See the Top Home Theater Systems for Music, Concerts, and Live TV Events

There’s no place more comfortable to take in a concert, music performance, or a live TV event than surrounded by one’s own home theater setup. For music lovers and those addicted to consuming live event content, it’s important to have a good entertainment system with high quality audio and high-definition picture quality. With many home theater systems to browse, knowing what the right one is to choose is not always clear. Top home theater systems can be bought in packages, sure, though a consumer is likely to overpay in this scenario. Thankfully, through PrimeCables, one can customize their home theater system according to the accessories they want to include.


When you shop with PrimeCables, buy only the products you need and create the ultimate home theater system for music, concerts, and live TV events. Meeting and exceeding the expectations consumers have of home theater brands like Philips, Samsung, Zebronics, and Sony, PrimeCables is a Canadian-made source for all home theater accessories. Having done a great job at introducing Canadians to great home theater products, PrimeCables’ surround sound speaker systems have proven to be particularly impressive. No matter how one is wiring their home audio entertainment system, there’s several products that to choose from. Consider speakers, subwoofers, portable speakers, Bluetooth soundbars, speaker volume controls, optical Toslink audio cables, and speaker wire.


When it comes to music, a lot of attention is paid towards the audio – and rightfully so. To find the best home theater audio products for your home, consider exclusive PrimeCables deals like 100 feet of speaker wire with enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $24.99, the stereo Bluetooth soundbar for $56.99, or the dual channel 30-watt mini-amplifier specializing in home digital audio for only $43.99. There’s also different home theater speaker presentation accessories, such as an adjustable height 5-pound capacity pair of speaker stands for $32.99. As one of the fastest growing brands in home theater systems for music, we’re happy to supply some truly incredible products that will make you feel the real beat of the music. If you’re looking for an excellent home theater system for concerts and you don’t want to pay $1,000s for it, we’re almost sure you’ll find everything you need with PrimeCables.


PrimeCables has countless of home theater system accessories available on-sale for a limited time. Browse TV wall mounts, HDTV antennas, media streaming boxes, TVs, projectors, cables, Bluetooth speaker bars, surround sound speaker systems, A/V receivers, network routers and switches, HDMI cables, and more. Shop with PrimeCables for the lowest prices in Canada and receive fast, free shipping to any orders above $49.

Where to Buy the Best Home Theater Speakers on a Budget in Canada

Budget-friendly speakers are available for discount purchase through Canada’s favourite eCommerce source for home theater accessories, PrimeCables. Shop for affordable means to upgrading your home theater audio and save hundreds on products that go for upwards of $1,000s.


Among both inexperienced and experienced home theater enthusiasts, audio is an often-overlooked component of home theater systems. We put so much focus on getting the highest quality picture, we sometimes forget sound also has a big role to play in our viewing experience. For those looking at buying the best home theater speakers on a budget in Canada, please feel encouraged to visit PrimeCables where every order above $49 receives free shipping.


Some of the home theater speakers and related accessories currently on-sale via PrimeCables includes our stereo Bluetooth soundbar for $56.99, the 30-watt mini-amplifier dual channel for $43.99, the high-performance bookshelf speaker pair for $39.99, the 200-watt Class-D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, and the 6.5” 2-way frameless in-wall speaker pair from PrimeCables manufacturers for only $49.99.


Take your next movie night to the next level. Make watching sports games feel like being right there in the game with your favourite players. Watch concerts and feel the roar of the crowd with the best home theater speakers you can buy. Experiencing your favourite content in high quality sound is completely different from watching them on a smartphone or having to make constant volume adjustments because your speakers aren’t quite up to snuff.


Home theater speaker systems can cost a lot – at least, if you don’t know where to look. It’s not uncommon to pay even for the most basic of speaker systems for $300 or more. At PrimeCables, we allow consumers to choose the speaker systems that are right for them. Mix and match different products and come up with the right mix for your home theater system. There are Bluetooth options, speakers, subwoofers, speaker stands, speaker mounts, A/V receivers, and so much more to look through. For first-time buyers all the way through to the most enthusiastic home theater fans, there’s something for everyone in the PrimeCables catalogue.


