Introducing Amazing Home Theater Speaker and Subwoofer Options from PrimeCables!

Are you looking for a set of high quality home theater speaker systems – check out PrimeCables.


As important as video is to creating the ultimate home theater setup, audio is equally important. For as much money as we spend on our screens though, sadly, there’s usually not a whole lot left over for speakers, a subwoofer, and/or an A/V receiver. That’s why more Canadians have come to PrimeCables. Shopping the latest deals, discounts, and sales on home theater accessories, speaker sets are available for under $100 and sometimes much, much lower.


Through PrimeCables, please feel encouraged to browse more than three dozen home theater speaker systems, surround sound systems, soundbars, and subwoofers.


Do you need a set of height adjustable speaker stands – we have a set fitting rear installation surround sound speakers for $19.99. Are you looking for high performance bookshelf speakers to take your home theater audio arrangement to the next level – we have a pair for only $39.99. Are you looking for something more advanced and with Bluetooth compatibility – the official PrimeCables Bluetooth stereo soundbar is available for $56.99. Needless to say, there are several options to potentially consider for your home theater system.

If you’re looking for home theater accessories that you can combine together to create an even more ultimate audio experience, many Canadians favor this option as it gives one the freedom to customize.


Browse home theater accessories such as a 30-watt mini amplifier dual channel for digital for $43.99, a two-way frameless ceiling speaker pair for $59.99, a tube amp with Bluetooth 25-watts stereo hybrid for $169.99, a 200 watt Class D Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier for $99.99, or caliber in-wall speakers eight-inch fiber three-way pair for $155.99.

There’s no shortage of ways to customize according to the speaker preferences you have and the space you’re working with. Keep in mind that when you shop with PrimeCables, any order above $49 receives fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

Looking through ‘Best Buy deals’, ‘Walmart deals’, and other sources of home theater accessories, it’s easy to see how some theater speakers can end up costing $1,000s if you don’t know where to look. When you shop with PrimeCables for your speaker systems and subwoofer, you’ll be receiving the lowest price in Canada. Receive the same high quality products available in corporate retail at a fraction of the cost.

How to Hang a TV on the Wall with a TV Wall Mount from PrimeCables

Hanging your TV on the wall maximizes the viewing experience for home theater enthusiasts in a way that no stand can. Installing a TV wall mount is surprisingly not so difficult – as long as you have the right tools and a good partner. As flat-screen HDTVs have continued to be manufactured in lighter weights, they can be hung like paintings ready for use. Needless to say, there are still big mistakes that can be made so be sure not to cut corners when setting up your mount.


The first step to installing a TV wall mount is to select the type of mount you want. There’s some more basic, fixed models and then there are others that come with tilt, an arm, or pull-down mechanisms. PrimeCables currently has sales on key TV wall mounts ranging from heavy-duty tilting models for $19.99 to full-motion articulating TV wall mounts for up to 70” screens for $42.99, wall mount articulating arm for universal screens up to 55” for $24.99, and the more inexpensive PrimeCables’ angle-free tilt TV wall mount with safety lock for TVs ranging from 26” to 50” for $5.99.


Next, upon choosing what suits your home theater system best, ensure that you use only the equipment provided with your product by the manufacturer. This is not only the most economical choice for Canadian households but it’s the safest. From here, take a pencil and mark where you intend to put the mount on the wall. In order to do this accurately, you will need to find the studs in the wall. Depending on where the studs are, this is where it will be safest to set up your screws. The actual installation of the mount to the wall is relatively straightforward. After screws are set into the studs and the bracket has been appropriately fixed to where it needs to be, you now face the challenge of mounting the TV onto the bracket. Always use a friend for this step!


Before you call it a day on your TV wall mount installation, ensure the TV is safe and secure in its position. If you’ve done everything right, there shouldn’t be any issues. If the TV does not feel safe where it’s at, it may need to be removed and you may have to back up a few steps.


If you are searching for the perfect TV wall mount for your home theater system, shop with PrimeCables. Browse exclusive deals and discounts on TV wall mounts, monitor desk mounts, smartphone mounts, tablet mounts, and speaker mounts among other accessories. Specializing in home theater accessories, there are dozens of models to choose from. Meet Canada’s favourite source for high quality TV wall mounts, PrimeCables.

How to Connect Speaker Wire for your Home Theater System

Speaker wire is a preferable home theater accessory for Canadians looking to DIY their home theater system. Providing households the chance to customize their home theater experience, if you know how to connect speaker wire, there’s no telling what one can accomplish.

Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon
Buy PrimeCables speaker wire that is cheaper and better than amazon

Speaker wire is used primarily to connect speakers to the receiver. When we buy a set of home theater speakers and an A/V receiver, speaker wire is what connects everything together. In larger home theater setups, speaker wire can play an even bigger role, bringing entirely unique audio accessories together in a unified arrangement.


How to connect speaker wire for your home theater system is simple. Look for any red or black-indicated speaker terminals in behind your speaker set. This is one area where the speaker wire will connect to. Next, one wants to look on their receiver for similar terminals. If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. As these are not precut and predetermined cables though, it’s easy for some of us to overcomplicate things.


