to School Season for your Bedroom or Dorm

Buying a TV for back to school season doesn’t mean buying the biggest or best 4K HD extravaganza. There’s no need to shell out $1,000s on something you won’t even be able to fit into your bedroom.


For those living in a dorm in September, this also doesn’t make sense. Be sure to watch out for screen size, wall mounting equipment, and more. And if/when budget is a concern, you can always visit PrimeCables for the ultimate back to school TV on discount for a limited time only.


Check out this deal! The 3 in 1 HD LED TV 32″ 720p IPS Panel with 6ft HDMI Cable & HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® is for $159.99 is available today with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada.


Easily one of the bigger size TVs you can get in a dorm or bedroom, receive not only the TV but get a free HDMI cable included to hook up your laptop and any other HD devices you might have.


As if that wasn’t enough, we are throwing in a free indoor HDTV antenna. Using this high-definition 1080p-capable antenna, access any free over-the-air TV in your region, which might include some of North America’s most popular stations such as NBC, FOX, The CW, ABC, CBS, Global, and more.


Be it for you or someone who’s going off to university, this three in one deal makes a great gift. For a student, they get their very own medium-sized high-definition TV, a way to connect their laptop and digital devices, and free TV included with no monthly subscription – nothing could be better.


For most students, back to school shopping is where the stresses of school begin however are far from where they end. A high-definition TV can be an important way to relax, to de-stress, and to forget about one’s studies for a short time. During the more stressful times of the year, they’ll be thankful to have everything that comes with this package. For when times of relaxation are scarce, the 3 in 1 HD LED TV 32″ 720p IPS Panel with 6ft HDMI Cable & HD TV Antenna – PrimeCables® for $159.99 is an amazing way to decompress.


If you’ve been thinking about getting a new TV for university or back to school, you’re in luck with PrimeCables. Enjoy free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Connect all the devices you want. Now’s a great time to upgrade. For under $200, give yourself what might be the best back to school gift in Canada!

Get the Top Back to School USB-C Cable for the Lowest Price in Canada from PrimeCables

Entering elementary school, returning to junior high, and/or getting started on one’s first year in high school are all unique challenges. As more students than ever will be carrying with them smartphones and similar mobile devices into their next year, a reliable USB-C cable is not such a bad idea.

PrimeCables USB type C deals for back to school
PrimeCables USB type C deals for back to school

As parents ourselves, we know how worrisome it can be to not be able to reach our kids in the time of an emergency. By ensuring your child has a fast USB-C sync and charge smartphone cable, wherever they happen to be, all they need to do is plug it in and charge. There’s no need to worry about low battery power. Anywhere, anytime, they just need a plug outlet.


USB-C cables are easily one of the fastest and most advanced consumer cables in the market. In terms of sync and charge, there’s nothing faster. Featuring a slim profile, heavy duty design, and light in weight, Type-C cables like these are perfect for any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. Though you may already have some USB-C cables kicking around at home, we don’t often think about taking them with us when we leave the house. At the same time, we’ve all been there before when we’re out and we’ve overestimated how much smartphone battery we have to work with. Don’t let that be your kids. With a USB-C cable, always ensure they’re able to call or text.

Browse back to school discounts and deals on USB Type-C cables, USB 3.0 cables, USB 2.0 cables, and related USB accessories including USB hubs, surge protectors, power strips, cable organizers, and AC power cables and adapters. Some of the favourite USB Type-C cables in the PrimeCables catalogue includes the Premium USB 2.0 to Micro 5Pin USB Charge & Sync Cable – Black – PrimeCables® – 3ft for $1.99, the High Quality USB 2.0 A Male to B Male 28/24AWG Cable – PrimeCables® – 10ft for $2.99, and the 1M Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified For iPhone iPad-3 FT, Orange – PrimeCables® – 1/Pack for $7.99.


In the process of buying pencils, pens, notebooks, stationery, and more, don’t forget about some of the simple, unexpected products that can make the world of difference. A USB Type-C cable is the perfect back to school gift complementary to the usual.


Shove it in their backpack, let them keep it in their locker, or just make sure they don’t leave the house without it. When they need it most, it’ll be there and they’ll be thankful to have it! Buy USB-C cables on discount today from PrimeCables, and enjoy free returns, a ‘free shipping’ coupon on any orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, and a 1-year guarantee!