PrimeCables is having its Biggest Ever Warehouse Sale this Month!

UPDATE: We will update our new warehouse location address after we moved.


See big news for Canadians and eCommerce shopping enthusiasts. One of Canada’s biggest and fastest growing eCommerce sites, PrimeCables, is throwing its biggest ever warehouse sale this month only.


Combining products across PrimeCables,, and, this is the absolute biggest collection of items marked down for quick sale that we’ve ever had. Browse and you’ll find all products varying from 30% to 90% off until the end of this month only.


The great thing about a warehouse sale is that the benefits go both ways. As a company, we get to clear out some much needed space, moving inventory out quickly, and from the perspective of Canadians, they get to save some pretty good money on high quality items like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, and more.


PrimeCables has products like the ergonomic height adjustable sit standing desk at 43% off for $89.99 and an electric sit to stand adjustable desk riser at 34% off for $169.99. Build the ultimate home office for yourself and save $100s off ergonomic office accessories.


There’s also the ultra slim height adjustable sit and stand desk at 53% off for $69.99, an electric height adjustable sit-stand desk converter at 15% off for $169.99, and a portable height adjustable sit-stand desk at 58% off for $49.99. So many different options to choose from for computer desks!


There’s a lot of home theater accessories and related products to see in the warehouse sale as well. There’s a 200 watt Bluetooth aptX speaker amplifier at 50% off for $49.99, height adjustable metal satellite speaker stands for rear installation at 30% off for $13.99, a massive fifty-foot HDMI to DVI dual link high-speed cable for $9.99, an ISTANT portable adjustable laptop stand at 33% off for $19.99, and a PrimeCables 43” FHD DLED TV with IPS LCD three-HDMI input for $299.99.


There are hundreds of products in our biggest ever warehouse sale this month only to browse. A lot of great summer products that we need to clear out and a lot more. If you’re a fan of IKEA, Walmart home products, Winners, or similar corporate retail outlets, consider PrimeCables.


There’s a lot to appreciate about a good warehouse sale. For ours, we’re including fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49. A once-in-a-lifetime warehouse sale, help us unload some of our inventory into the hands of consumers who’ll appreciate the finds. Browse today and save big!

What are the important factors for Choosing a Sit-Stand Desk

There are many things to weigh in pros and cons when selecting a sit-stand desk. With more than a dozen exclusive ergonomic desk models from PrimeCables available, we thought we’d count down ten considerations to make when finding the right desk for you.

Looking for sit standing desk during black friday?
Looking for sit standing desk during black friday?

Height adjustability

Every ergonomic sit-standing desk may come with a specific height range. Optimum height range varies between 22.6” to 48.7” though evidently this depends on the individual. If it’s a shared desk, select a desk with a decent range to it to accommodate the different heights. sit stand desk solution sit stand desk solution



If you want to be able to spread out your work, it’s a necessity to take into consideration depth. Then again, if you don’t have a lot of paper to spread out, depth might not be so important and you can select an ergonomic desk with less of a footprint.




Adjusting height can sometimes be noisy so it bears keeping in mind whether an electric mechanism is loud or disruptive. Thankfully, not all of them are. If they are noisy though and you’re working in a corporate public environment, your standing desk adjustments may disturb others.




There are many different ways to raise and lower a sit-standing desk. There are hand cranks, electric lifts, and pneumatic lifts. If it’s electric or pneumatic, it should be quiet and easy to accomplish. If it’s a hand crank, your desk is more likely to be difficult to adjust.

a perfect build for your ergonomic office workstation with sit stand desk
a perfect build for your ergonomic office workstation with sit stand desk



Some height adjustable desks may take time to raise and lower them. The faster the speed is, the more often a person is likely to use the height adjustment feature. This bears keeping in mind if you’re buying for a workforce rather than yourself.




If you buy an ergonomic desk, such as those from PrimeCables, that requires a power source to be able to function, you must ensure you’re in a space with easy access. Keep in mind this may not always be the case.


Leg fatigue


If someone has to stand the entirety of their shift at a standing desk, they’re going to get fatigued. They may require a supportive ergonomic mat, a riser to support one foot while standing, a gel mat, or something else. Tolerance builds but not that quickly.




Sit-stand desks come with weight restrictions. Exceeding these may result in a desk no longer functioning in height adjustment. Make sure the desk is equipped to handle your equipment.




