PrimeCables’ Bluetooth Soundbar enables your Home Theater Sound with Wireless Speakers

Getting the right home theater sound comes down to a science. Sound plays off of the home theater elements in the room, the way the space has been designed and formatted, and the audio-producing accessories obviously matter quite a bit.


The PrimeCables’ Bluetooth soundbar is a great home theater sound option for any system on-budget. Available in the under-$50 category, your Bluetooth speaker can pair with wired or wireless speakers. Providing great sound, your Bluetooth soundbar can also accept audio from any digital device with the capability to pair with it. That makes it great, outside of connecting to other elements in your home theater system, to just use while you’re cleaning the house or just hanging out.


Wireless speakers are a huge trend in the world of home theater and have been for over a decade. High-resolution audio delivered wirelessly through Bluetooth technology is one of the most consumer-friendly audio setups going. If you’ve dreamt of turning over a more complicated surround sound system into something far simpler, this soundbar might do the trick. It’s also not going to cost $1,000s like a surround sound system would. Browsing other Bluetooth soundbars, one might pay anywhere from $500 and above. There’s no need to as long as you know where to shop.


Most speaker companies are focusing on developing advanced technologies that come in at high, high price points. As great as those products are, that’s not us. PrimeCables has worked with its manufacturers to deliver wired and wireless home theater products at the most affordable price point for the average Canadian household to enjoy. Home audio products for home theaters are notoriously expensive and we’re happy to play a part in providing access to accessories some wouldn’t otherwise have access to.


For this Bluetooth soundbar, it’s been the recipient of numerous 4-5 star ratings. Able to perform with wireless devices, easily synchronizable to other parts of your home theater network, and meeting all standards of performance, we’re supremely pleased and confident with this soundbar.


The Canadian-based eCommerce group PrimeCables is offering its Bluetooth soundbar on discount for a limited time only, alongside numerous other home theater accessories. As part of our Home Theater Month, enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada on orders above $49. Browse home theater products like display devices, TV wall mounts, headphones, speakers, A/V cables, HDMI cables, indoor and outdoor TV antennas, projectors, and more. Shop PrimeCables today.

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