What is a Mini Wireless Keyboard and How it Works

A mini wireless keyboard is a device used for controlling a wide variety of things, ranging from computers to advanced home theater systems, smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, KODI, Plex, XBMC, and so much more.

The mini wireless keyboard is sort of a forgotten about accessory that a lot of households don’t use as they prefer individual remotes and controllers. At some point though, you may have multiple remotes or devices that don’t come with controllers. A mini keyboard gives you functionality of all devices in a single unit. That’s its biggest advantage.

In the hands on unboxing a wireless multimedia keyboard like this, you’ll notice it’s pretty heavy duty. You have a full letter keyboard, a mouse pad, function keys, and so much more. Control everything from media types to surround sound speakers, flat-screen TVs, smart TVs, video functions, volume, and pretty much anything you can think of.

As mentioned, this is like having a video game controller for everything around you. Switch between them as needed. Let’s say you’re watching your favourite TV show on a cable TV subscription and the show ends so you want to switch over to Netflix, a gaming system, or a computer, you can handle it all without getting up.

If you’re deep into computers, you’re going to love having a multimedia keyboard. If your computer’s hooked up direct to your TV, this is the best controller you can have. You don’t need to lug around a big keyboard which isn’t easy on the eyes, and is far too bulky to keep with you when you’re on the couch.

One of the best mini wireless keyboard in Canada is from PrimeCables and has all the features one would want. You get your wireless keyboard and touchpad, 2.4GHz of power, touchpad DPI adjustable functions, a USB receiver with no additional drivers needed, an auto sleep function, and it’s all plug in and play.

You’ve got a key for everything you need on a computer and it’s all in the palm of your hand. Wireless keyboards like these provide you with the control you want for everything around you. You don’t need to have advanced knowledge on how to code or computers. With a built-in intelligent power management system, it’s all plug in and play. And, it’s small enough to place alongside your other remotes and devices relating to TV, HD players, Android TV boxes, IP TV setups, and more. Get yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

What Are Our Best Selling Home Theater and Tech for August – read here!

Canadians love shopping PrimeCables every summer as they find deals here they won’t find anywhere else. Save $100s off premium home theater cables, accessories, tech, and more. Inventory’s been flying off our warehouse shelves all summer long. Here’s some of our best-selling tech in Canada this August 2019.

HDTV antenna

Enjoy free local over-the-air TV as well as programming from major American networks with this indoor HDTV antenna. Built thin and easily placed almost anywhere in the home, keep it in plain view or hide it as you see fit. It’s as easy as unwrapping it, plugging it in, and scanning channels.

720p 32” bedroom TV

The perfect TV for any small condo, dorm, apartment, or bedroom, this 720p 32” bedroom television is a great starting point for a home theater. The picture looks great, the 60Hz refresh rate’s a smooth feature, and dual 10-watt speakers work well at delivering high quality sound.

Android TV box

4K HD streaming direct to your TV. This X96 4K Android smart TV box is absolutely amazing, connecting you to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Do you want a smart TV but don’t want to buy another flat-screen? This is your workaround, running fast and stable for home entertainment setups anywhere in Canada.

HDMI Ethernet cables with Nylon protection

Fast speeds encased in an HDMI cable with Nylon protection and Ethernet functionality never came this cheap before. For less than $6, receive a gold-plated HDMI cable perfect for your computer, TV, and home theater needs.

Bookshelf speakers 2-way pair

Though small in size, the quality of the sound in these bookshelf speakers is quite profound. Listen in with excellent clarity and detail. Perfect for a small home theater system in a dorm room, condo or apartment, or in a bedroom, this is your opportunity to get excellent sound regardless of what you’re working with budget-wise.

Stereo Bluetooth soundbar

If you don’t want to go the bookshelf speaker route, another way to have high quality sound is through a stereo Bluetooth soundbar. With Bluetooth capability, this means you can not only connect TVs and laptops to it but you can connect iPads, Androids, smartphones, tablets, and anything else with connectivity built-in.

Magnetic 360-degree car mount

A summer road-trip must-have, instead of struggling with your smartphone or GPS in seats, cup holders, and around the driver’s seat, get this magnetic smartphone car mount. All you have to do is stick your smartphone on it and you’re good to go on your next adventure!

Get these trendy, affordable home theater and tech products from Canada’s own PrimeCables this August. Save yourself hassle and inconvenience. Get yourself the products you need to live comfortably and enjoy your media the way you want to have it!

A Sit Stand Desk to Fix Your Office Aches and Pains That You Can Actually Afford

You can feel pretty beat up at the end of the day working at an office. You wouldn’t think so by watching someone sitting there but ask anyone who has worked in an office environment. Sedentary lifestyles like this come with their fair share of aches and pains. To remain still for an entire day, it’s hard on the body. Add to that bad posture – which is very common – and tremendous pain comes with that. Thankfully, a sit-stand desk can fit that.