Some desks can be programmed with different preset height adjustments. Then, there are other desks that already come with programming done. Depending on what you need from your ergonomics, consider this.




The functionality of a sit-standing desk is up for debate in some offices. The aesthetic of your office environment should be taken into consideration. For example, you may need to accommodate things like lighting, rails, or privacy screens.


Shop all the best deals on ergonomic desks at PrimeCables and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49!

Feel Free to Check out our 24h PrimeCables Unbeatable Doorcrasher Deals in Canada!

Have you ever met a sale that was too difficult to pass up – we have! That’s the entire basis of why PrimeCables launched its company more than a decade ago. Though we have routine sales year-round, our 24h PrimeCables doorcrasher deals are among of the best in Canada.


Join us every day for the release of some truly incredible deals, saving anywhere from thirty to ninety percent off select products. Browsing our catalogue, you’ll find us specializing in things like home theater accessories, smart home accessories, cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, network solutions, and so much more. That’s everything we’re playing with! It’s more than worth it to drop in and check out our 24h deals every week.


This week, you may have noticed deals like our USB Type-C charger for the car available for only $9.99. Some of the other products that have gone on-sale in the past week includes high quality copper speaker plugs in a pair of five, an adjustable metal clamp holder for headphones, a stainless steel microwave oven rack wall mount, stereo desktop multimedia USB-powered computer speakers, and the PrimeCables manual sit-to-stand height adjustable desk riser frame. Save possibly hundreds off of some of our clientele’s favourite products. Also, keep in mind any products purchased from PrimeCables comes with free returns and a 1-year product guarantee, in addition to fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all orders above $49.


In our history, it’s always been our goal to sell the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices in Canada. That’s allowed us to launch many deals that places like Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and so many others have failed to do. If you’re primary goal is to save money across upgrades to things like your home theater system, your smartphone charging setup, or other products, PrimeCables is precisely where you want to shop. Having helped thousands of Canadian households upgrade their home products on a budget, it’s our pleasure to do so.


PrimeCables has got an array of Canada’s best deals on dual monitor LCD mounts, magnetic car mounts, height adjustable laptop and table stands, ergonomic sit-standing desks, stereo ergonomic earbuds, indoor and outdoor high-definition TV antennas, electric risers, premium DJ-style headphones over-the-ear, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, USB sync and charging cables, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and smart home accessories like smart WiFi power outlets.


Shop PrimeCables today for our 24h PrimeCables doorcrasher deals and so much more.  Savings await!

Facts about Standing Desks that you need to know!

Sitting comes with many dangers yet every day, Canadians across the country are in a sitting position up to 16-18 hours a day. Between our work, our commutes, being on the couch, and being at the dinner table, we sit a lot. Day-in and day-out, all of this sitting adds up.


Thankfully, standing desks were released to the office and corporate markets over a decade ago. Combatting prolonged sitting, a standing desk allows a user to modify the height at which they work.


As offices across the country have implemented ergonomic standing desks into the workplace, the results have been very promising including improvements in mood, energy, and productivity.


In fact, things have been so successful that countries like Denmark have mandated for all office workers to be provided with a height adjustable desk! Canada might not be far away from getting to the same place.


Standing desks promote movement and it’s movement that is the key. When a human being is sitting, it’s an unnatural position for our bodies to be in. It adds stress to places like our shoulders, upper back, lower back, and hips. It creates a range of issues for the person who needs to go through all that sitting. A standing desk, especially one that is height adjustable, allows one to stand and engage their bodies as they do the same with their minds. Standing desks replicate the experience of working on one’s feet. It’s a positive, for sure, though office workers should listen to their bodies and move accordingly. If you need to sit, sit. If you can manage to stand then it’s important to do so. Believe us when we say that it comes with many benefits.


Let’s be clear in saying that working at a desk standing for the entirety of a shift is not necessarily any better than sitting throughout the same period. Movement and posture adjustment is good, and that’s where standing desks succeed. To maximize your health using an ergonomic desk like this, one must understand how to listen to their bodies. Ensure that the products you buy are adjustable to your needs. As an office worker, be encouraged to experiment with what makes you happy, comfortable, and productive. It’s different for everyone. Thankfully, there are more than a dozen high quality ergonomic desk models to choose from in the PrimeCables catalogue.


