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See the Top Home Theater Systems for Music, Concerts, and Live TV Events

There’s no place more comfortable to take in a concert, music performance, or a live TV event than surrounded by one’s own home theater setup. For music lovers and those addicted to consuming live event content, it’s important to have a good entertainment system with high quality audio and high-definition picture quality. With many home theater systems to browse, knowing…

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Where to Buy the Best Home Theater Speakers on a Budget in Canada

Budget-friendly speakers are available for discount purchase through Canada’s favourite eCommerce source for home theater accessories, PrimeCables. Shop for affordable means to upgrading your home theater audio and save hundreds on products that go for upwards of $1,000s.   Among both inexperienced and experienced home theater enthusiasts, audio is an often-overlooked component of home theater systems. We put so much…

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What’s the Best Tablet Mount or Holder for Watching Video in Bed – read here!

There’s nothing like curling up in bed with a tablet or smartphone and catching a movie. Too many of us struggle with propping these devices up though. Instead of holding your smartphone or tablet in-hand, you may want to consider getting a mount or holder.   A tablet mount allows a user to prop their screen up wherever they need…

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Using a Sit-Stand Desk and Monitor Desk Mount to modify your Home Theater Experience!

Sit-stand desks and monitor desk mounts a great combination for video games, research, video editing, music production, graphic design, and more. Believe it or not, this mount-desk combination also makes for a great alternative home theater experience. For numerous students attending university or college, homeowners prepping guest rooms in Canadian households, and/or professionals in home offices, these settings already double…

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Upgrading your Home Theater Sound with a Bluetooth Soundbar on-Sale

Sound is just as important – if not more important – than the quality of video that appears on-screen. When video’s a little pixelated, fuzzy, or when it skips a quick second, not a lot of us will complain. If the sound quality of your home theater experience is perpetually messed up, that’s way more noticeable.   Comparatively, high quality…

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PrimeCables’ Home Theater TV Antenna Sales are fast Increasing as more Canadians Cut the Cord!

We suppose it’s a sign of the times. HDTV antennas for home theatres have seen sales rise significantly in the last three years. Comparatively, traditional Canadian cable companies – like Shaw, Bell and Rogers – continue to struggle to hang onto existing cable subscriptions.   There’s a lot of reasons why we suspect home theater TV antennas have seen their…

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Is There a ‘Best TV Wall Mount’ out there and How Do I know Which one to Buy

Combing through TV mount reviews from across PrimeCables, you’ll find a lot of satisfied customers. Knowing what the best TV wall mount brand to buy is though is a difficult question to answer. Though anyone can make the claim that ‘this is the best mount’, it’s different for everyone. For households working on a strict budget, a basic or tilt…

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Introducing Amazing Home Theater Speaker and Subwoofer Options from PrimeCables!

Are you looking for a set of high quality home theater speaker systems – check out PrimeCables.   As important as video is to creating the ultimate home theater setup, audio is equally important. For as much money as we spend on our screens though, sadly, there’s usually not a whole lot left over for speakers, a subwoofer, and/or an…

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How to Hang a TV on the Wall with a TV Wall Mount from PrimeCables

Hanging your TV on the wall maximizes the viewing experience for home theater enthusiasts in a way that no stand can. Installing a TV wall mount is surprisingly not so difficult – as long as you have the right tools and a good partner. As flat-screen HDTVs have continued to be manufactured in lighter weights, they can be hung like…

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How to Connect Speaker Wire for your Home Theater System

Speaker wire is a preferable home theater accessory for Canadians looking to DIY their home theater system. Providing households the chance to customize their home theater experience, if you know how to connect speaker wire, there’s no telling what one can accomplish. Speaker wire is used primarily to connect speakers to the receiver. When we buy a set of home…

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