Regarding speaker wire, there are a few ways one wants to be careful. For speakers to function properly, the wire connected to the positive terminal of a receiver or amplifier must also be connected to the positive of the binding post. The same should be the case for the negative terminals. Speaker wire will not function otherwise. Color should be able to tell them apart.


Another common question received about speaker wire is what gauge speaker wire to use. The answer depends entirely on how one intends to use this wire. For larger and more advanced home theater systems, thicker wires – such as those at 12 or 14 gauge – are better for long wire runs, high power applications, and low-impedance speakers. For the average size home theater system, thinner gauge wire – such as 16-gauge – is recommended.


For a limited time only, browse deals, discounts, and promotions on home theater speaker wire. See deals like 100 feet of 14AWG speaker wire in enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $24.99, fifty feet of 16AWG speaker wire in enhanced loud oxygen-free copper cable for $12.99, fifty feet of 12AWG speaker wire in oxygen-free copper cable for $19.99, and more. When you shop speaker wire with PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping on orders above $49.


Some of the best home theater systems in Canada use speaker wire to get it done. Connecting receivers, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and whatever else you got, speaker wire is one of the most valued home theater accessories you can buy.

Get a New TV for under $200 from PrimeCables for your Bedroom’s Home Theater

When society talks home theater systems, a lot of the conversation is geared towards a ‘bigger is better’ philosophy. Sometimes though, a home theater is in a smaller space like a condo or a bedroom. When a home theater is being sought for the bedroom, the average homeowner is looking at ways to maximize their space without overspending.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing names in eCommerce, PrimeCables is a go-to name for homeowners looking to build for themselves the ultimate bedroom home theater setup. With hundreds of home theater accessories on sale, mix and match according to the needs of your space. If you don’t already have a TV, that’s an excellent place to start and thankfully, PrimeCables actually has a small 32” TV screen for under $200 that’s ideal for a bedroom installation.

Get a LED TV to upgrade for your home theater system economically
Get a LED TV to upgrade for your home theater system economically

The PrimeCables 32” HD LED TV provides high-definition 720p signals with a crisp, clear picture. Features include a 60Hz refresh rate with reduced motion blur, dual 7W speakers for enhanced audio, coaxial digital output for connection to a multi-channel A/V receiver or surround sound system, and three HDMI inputs providing the chance to hook up multiple devices. Buy this 32” bedroom home theater TV today from PrimeCables and get it at a sale price of only $149.99. Needless to say, buying a second TV for the house or the bedroom doesn’t need to be expensive.


Instead of shopping at Wal-Mart for your bedroom TV, go with PrimeCables. The sales are something you don’t want to miss. The picture is excellent, the colors are bright, blacks and whites look great, and if you combine it with some high quality surround sound speakers, you’ll have everything you need to create your very own bedroom home theater. See TV shows, movies, sports, concerts, news, and more from the comfort of your own bed.


If you’re not shopping for strictly just the 32” television, PrimeCables has several 720p HD TV packages to consider as well. There’s a 32” TV with a 6 ft. HDMI cable and TV wall mount for $169.99. There’s the 32” TV with 6 ft. HDMI cable and 4K Android smart TV box for $189.99. There’s also the 32” TV with 6 ft. HDMI cable and indoor HDTV antenna for $159.99. Choose the package that best suits your bedroom or go with the TV for less.


Upgrade your bedroom’s home theater today with PrimeCables. You’ll be so impressed by the money you save, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the haul you receive. It’ll be that good you won’t want to shop anywhere else. Shop PrimeCables today for your new TV.

Enjoy Movie Night in your Living Room with a new Home Theater Projector from PrimeCables!

Movie nights these days are expensive. Between the premium seating, the popcorn and drink, and any meal before or after the big show, you’re easily looking at upwards of $100 for a two-person night out. You had not previous knowledge whether you can build your home theater system set up easily.

Build your home theater system with ease from
Build your home theater system with ease from

Recognizing the high price of movie nights, instead of going out and spending that money, imagine staying in and getting a lot of the same experience. Now, most of us can’t afford to shill out $1,000s on a huge screen. We get that. Thankfully, you don’t need to. Through a projector, any household can be turned into its own home theater in a matter of minutes.

home theater system in Canada
home theater system in Canada

PrimeCables is one of Canada’s fastest growing home theater accessories eCommerce sites. Along with the projector mounts, speaker systems, and home theater accessories on-sale today, PrimeCables is known for its inexpensive yet high quality projectors. Are you ready to see movie theater quality right in your own home – then, browse the available projectors today.


In the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll find deals like the portable LCD projector 1500 lumens multimedia home theater center for $79.99, the BenQ MW526AE eco-friendly WXGA business projector for $549.99, and the immensely impressive Epson PowerLite 2040 XGA 3LCD projector for $1,416. Also, it’s worth noting that all PrimeCables projectors above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee.

