Still Looking for a Gaming Monitor from Newegg, TigerDirect, or Best Buy on Black Friday – in 2018, we are offering an Alternative!

Browsing Newegg, TigerDirect, or Best Buy, you’ll find a high-definition 1080p gaming monitor can really take your video game experience to the next level. That said, you might find them to be rather expensive.

For Canadians on a tight budget, if you’re looking for a gaming monitor on Black Friday 2018, PrimeCables is a great alternative with inexpensive yet high quality monitors. Browse some of the best gaming monitors in Canada. Eye-opening screens are just a click away!

cheap Gaming monitor deal on PrimeCables black friday sale
cheap Gaming monitor deal on PrimeCables black friday sale


One of the favourite gaming monitors by Canadian shoppers is the 27” flat gaming monitor 4K UHD 60 Hz ultra slim with an aluminum frame for less than $350. Features include a UHD 4K resolution, versatile inputs, an A+ high quality IPS glass panel, and AMD FreeSync support. Also, included in your PrimeCables purchase is a ‘free shipping’ coupon to anywhere in Canada, free returns, and a 1-year product guarantee.

That’s not the only gaming monitor in the PrimeCables catalogue either. We have a great 27” curved monitor 1080p FHD 144Hz super thin aluminum frame for $299.99, the impressive 32” 4K ultra slim desktop monitor from Monoprice for $639.99, and the 27” 4K ActiveHDR FreeSync desktop monitor with aluminum frame for $629.99. Browsing the options, every Canadian gamer has a preference on what sort of gaming monitor they’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to take a look around and see the savings compared to what’s available on Newegg, TigerDirect, and/or Best Buy.

Gamers value a range of features, including notably a super-smooth refresh rate. First-person shooters need a great refresh rate to handle fast action. Then again, maybe as a gamer, you value size and require a powerhouse of a monitor to be able to deliver the kind of immersive viewing you want. If you’re in a small space and you need something sleek, you may choose doing away with certain speeds or features to accommodate a small to mid-size gaming monitor. Needless to say, as a gamer, even if you have all the fanciest gizmos supporting your play, it doesn’t matter if your monitor is not delivering the performance you need. Having the best gaming PC monitor is important. Find one that complements your gaming station at PrimeCables.

Shop nearly a dozen models and take your game play to the next level. The best monitors for gaming on-sale are available from Canada’s own PrimeCables. For anyone searching strictly for a gaming-first monitor, you can see premiere resolutions, refresh rates, sizes, prices, and features. Visit PrimeCables today.

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