To buy the best home theater speakers on a budget, there’s only one name you need to remember – PrimeCables. With over 1,000 reviews across our eCommerce site, see why so many Canadians have come to us to set up their home theater systems. For crowd-pleasing, bass rumbling audio, top home theater speaker systems sit just a click away.

What’s the Best Tablet Mount or Holder for Watching Video in Bed – read here!

There’s nothing like curling up in bed with a tablet or smartphone and catching a movie. Too many of us struggle with propping these devices up though. Instead of holding your smartphone or tablet in-hand, you may want to consider getting a mount or holder.


A tablet mount allows a user to prop their screen up wherever they need to watch it. There’s no need to tire one’s arm out holding their screen in an ongoing – and eventually uncomfortable – position. The need for a good, strong mount to hold one’s smartphone or tablet cannot go unstated. The best holders or mounts should be sturdy and easily adjustable.


For those looking to create their own little home theater experience in bed, that’s what PrimeCables is here for. Though we have hundreds of home theater accessories to browse that would be great additions to the bedroom, we also have tablet mounts and smartphone mounts that make small screen viewing way easier.


Among the top mounts and holders in the PrimeCables home theater eCommerce catalogue, there’s the consumer-favourite magnetic car mount with 360-degree rotation for $4.99, the portable and adjustable tripod stand holder for smartphones for $4.99, the multi-functional tablet mount for most tablets ranging from 7” to 10.1” for $16.99, the universal tablet desk stand with cabinet or wall use compatibility for $19.99, and the MonoPrice-promoted universal tablet mount for under cabinets, on walls, or under desks for $32.99.


Please feel encouraged to browse our catalogue to get a good sense of what’s right for you, your bed, and/or your room. Keep in mind on any order above $49, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. There’s roughly two dozen smartphone and tablet holders and mounts to look through. Just remember to make sure that it’s compatible with your device. If it can’t accommodate its size, no holder or mount will be worth much to you. Also, you may wish to consider if there are other preferences to consider, such as if you plan to use it in places other than your bed. There’s such a diverse range of uses for tablet mounts and smartphone mounts that you may want to choose one you can also use in the car, as an example.


Shop with PrimeCables for your mount and enjoy a whole new experience of what it’s like to watch video in bed. Never again will you have to hold up the screen. All you’ll have to do is set up what you want to watch, secure your device in, and enjoy!

Using a Sit-Stand Desk and Monitor Desk Mount to modify your Home Theater Experience!

Sit-stand desks and monitor desk mounts a great combination for video games, research, video editing, music production, graphic design, and more. Believe it or not, this mount-desk combination also makes for a great alternative home theater experience. For numerous students attending university or college, homeowners prepping guest rooms in Canadian households, and/or professionals in home offices, these settings already double as home theater settings.

Home theaters don’t necessarily need to be big or traditional. What they do need however are video and audio. If your sit-stand desk is already accommodating a computer monitor or television screen, you’ve got the video. When it comes to audio, though your screen may have built-in speakers, getting a good pair of bookshelf speakers can work wonders in keeping things sounding great. As long as the video and audio are worked out, there’s nothing wrong with a simple setup like this. Know that alternative home theater setups like this are becoming more common in smaller bachelor apartments, condos, dorms, and personal bedrooms. Browsing PrimeCables’ catalogue, there’s plenty of home theater accessories to add to it as well.

Now, once you’ve got the video and audio sorted, let’s look at how a sit standing desk and monitor desk mount can be manipulated. The great thing about a sit standing desk is that it’s height adjustable. Depending on where you are at in the room and at what angle you’re watching, it’s very easy to move the desk surface up and down according to your needs. To this point, a monitor desk mount can do much of the same. The reason why the popularity of these home theater accessories have grown so much is because these are multi-purpose products. Use sit stand desks and monitor desk mounts to work, to entertain one’s self as a home theater, and more.

Browse exclusive deals with PrimeCables on products like the sit standing height adjustable ergo riser ADR for monitors up to 35” wide for $179.99, a dual LCD monitor desk mount fully adjustable for $42.49, the official PrimeCables single monitor desk mount adjustable for $14.99, or the dual screen desktop mount 360-degrees free switch for monitors 10”-27” for $54.99. All highly convenient home theater accessory options, enjoy a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada on all orders with PrimeCables above $49.