Browse PrimeCables to find exclusive deals, discounts, and sales on ergonomic height adjustable desks. Available with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all ergonomic desks above $49, now’s the time to buy. Keep the movement going and maximize this powerful tool. Needless to say, you’ll see big returns on productivity, mood, and health. Shop PrimeCables today for more information.

Amazon v. Best Buy Ad Preview – Best ‘Black Friday’ 2018 Deals

Black Friday 2018 is fast approaching and in the big lead-up, there’s a lot of top Black Friday deals expected to be delivered by brands ranging from Amazon to Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and everyone else. Though there are advantages to buying with each of these brands, why not buy from a Canadian-made brand – consider PrimeCables.

black friday battles between amazon, walmart and best buy
black Friday battles between Amazon, Walmart and Best buy

As one of Canada’s top sources for Black Friday deals, you’ll find numerous discounts and sales from PrimeCables on products like cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, smart home accessories, home theater accessories, network solutions, and so many others. If you’re looking to get down to the best deals we got going, let us share a few.


If you’re looking for new computer speakers or are considering an upgrade, PrimeCables has some amazing stereo desktop multimedia USB powered PC computer speakers for only $14.99. Though our inventory on these is limited, Canadians lucky enough to pick up this pair are going to enjoy high quality sound and free shipping included with their purchase!


Another great product on Black Friday 2018 sale is our dual LCD monitor desk mount fully adjustable for $35.99. Perfect for gamers, video editors, audio engineers, professional musicians, freelance writers, students, and other applications, this product comes with rotation, swivel, and tilting, maximizing the viewing experience for all involved.


Thirdly, consider some of the great Black Friday discounts we have on HDMI cables. It’s an absolutely perfect time to upgrade your home theater system with a new HDMI cable or adapter. Prices vary, depending on type of HDMI cable and quality of picture you want. There’s more than two dozen options to look through.


When it boils down to it, PrimeCables is a Canadian-made brand with over a decade of experience serving Canadians far and wide. For the top Black Friday deals, forego shopping with Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or Amazon. Come to PrimeCables for discounts that’ll really turn your head to. Always one of the top sales days of the year for us, we want to shoot even higher this year which is why we’ve taken extra care to lowering prices. Superior Black Friday sales are just a click away.


See some of the same products you’ll find on Amazon and Best Buy, alongside products unique to PrimeCables, and catch the lowest prices in all of Canada. If you’re trying to predict who will have the best Black Friday deals in Canada, let us spoil the answer for you – it’s going to be us. Shop PrimeCables today for deep discounts on all your favourite tech and household products from top to bottom.

Headphones and Earphones Buying Guide

Numerous models to choose from, there are many things to look for in headphones and earphones. If you’re looking to narrow down your choices, it can be hard. Fielding requests and purchases from all across Canada, PrimeCables specializes in audio equipment, headphones, earbuds, and all types of sound. There are more than two dozen headphone models to browse in the catalogue, each with their own unique set of features. Here are a few of the different considerations to make when buying headphones or earphones.


Sound quality matters a tremendous amount when buying headphones. To some, it’s a big bass sound that they want. To others, it’s noise isolation or noise cancellation. Then, there’s headphones delivering a full-range reproduction of sound capturing every audio detail. Comfort, weight, portability, and fit are all components that can help decide which headphones are right for you. If you need headphones to plug into a portable player, you’re going to need equally portable earbuds. If you are creating music recordings, you’re going to want a high quality headphone model that does not necessarily need to be portable.


The best way to buy headphones is by knowing what you’re looking for and trying them on for size. Going in-store, you can head the difference between a great pair of headphones and a lower quality pair. Price is not always the great indicator, either. For example, in the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll find cheaply priced high quality headphones and earphones available for purchase. The low prices do not indicate quality of performance. To this point, performance is important and at PrimeCables, we understand that. That’s why we provide free returns and a 1-year product guarantee on all purchases, in addition to a ‘free shipping’ coupon which is easily applied on any order above $49.


If you’re doing high-end audio work such as a professional musician would, there’s no room to compromise. You may need to shell out the $100 and over for a good quality pair. Thankfully, even on a modest budget, there are many high-end headphones and earphones that you won’t find anywhere else at such a great bargain. All of our headphones have been maximized with optimum sound and comfort. For the best in consumer-quality headphones, PrimeCables is the only name you need to remember.