Investing in a projector for many Canadians is going to be a huge switch. After all, going from a TV screen to a projector is going from one kind of experience to another. By getting a quality projector, know that you’ll still have those crisp high-definition pictures, deep colors, and solid black and whites. The only difference will be, with a projector, the size of the screen can change. The picture can be made even bigger, which is great for group events, get-togethers, family nights, and having the guys or girls over. Premium projectors can be very expensive, as evidenced by some of the selections in our catalogue. No household needs to go all-out for it though. There are several projectors with just as much functionality and video quality behind that, suitable to almost any living room or household space. Deep dive into the projector category to see what we mean.

Browse projectors, HDMI cables, VGA cables, DVI cables, component video cables, composite video cables, S-video cables, 3.5mm audio cables, USB cables, and network cables. Shop today with PrimeCables and begin tapping into amazing HD video on your new projector screen. Movie night just got a little more awesome!

Buy and Install a high quality Outdoor HDTV Antenna for Free TV Anywhere in Canada

Free TV is just a click away. Pay no monthly subscription and get 1080p high-definition TV signals, when you install a high quality outdoor HDTV antenna from PrimeCables. As one of Canada’s fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the home theater category, we recognize more Canadians than ever are looking to cut the cord and lower their monthly expenses. Shop with PrimeCables to get the lowest prices in Canada on key home theater accessories like this.

Buy home theater system accessories in Canada

Cable companies interested in maintaining a philosophy of skyrocketing pricing has no place in the homes of Canadians. Don’t force yourself to pay for anything you don’t want to pay. Cut the cord, get the subscriptions you lost, and continue enjoying live, local programming. If you already have an indoor HDTV antenna and it’s just not cutting it, and if you want to go bigger, consider an outdoor high-definition antenna. Instantly connect with up to 20 channels, ranging from CBC, CTV, and Global to FOX, PBS, The CW, NBC, ABC, and others.


In Canada, one of the best outdoor HDTV antenna for free over the air TV can be found in the PrimeCables catalogue for only $19.99. The outdoor HDTV antenna you’ll find is high gain for VHF/UHF and with a 55-mile range. The antenna is easy to install and will provide high-definition, 1080p television as it taps into the different available channels. The best part of it all is that there are no monthly fees. For less than $20, receive free TV forever if you want it. Live TV for free and you don’t even need to pay for an internet connection to get it.


Please feel encouraged to browse the wide selection of indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas available. When you buy from PrimeCables, receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49, in addition to free returns and a 1-year product guarantee. There are several other home theater accessories you may be interested in tagging your HDTV antenna with, including TVs, monitors, mounts, speaker systems, soundbars, speaker mounts, speaker stands, A/V receivers, projectors, HDMI cables, and so much more.


These aren’t the ‘rabbit ears’ of old. This is one of the most advanced outdoor high-definition TV antennas in the market and its design aesthetic is impressive. Receive a crystal clear signal in digital. It’s easy to install and it’s an inexpensive purchase that’ll nab a high value – believe us when we say it. Buy and install your outdoor HDTV antenna from PrimeCables today.

4 Trends in Building Home Theater Systems and what the Future Holds

As your resource for all things home theater system accessories and home entertainment systems, PrimeCables strives to stay on top of current trends in the marketplace. For Canadians looking for the latest and greatest in home theater systems, here are 4 top industry trends to weigh.


The more speakers, the better

Home theater systems have really taken to more audio channel processing and more speakers. Using A/V receivers, there’s almost no limits on how many speaker configurations a home theater user can have. There’s home theater A/V receiver manufacturers and audio system suppliers that are even working on up to 24 channels of audio. Though having over 20 speakers in your home theater system setup might sound extreme, more are looking for that widespread sound image.

home theater system in Canada
home theater system in Canada

Smart home and voice technologies

Home theater systems are increasingly integrating with smart home accessories. Be it through a smartphone application or via voice control protocols, these systems are advancing at a quick pace. Though full integration between voice control and home theater is not quite there yet, we suspect this will be the case within the next five years. Imagine being able to speak directly to you’re A/V receiver, telling them volume, channel, program, brightness, and more.


More than one screen

Traditional home theater accessories have been purchased under the guise of serving a single screen. As the home theater ideal of the 1990s has grown to incorporate more advanced technology, additional screens is something more Canadians are seriously considering. For sports fans in particular, having one or two screens with the guys over gives it a ‘sports bar’ kind of feel. This way, everyone gets to watch a screen comfortably with no hassle.


Bluetooth-compatible speakers

Bluetooth speakers provides a homeowner the chance to stream audio from their TV screens, smartphones, and/or from any digital device. Becoming extremely common among younger Canadian households, you can buy Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth soundbars from PrimeCables. Providing high quality sound and adaptable to different settings, these multi-purpose audio systems are the most inexpensive trend on this list for the average household to follow.


As these trends continue to take hold in the home theater market, we look forward to a future of increasing integration between home theater tech and smart home tech. It’s so exciting to see the different ways in which home theater continues to evolve. As the picture continues to get better with 4K Ultra-HD and surround sound goes increasingly detailed, there’s no telling where trends may lead in the decades to come. Browse on-sale home theater accessories with PrimeCables today and save possibly hundreds!