Does Apple really need USB Cables – the Debate Continues Ahead of the Black Friday Buzz!

September 2018 has been filled with a ton of Apple announcements on new products and features. For fans of the popular smartphone, iPhone, and iPad supplier, it’s been a lot of big, big news.


There’s been a lot of debate regarding the newest line of iPads and the decision by Apple to incorporate USB-C ports in its design. There are many people who believe the move to be controversial as it would ditch Apple’s lightning ports in favor of general USB-C technology. When discussing consumer cables, we can’t emphasize enough how important USB-C cables are. They are a future-proof cable used by numerous digital devices and priced much lower than lightning cables.


Does Apple really need USB cables like Type-C – perhaps so. Why we say this is for several reasons. USB-C cables are consistent across multiple devices, allowing a user to charge everything with a single cable. USB-C can also theoretically support storage drives which could open up the potential for backup drives, external storage drives, and minimizing how much internal tablet space is used on an Apple iPad. Lastly, a USB-C connection on a tablet like the iPad means it could potentially be connected to other peripheral digital devices.


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Apple’s decision to make the switch from lightning cables to USB cables is an important one to consumers. As evidenced, a USB Type-C gives them more functionality than any lighting cable can. It’s also a great decision for Apple. The company has long wanted their iPad to be considered as powerful as a laptop. Tech restrictions have prevented that from happening. By opening up iPads to USB-C connections, it further pushes the iPad in that direction.


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