Shop PrimeCables today for these home theater accessories and more. Convert your existing professional desk setup into something more. Believe us when we say, the next time you want to watch a movie or catch the latest from your favourite TV show, you’ll be thankful you have a home theater space already set up and planned!

Upgrading your Home Theater Sound with a Bluetooth Soundbar on-Sale

Sound is just as important – if not more important – than the quality of video that appears on-screen. When video’s a little pixelated, fuzzy, or when it skips a quick second, not a lot of us will complain. If the sound quality of your home theater experience is perpetually messed up, that’s way more noticeable.


Comparatively, high quality sound can really make it feel like you’re right there in the thick of things with what you’re watching. To feel thumping bass, the rumble of the crowd, and to hear every detail of sound, you need a product that can deliver that. Upgrade today with PrimeCables.


High quality Bluetooth stereo soundbars deeply discounted are sitting in the PrimeCables warehouse today ready to be shipped out. The stereo Bluetooth soundbar comes equipped with 3.5mm Aux-in for iPhones, iPads, smartphones, TVs, DVD players, and more. Multiple input options, a full functional remote included, and encased in a contemporary slim design, this soundbar has already won many fans across Canada.


For the lucky ones who have purchased a Bluetooth stereo soundbar, we can’t wait to see the responses. Available today at a 50 percent discount, enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on this Bluetooth stereo soundbar currently selling at PrimeCables for only $56.99.


Compared to similar products which might cost you upwards of $250 and above, this is quite the steal. As a matter of fact, if you’re looking to upgrade more home theater components, PrimeCables has hundreds of items that may be of interest.


Installing your Bluetooth soundbar, you should instantly hear the difference. Great sound, great bass, and affordable, it’s a unique find in one of Canada’s favourite home theater eCommerce catalogues. It’s also not too big so it should more or less fit in even smaller condo-esque spaces. If you don’t have the space for a massive subwoofer and surround sound, this is a great alternative.


Slender and with everything it needs to deliver a high-fidelity performance, connect it to the TV, laptop, phone or whatever you need to. For households working with limited space, they certainly won’t need to worry on where to place their Bluetooth soundbar.


Sure, TVs come equipped with speakers that’ll get the job done in the most basic sense. Going beyond just ‘basic’, a Bluetooth soundbar takes things further past the limitations of TV speakers and gets you a proper set. Shop today with PrimeCables and see the lowest prices in Canada on home theater accessories like this and more.

PrimeCables’ Home Theater TV Antenna Sales are fast Increasing as more Canadians Cut the Cord!

We suppose it’s a sign of the times. HDTV antennas for home theatres have seen sales rise significantly in the last three years. Comparatively, traditional Canadian cable companies – like Shaw, Bell and Rogers – continue to struggle to hang onto existing cable subscriptions.


There’s a lot of reasons why we suspect home theater TV antennas have seen their sales rise. In part, we know it’s because of the rising costs of having a cable subscription. Instead of working on providing more value and/or better pricing, Canadian cable companies have consistently taken advantage of the populace. As more Canadians cut ties to these companies in favor of getting an antenna, PrimeCables has seen much benefit.


The move towards antennas, we don’t believe, has been purely an escape from cable companies. Browsing the PrimeCables’ catalogue, you’ll see the quality of antennas has vastly improved form the traditional antennas of the 1990s and before. Today’s antennas are able to go longer distances, capturing signals far and away easier. Today’s antennas can also receive high-definition 1080p signals which means little to no difference between the signals you get on an antenna compared to the signals of a satellite receiver or DVR setup.


Through PrimeCables, there are several indoor HDTV antenna options including the super thin HDTV antenna for $4.99 and the Digiwave BMX innovative super flat antenna for $14.99. There are also more expanded outdoor antennas such as the PrimeCables HDTV high gain VHF/UHF for $19.99, the UHF outdoor digital antenna with range up to 70 miles for $32.99, the massive 360-degree adjustable multi-directional super 8 bay TV antenna with range up to 70 miles for $105.99, and the digital outdoor TV antenna Smartpass amplified with built-in 4G LTE for $49.99.


Even when streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are dominating the marketplace, an HDTV antenna is still in-demand for its ability to deliver high quality live TV from Canadian favourites like CBC and CTV, common America networks like FOX and The CW, live sports, local programming, and news. TV antennas are more advanced now than ever and their performance remains exceptionally strong. If you don’t believe us, consider buying an HDTV antenna from PrimeCables and giving it a try. Before committing to a switch from cable or satellite, see what you’re missing!