Choosing the right headphones, earphones or earbuds comes down to how much research and looking you’re willing to do. Specifications aside, how they sound is the ultimate determinant. If you are planning to use your headphones for your smartphone, like so many Canadians do, searching out inexpensive earbuds might be the way to go. If you need something way more expensive and much higher quality, we got those models too. Contact PrimeCables today for more information on buying headphones.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Headphones

As music enthusiasts, podcast listeners, and consumers of media, we all love a good set of headphones or earbuds. How to choose a good high quality pair of headphones can be different for each person. Style, budget, and so many other factors play a role into buyers’ decision on choosing the right headphones for them.


Every headphone comes with a different style, fitting your ears a little differently, and sounding slightly different when you take a listen. The first thing and perhaps the most obvious thing to decide when selecting the perfect pair of headphones is to figure out what form you want them to take. For example, there are earbuds and in-ear headphones that are generally more inexpensive, smaller which makes them great for mobile use and storage in a pocket or bag, and come with many advantages. That said, sound quality wise, they don’t come close to over-the-ear headphones. If you’re uncomfortable putting things in your ear, don’t go this route.


Then, there are ear pad headphones which are supremely comfortable. The small pads go over the ear, keeping your ears super comfortable while listening to music and media. These headphones’ provide great sound, are nice for exercising, and can also be quite portable. Good quality ones should keep a lot of the noise out however some of the cheaper models see sound seeping in. Lastly, there’s the full size headphones with ear cups that hug the ear. The design is fairly large, and can be both open and closed. These larger headphones have great bass, clear sound, and noise isolation. To that last point, if noise cancellation is an important feature you require for your headphones, it’s worth browsing the PrimeCables catalogue for specific models.


Among the best headphones in the PrimeCables catalogue are the stereo ergonomic earbud headphones with mic and volume control for $4.99, the premium hi-di DJ-style over-the-ear professional headphones for $19.99, wireless Bluetooth earbuds with mic and charging case for $49.99, enhanced bass and noise isolating earbuds in all colors for $11.99, and so much more. Any time you shop with PrimeCables, you’ll receive fast, free shipping on all orders above $49 to anywhere in Canada, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee. Please feel free to look into the more than two dozen other headphone models and find the right design for your needs.


Don’t buy headphones you’re not fully satisfied with. Know why you’re buying them, what you’ll be using them for, and what you need them to do. Shop PrimeCables today for the lowest prices on headphones in Canada.

PrimeCables is Offering Warehouse Moving Sale up to 90 Percent Clearance!

PrimeCables is launching its biggest discount sale yet, unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Bigger than Christmas, bigger than Black Friday sales, bigger than Cyber Monday sales, our warehouse moving sale provides Canadians the opportunity to save up to 90 percent off some of Canada’s most amazing products. Applicable across PrimeCables’ sister sites as well, and, enjoy all the best deals, discounts, and exclusives until the end of October.


PrimeCables specializes in cables, adapters, mounts, sit-stands, tools, appliances, home theater accessories, smart home accessories, network solutions, and so much more. As one of Canada’s biggest homegrown eCommerce sites for home theater accessories and so much more, there’s a lot to look through. When you pick up an order from PrimeCables, buy in bulk and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on all pick-ups above $49. It pays to buy big and even better, if you know what you’re looking for, you can save possibly $100s!


Just a few of the warehouse moving sales we got going includes a sit-standing height adjustable desk for $89.99, easily one of the most inexpensive in Canada. Raise and lower your desk as needed throughout your work day, and ward off the dangers of prolonged sitting. See other deals like an adjustable padded piano keyboard bench for $19.99, a massive fifty foot HDMI to DVI-D dual link for $9.99, and our PrimeCables heavy duty tilt TV wall mount for flat-screens up to 60” for $59.99. If you’ve been looking for the right time to buy what you need to upgrade your home theater system or to add to your collection of home décor items, now’s the right time.


Discounts have never been this low. We doubt you’ll ever catch us offering these once-in-a-lifetime deals again. See more warehouse sale deals like our universal video camera stabilizer for $12.99, a tripod folding guitar stand with security strap for only $6.99, a dual-leg height adjustable electric sit and stand L-shaped corner desk for $399.99, and the 2018 CES Innovation award-winning exercise bike desk cycling workstation for $349.99. Needless to say, there’s a wide range of different products we need to get moved out of our inventory. Browse thoroughly and pick up what you need!


