So many Canadians have switched to projectors and projector screens to heighten the home theater experience. Extremely cost-effective, imagine being able to set yourself up with a projector screen for less than 40 bucks. Now, factor in the amount you’ll pay for a projector. Needless to say, it’s relatively easy to find a combination of products that deliver a 1080p high-definition visual at 20 percent of the cost of the same visual on a television screen. Save money and don’t sacrifice any of the impressiveness.


Build the ultimate home theater setup with a projector screen and more. Though it’s common to see projector screens listed at $70 and higher, get the same screen from PrimeCables for under $40. As one of Canada’s go-to names in home theater accessories, we do projectors and projector screens better than anybody. When combined with the right projector, there’s nothing quite like watching a projector screen. Also, the advantages of a portable projector screen is it’s easy to move around the house, pack in the car to take with you to a friend’s place, and very easy to install and set up.


Buy the 108″ Projector Screen Portable and Collapsible for Wall/Ceiling – PrimeCables® for only $29.99. For this projector screen, see a projection proportion of 16:9 and the standard four-side black masking borders. Though it can also double as a presentation piece for education, commercial, or corporate means, we’ve found more customers buying a projector screen for home theater setup. Adding a screen like this into the mix, especially if you have a large room, it really does make it feel like you’re watching at a theatre. Invite some friends over, gather family around, and take in your favourite media at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a TV screen of the same quality and size.


Don’t shop projectors and projector accessories anywhere else. Search a projector screen for cheap when you shop with PrimeCables and never have to worry about compromising on quality. Every time you shop with PrimeCables, receive free returns, a 1-year product guarantee, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. A projector screen eliminates light penetration, provides superior color reproduction, and can be adjusted to the correct height for your home cinema. Today, enjoy a stunning big-screen presentation for everything from TV to Netflix, films, sports, concerts, news, reality shows, and so much more. Shop it all with PrimeCables!

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