How to Set up a Home Theater System with Separate Components

A home theater system is an easy, inexpensive way to create your own movie theater experience right in your own home. As intimidating as it might be to begin work on a home theater system, thankfully, there are discount eCommerce retailers specializing in this space like PrimeCables. Shopping with PrimeCables, you’ll find hundreds of discounts and deals on home theater accessories and components that are sure to save you a lot of money. For those looking to get started with their home theater system, knowing how to arrange the different components you’re working with is important.


What you need to set up a home theater system varies household to household and person to person. For example, you may choose a TV or projector with screen, a home theater receiver, an indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna, Blu-Ray players, a media streaming device, a Bluetooth soundbar or surround sound speakers, subwoofers, speaker wire and wire stripper, and a wide variety of different cables or adapters. For some households, they’ll go with a much smaller setup, while larger rooms may be able to accommodate a little more. There’s a science to connecting these different components and it may require some experimentation before one gets it right.

home theater from primecables
home theater from primecables

Before delving into configurations, know the source components you’ll be working from, such as TV, speakers, cable box, media streaming device, and/or disc player. This provides you the chance to see what you need to connect. Now, to connect these source components, they may require A/V receivers, cables, and adapters. Speakers in particular can require some more specialized attention. For those that are unfamiliar with home theater setups, the A/V receiver is what brings everything together. Though one of the most important components to a home theater system, homeowners wrongfully downplay its importance. Despite this, the A/V receiver will be what allows you to switch between sources, process audio, and provide power to the various audio and video components around the setup.

In our mind what does the actual home theater system looks like
In our mind what does the actual home theater system looks like

Some of the more elaborate speaker systems may also require specific attention when connecting to the A/V receiver. The polarity must be correct, channels must be properly programmed, and speakers need to be properly positioned. Buying something simple such as a stereo Bluetooth soundbar can help cut down on the complication and keep things easy without sacrificing sound.


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