How to Shop under-Budget Black Friday 2018 with these PrimeCables Products for under $5

The best under-$5 Black Friday deals at PrimeCables can help save a ton of money for Canadian households. November’s annual sales event is a big occasion for many retailers as well. It provides them the chance to move a lot of product while peaking their sales numbers.


As grim as it can be trying to find the right products in retail, if you’ve had a negative experience, shopping online might be a better option. To help you find high quality products at a cheap price, here’s a quick list of Black Friday deals for under $5 from PrimeCables. Shop them all today.


HDMI Cable for $3.99


Get a premium HDMI cable with Nylon jacket for under $5 this Black Friday. Using an HDMI cable, you can easily hook up your favourite digital devices to your TV. Evaluate your current home theater system. If you’re already using HDMI connections, consider an upgrade.


USB Cable for $3.99


PrimeCables has built its reputation off of selling hundreds of USB consumer cables on-sale. Browse a wide array of USB cables for under $5, and use them to charge digital devices, tablets, smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other brand names.


Car Mount Smartphone Holder for $4.99


Use a high quality, inexpensive magnetic car mount to hold your smartphone or GPS while you drive. Discounted at 70% off, this universal car phone mount holder is selling fast via PrimeCables. Get yours today.


Earbuds for $4.99


If you need a good quality pair of stereo earbuds, PrimeCables has a few models under $5 to consider. Browse our newest arrivals for the most popular model we have, complete with microphone and volume control included.


Indoor TV Antenna for $4.99


Enjoy this super thin indoor HDTV antenna to get all your favourite over-the-air TV at a 70% discount. If you are looking to cut the cord, this might be a good gateway into trying to find what stations are available close to your place of residence in Canada.


AA 8pcs/box batteries for $1.99


Though these aren’t a flashy purchase, if you own devices that require AA batteries, you won’t find them priced cheaper anywhere else. Thanks to the LIVINGbasics brand, you can buy an eight-pack of AA batteries this Black Friday.


iPhone X Hard Case for $1.34


For less than $2, receive an ultra-thin designed protective hard case for your iPhone X. Complete with a tempered glass screen protector, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your smartphone is being fully protected.


All the best bargains in a single place, this is what you get when you shop PrimeCables. Don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get these premium products and plenty others. Celebrate Black Friday 2018 with these exclusives from PrimeCables for a limited time only.

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