A sit-stand desk takes those office aches and pains, and throws them away. Do you have lower back pain you’re struggling to get rid of? What about between the shoulders or in the upper back? These are all common areas at risk of tension, pain, and repetitive strain. Eventually, you either end up with a temporary injury or discomfort that seems permanent. A sit-stand desk works by giving you the option to work while standing or sitting, as you like.

This is a height adjustable ergonomic desk that you can move up and down. When you stand, you’re taking pressure off your body. You’re putting it elsewhere. After standing for a period of time, you can adjust height once again and sit down. This takes off the stress that comes with prolonged standing. The game of minimizing aches and pains is an ongoing one however a sit-stand desk makes it easy. It gives you the option.

Beyond relieving the aches of office work, there are also other health benefits that come with standing or sit standing desks. As you’re moving and standing, you can actually burn more calories. This can reduce weight gain. There’s also some research suggesting a desk like this improves mood. We haven’t even discussed how it affects productivity yet. Offices that have widely adopted sit-stand desks have found productivity to be higher, with lesser absences and more workers invested in staying focused.

If you don’t know what sit stand desk to choose, you’ll probably find a lot of them are very expensive. For Canadians, thankfully, there’s PrimeCables. A discount retailer for Canada-only, there’s all sorts of sit stand desks waiting to be bought just filling the warehouse. For an office or home office job, this is where people are coming to get cheap high quality ergonomic desks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to completely change the way you work. Adjustable to any height, turn a normal desk into something special. Invest in yourself and feel better!

Why This is the Best Power Bank for Travel in Canada to Grab a Quick Charge

We don’t always have the luxury of being near a plug or to have our USB smartphone cables nearby. If you’re in the car, at a friend’s place, out on a picnic, or out on international travel, a dead phone battery is not something you want. Your smartphone connects you to so many resources, tools, and is a valuable safety net. The best way to protect yourself is to charge with a power bank.

An external power bank for a smartphone is sort of like having a backup battery ready to go for when you need it most. It’s like having a best friend there ready to lift you up when you’re going through tough times. There are many power banks on the market, some better than others.

External power banks are used every day by Canadians to charge not only their phones but tablets, cameras for photography, and more. Needless to say, it’s well worth a purchase for anyone who’s on the road or who commutes with some regularity.

The best power bank for travel is going to be one that’s high quality of course but which is also light in weight and which carries a good amount of charge behind it. After all, your power bank should be able to help you make it through the day.

The best power bank is one which has at least a 5,000mAh charge. It also doesn’t hurt to have multiple inputs. A power bank with two outputs ensures two devices can charge at the same time. If you’re traveling with someone, you can offer them a USB charge to use.

Some of the other features you’ll want to watch out for with regards to choosing a power bank is preferably one that includes a USB cable. Automatic charging ensures you don’t need to tap or hold a button.

Also, overcurrent protection is included in many units but is worth mentioning because you don’t want your device to burn up charging on a cheap power bank you should not have bought. To this point, watch out for cheap off-brand external battery chargers. They aren’t worth the risk.

A trusted brand to buy a power bank in Canada from is PrimeCables. The top power bank in its category from PrimeCables allows you to charge multiple devices at once, comes with a micro USB cable already included, and will charge any device with a USB cable ready to plug in. Continue charging while you’re traveling by car, plane, or boat. Use it anywhere! Grab yours today.

See the Benefits to a Full-Motion Pull-Down TV Wall Mount You Can Put Over Your Fireplace

So you’re giving some thought to mounting your flat-screen and are considering a full-motion over-the-fireplace styled TV wall mount to get it done.

There are a lot of reasons why people decide on a pull-down mount for their flat-screens. Contrary to perception, these heavy-duty mounts are relatively easy to install and as long as they’re properly installed, aren’t the least bit dangerous.  Compared to other models, these are just a few advantages to going with a pull-down mount.

Saves space.

When not in use, you fold up a pull-down wall mount right to your wall. When in use, you pull it down and you get a premium home theater experience right there for the taking. For homeowners or renters in small rooms, condos, or working with a limited area, pull-downs are a recommended purchase.

They’ll keep TVs up to 70” safe.

If you have a medium to large flat-screen TV, you can rely on a heavy-duty pull-down TV wall mount to keep it secure and in place. Regardless of what material you’re installing your mount into, this is far from a cheap model.

Maximum viewing flexibility.

An over-the-fireplace pull-down TV wall mount is the most flexible viewing experience you can have with your home entertainment setup. For example, Canada’s top seller of TV wall mounts PrimeCables’ pull-down mount has a tilt when pulling down, swivels 30 degrees either way, and boasts full-motion capabilities.

Toolless adjustment.

You don’t need any sort of tool or specialized knowledge to pull-down your TV wall mount. No difficulties exist whatsoever in adjusting the angle of your flat-screen. You can pull it down and fold it back up readily any time. It even has an easy-grip handle which makes setting it into placement a fast, safe, and simple process.

Cable management.