Shop PrimeCables this warehouse moving sale to enjoy 90% off, and all the best in Canadian savings. Available only until the end of October, now’s the time to make those purchases. These discounts won’t be coming around again. Shop ‘til October 31 and rejoice!

7 Benefits of a Standing Desk

There are many benefits to using a standing desk in a home office environment and/or at a corporate office. If you have any doubts about making the switch to ergonomic desks, consider these 7 points.

PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk
PrimeCables height adjustable sit stand desk

Lowers risk of weight gain and obesity


Weight gain happens when a body takes in more calories than it burns throughout the day. Standing can be beneficial to keeping calories burning. Compared to sitting, an hour’s worth of standing burns an additional 170 calories.


Lowers blood sugar levels


In a small study analyzing sitting and standing in an office environment, workers who were standing for the first 180 minutes following lunch reduced their blood sugar by 43 percent compared to those sitting in this same period of time.


Lowers risk of heart disease


Since the early 1950s, standing has been recommended as means of lowering heart disease risk. Prolonged sitting time increases risk of heart disease in some office workers by as much as 147 percent. Even an hour of intense exercise cannot fully erase the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Therefore, standing might be a way to switch things up.


Reduces back pain


A standing desk can help to reduce back pain significantly. Some workers have reported up to a 54 percent improvement in lower back pain after having used a sit-standing desk for four weeks or longer. If you suffer from lower back, upper back, or neck pain, a standing desk comes recommended.


Improves mood and energy


There’s no debate as to standing improving energy and mood. In one 7-week study, it was found that users provided standing desks reported increased energy throughout the day. Subsequently, when moving back to regular desks, those same workers found their mood and energy to decrease.


Increases productivity


It’s not uncommon to hear opponents of standing desks say that they could hinder productivity. Actually, the opposite’s been found. In one study, it was found that among employees using a standing desk for 4 hours a day, it had no impact on their productivity and in improving their energy, had a potential increase to their productivity.


You might live longer


Using a standing desk may help to increase your life. Numerous studies have reported prolonged sitting increases risk of death by up to 49 percent. Using a standing desk guards against this. Though there’s no guarantees, you might actually end up living longer with one.


Visit PrimeCables for all the best deals on ergonomic office furniture, sit-standing desks, and more!

The Best Wireless TV Headphones for your Home Theater

One of the best things about buying a home theater system is the amazing bass-rupturing sound that can be achieved. Sometimes though, the subsequent worst thing about a home theater system is how loud and obnoxious said sound can be to other members of the household. For anyone trying to sleep or who just doesn’t want to hear it at a given moment, a concert, sports game, or even the news can be a headache waiting to happen.


Home theater headphones are a recommended home theater accessory purchase for this reason. Any time you want to listen to TV or watch a concert on your home entertainment setup, you can do so without having to ask permission. For the best wired and wireless TV headphones for your home theater system, PrimeCables has several models that might be worth considering. As one of Canada’s top eCommerce sites for home theater systems, we’ve tested all the best products, selecting the most affordable for our growing Canadian clientele.


The main pair of wireless headphones we have in the catalogue are a great Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones with built-in microphone for $118.99. Complete with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, this set of wireless Bluetooth home theater headphones features some incredible sound, a built-in 450mAh lithium battery, and a custom digital sound processor. Combing through our back to back listening comparison, this is one of the best reviewed headphones in our catalogue and a top choice for any home theater system!


If you don’t like the $118.99 price tag and are looking for cheap wireless headphones, we’ve got an option. Specific to home theater use, the PrimeCables-sponsored hi-fi Bluetooth active noise cancelling stereo headphones are on-sale right now for only $59.99. Also with free shipping included, enjoy up to sixteen hours of use with noise cancelling enabled and a built-in 500mAh lithium battery. In terms of cost to value ratio, you’d be troubled to find anything similar. From everything that’s currently available, these may get our pick for best wireless TV headphones for home theater based on price.


There are other wireless TV headphones to browse via PrimeCables including the Sonic Solace noise cancelling Bluetooth over-ear headphones for $139.99, the premium hi-di DJ-style over-the-ear professional Bluetooth headphones for $59.99, and the wireless Bluetooth earbuds for $49.99.


See some amazing wireless TV headphone deals from PrimeCables and enjoy ‘free shipping’ on any order above $49. Be sure to pick up all of your home theater favourites shopping with Canada’s friendliest eCommerce sites for Canadian households.