PrimeCables has advanced HDTV antennas on deals and discount, ready to pull in broadcast signals from far and wide. Browse the HDTV antenna catalogue to begin see hundred-dollar savings on monthly cable subscriptions you don’t need to pay.

Is There a ‘Best TV Wall Mount’ out there and How Do I know Which one to Buy

Combing through TV mount reviews from across PrimeCables, you’ll find a lot of satisfied customers. Knowing what the best TV wall mount brand to buy is though is a difficult question to answer. Though anyone can make the claim that ‘this is the best mount’, it’s different for everyone. For households working on a strict budget, a basic or tilt model might be the recommended mount. For Canadians who want a mount with a little more movement associated, there’s a wide range of types including with articulating arms, tilts and swivels, and even pull-down models.


To some degree, the weight and size of your TV screen is going to cut down on the amount of compatible options. If you have a larger TV, only some models will be able to accommodate. When digging through the PrimeCables catalogue for TV wall mounts, read through product reviews from customers just like you. If a product meets all specifications and has received excellent reviews, you know you can rely on it. Also, note that if the TV is being positioned immediately across from a window, it will at least need a bit of a tilt to avoid the glare of the daylight.


As one of Canada’s favourite eCommerce sites for home theater accessories, screens, and TV wall mounts, the advice we’ve always given is to buy the right mount for your space. There’s more than 25 wall mount in the PrimeCables catalogue, and each model comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Choose from exclusive selections like the heavy-duty tilting TV wall mount for $19.99, the full motion articulating TV wall mount for $42.99, the full motion TV wall mount for small to medium sized TVs for $19.99, the angle free tilt TV wall mount with safety lock for $5.99, the elegant slim full-motion wall mount for $21.99, and the PrimeCables-manufactured pivoting TV wall mount with swing out articulating arm for $19.99.


When buying these products and others from PrimeCables, receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on any orders above $49. Needless to say, we’re more than confident you will find the best TV mount for you in our eCommerce catalogue. Whether you’re searching for a budget-friendly model, something mid-range and mid-premium, or something premium and advanced, you’ll find everything on deal, discount, and promo via PrimeCables. So feel free to take a few minutes to browse and shop with PrimeCables today.

Introducing Amazing Home Theater Speaker and Subwoofer Options from PrimeCables!

Are you looking for a set of high quality home theater speaker systems – check out PrimeCables.


As important as video is to creating the ultimate home theater setup, audio is equally important. For as much money as we spend on our screens though, sadly, there’s usually not a whole lot left over for speakers, a subwoofer, and/or an A/V receiver. That’s why more Canadians have come to PrimeCables. Shopping the latest deals, discounts, and sales on home theater accessories, speaker sets are available for under $100 and sometimes much, much lower.


Through PrimeCables, please feel encouraged to browse more than three dozen home theater speaker systems, surround sound systems, soundbars, and subwoofers.


Do you need a set of height adjustable speaker stands – we have a set fitting rear installation surround sound speakers for $19.99. Are you looking for high performance bookshelf speakers to take your home theater audio arrangement to the next level – we have a pair for only $39.99. Are you looking for something more advanced and with Bluetooth compatibility – the official PrimeCables Bluetooth stereo soundbar is available for $56.99. Needless to say, there are several options to potentially consider for your home theater system.

If you’re looking for home theater accessories that you can combine together to create an even more ultimate audio experience, many Canadians favor this option as it gives one the freedom to customize.


Browse home theater accessories such as a 30-watt mini amplifier dual channel for digital for $43.99, a two-way frameless ceiling speaker pair for $59.99, a tube amp with Bluetooth 25-watts stereo hybrid for $169.99, a 200 watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, or caliber in-wall speakers eight-inch fiber three-way pair for $155.99.

There’s no shortage of ways to customize according to the speaker preferences you have and the space you’re working with. Keep in mind that when you shop with PrimeCables, any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Looking through ‘Best Buy deals’, ‘Walmart deals’, and other sources of home theater accessories, it’s easy to see how some theater speakers can end up costing $1,000s if you don’t know where to look. When you shop with PrimeCables for your speaker systems and subwoofer, you’ll be receiving the lowest price in Canada. Receive the same high quality products available in corporate retail at a fraction of the cost.