Smaller more basic TV wall mounts oftentimes are very bare in the sort of features offered. The basic mounts are more targeted towards small to medium sized TVs and aren’t meant to do anything more than hold the screen in place. With a pull-down model, you have more parts, features, and advantages, one of them being added cable management. Very easily, set up HDMIs, USBs, and any audio or video cables you need connected.

A more luxurious look.

Let’s face it, a full-motion TV wall mount is impressive to look at and can add some luxury to a home theater system. If you’re really looking to make an impression on someone or give your home a media and entertainment room it can be proud of, a mount like this is going to accomplish just that.

Get your over-the-fireplace, pull-down TV wall mount from Canada’s best PrimeCables. See the benefits yourself as you install it in your living room, bedroom, or condo. Suit up your home entertainment center with something heavy duty, space-saving, and impressive!

How to Run Speaker Wires for Home Theater Speakers

So you got some speaker wire for a home theater system you want to lay down. It’s not hard to lay down speaker wire but how to run wire down successfully through a room without having it outright noticeable is where a lot of debate can happen.

There are ultimately three basic ways to run speaker wire for a speaker system in a home. Homeowners either choose one or a combination to get the job done. There’s running the wires along baseboards and baseboard moulding, there’s running wires using crown moulding, and there’s also running your wires using crawlspace or attic access.

The simplest way to install speaker wire is to use the baseboards. If you have a carpeted room, choose this. Carpets are typically laid down using tack strips a half-inch from the wall. This gives you a built-in channel to use. Just be careful, when laying the carpet back down after you’ve installed the wiring, to not puncture the wiring. If you intend to use speakers wall mounted, you might be able to run the wire through a hole in the wall and down the wall cavity. For some, this can be an option.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to run wire down through a crawlspace or attic, you may also require the services of an electrician. Assuming you’re free from any regulations preventing you from continuing, simply run the wire down the wall from one location to the other. The hard part will evidently be finding the right wall cavity so plan, plan, plan. If you decide to go the route of installing speaker wire using crown moulding, you’ll need to know how to properly install the moulding which is an art in and of itself. Any of these methods will work to run speaker wire. Ultimately, it’ll come down to your personal preferences and the manner in which your home is built.

Anyone serious about having the best quality surround sound audio experience for their entertainment room, speaker wire is almost a necessity. For high-end speakers, there’s nothing better. You get to customize so much with wire that’s adaptable like this. Buy the length you want, input it wherever it’s got to go, and if you ever need to update or swap some of it out, a little extra’s not far off.

For oxygen-free, copper speaker wire cable in Canada, visit PrimeCables. You can rely on PrimeCables’ speaker wires for the utmost transmission of high quality audio signals day-in and day-out.

Why an X96 Smart TV Box is a Must-Buy for Your Flat-Screen

A monthly TV subscription in Canada is very expensive, with companies like Rogers and Bell seemingly raising prices with each passing year. A smart alternative is the X96 smart TV box. No smart TV? Now you can have one and you don’t need to spend $100s or $1,000s on a new TV either. The X96 is a mini Android TV box, a recommended purchase for anyone who doesn’t already have access to built-in smart functionality on their flat-screen.

The technology of a TV box is simple. It runs on Android, and provides you a way to watch TV, movies, and streaming services on your TV without hassle. If you’re unfamiliar with smartphones, computers, and how to stream to your TV, this is a very, very easy way to do it. This makes the x96 a popular Christmas, holiday, or birthday gift for parents and grandparents, is a nice back to school gift for college or university students, and is a nice way to upgrade any TV. In fact, more and more Canadians are choosing a TV box like the X96, for all these reasons.

The X96 mini Android box comes with some pre-installed apps including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Think of it like having a smartphone in your TV, without having to connect anything other than the box. Specifications on this box include a quad core processor up to 1.7 GHz, an HDMI interface which supports 4K Ultra-HD, and a reliable, stable home entertainment interface ready to be customized to your liking. You also have the ability to get connected to WiFi or Ethernet via your box.

Smart TVs have become all the rage, in this day and age. Apple TVs are highly sought after, expensive though. There are a number of other smart TV manufacturers but the problem with enjoying a smart TV is you need to replace your whole TV and on top of that, you’re going to pay more. A smart TV box is an easy work-around, letting you enjoy videos, music, photos, movies, media, Android games, and more. For a family, this is the perfect device to step up your game entertainment-wise.

As if that wasn’t enough, when you buy your X96 Android smart TV box from PrimeCables, you receive an advanced OS and high-performance configuration optimized for a flat-screen, a loaded KODI interface with unlimited films, music, videos, and TV waiting, saving you time and trouble downloading them, and H.265 high efficiency video coding capabilities which saves on average 50% bandwidth resources allowing you to watch 4K movies easier than ever.

Shop all your favourite home theater accessories in Canada, smart TV boxes, TVs, TV wall mounts, and more from PrimeCables. Receive premium pricing you won’t find anywhere else and fast, free shipping on all orders above $49.