How to Hang a TV on the Wall with a TV Wall Mount from PrimeCables

Hanging your TV on the wall maximizes the viewing experience for home theater enthusiasts in a way that no stand can. Installing a TV wall mount is surprisingly not so difficult – as long as you have the right tools and a good partner. As flat-screen HDTVs have continued to be manufactured in lighter weights, they can be hung like paintings ready for use. Needless to say, there are still big mistakes that can be made so be sure not to cut corners when setting up your mount.


The first step to installing a TV wall mount is to select the type of mount you want. There’s some more basic, fixed models and then there are others that come with tilt, an arm, or pull-down mechanisms. PrimeCables currently has sales on key TV wall mounts ranging from heavy-duty tilting models for $19.99 to full-motion articulating TV wall mounts for up to 70” screens for $42.99, wall mount articulating arm for universal screens up to 55” for $24.99, and the more inexpensive PrimeCables’ angle-free tilt TV wall mount with safety lock for TVs ranging from 26” to 50” for $5.99.


Next, upon choosing what suits your home theater system best, ensure that you use only the equipment provided with your product by the manufacturer. This is not only the most economical choice for Canadian households but it’s the safest. From here, take a pencil and mark where you intend to put the mount on the wall. In order to do this accurately, you will need to find the studs in the wall. Depending on where the studs are, this is where it will be safest to set up your screws. The actual installation of the mount to the wall is relatively straightforward. After screws are set into the studs and the bracket has been appropriately fixed to where it needs to be, you now face the challenge of mounting the TV onto the bracket. Always use a friend for this step!


Before you call it a day on your TV wall mount installation, ensure the TV is safe and secure in its position. If you’ve done everything right, there shouldn’t be any issues. If the TV does not feel safe where it’s at, it may need to be removed and you may have to back up a few steps.


If you are searching for the perfect TV wall mount for your home theater system, shop with PrimeCables. Browse exclusive deals and discounts on TV wall mounts, monitor desk mounts, smartphone mounts, tablet mounts, and speaker mounts among other accessories. Specializing in home theater accessories, there are dozens of models to choose from. Meet Canada’s favourite source for high quality TV wall mounts, PrimeCables.

How to Connect Speaker Wire for your Home Theater System

Speaker wire is a preferable home theater accessory for Canadians looking to DIY their home theater system. Providing households the chance to customize their home theater experience, if you know how to connect speaker wire, there’s no telling what one can accomplish.

Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon
Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon

Speaker wire is used primarily to connect speakers to the receiver. When we buy a set of home theater speakers and an A/V receiver, speaker wire is what connects everything together. In larger home theater setups, speaker wire can play an even bigger role, bringing entirely unique audio accessories together in a unified arrangement.


How to connect speaker wire for your home theater system is simple. Look for any red or black-indicated speaker terminals in behind your speaker set. This is one area where the speaker wire will connect to. Next, one wants to look on their receiver for similar terminals. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. As these are not precut and predetermined cables though, it’s easy for some of us to overcomplicate things.


Regarding speaker wire, there are a few ways one wants to be careful. For speakers to function properly, the wire connected to the positive terminal of a receiver or amplifier must also be connected to the positive of the binding post. The same should be the case for the negative terminals. Speaker wire will not function otherwise. Color should be able to tell them apart.


Another common question received about speaker wire is what gauge speaker wire to use. The answer depends entirely on how one intends to use this wire. For larger and more advanced home theater systems, thicker wires – such as those at 12 or 14 gauge – are better for long wire runs, high power applications, and low-impedance speakers. For the average size home theater system, thinner gauge wire – such as 16-gauge – is recommended.


For a limited time only, browse deals, discounts, and promotions on home theater speaker wire. See deals like 100 feet of 14AWG speaker wire in enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $24.99, fifty feet of 16AWG speaker wire in enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $12.99, fifty feet of 12AWG speaker wire in oxygen-free copper cable for $19.99, and more. When you shop speaker wire with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping on orders above $49.


Some of the best home theater systems in Canada use speaker wire to get it done. Connecting receivers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and whatever else you got, speaker wire is one of the most valued home theater accessories you can buy.