What Channels Can you Get on an HDTV Antenna in Canada – read here!

Did you know you can watch your favourite TV shows live and in high-definition formats for absolutely free? That’s right, in Canada, local channels mixed with some of the world’s biggest television stations are available through a simple HDTV antenna setup.

An HDTV antenna builds from antenna setups that have been used for decades. Unlike rabbit ears’ antennas of yesteryear, the tech has come quite far. You can now pull signal from a lot farther. In Canada, while there are some caveats, there’s a lot of HD-quality 720p channels received on an antenna including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, CBC, Global, PBS, and more.

So how do you get these channels without having to pay a monthly bill? Well, there are a few basic bullet points to go over about how HDTV antennas work.

  • Advanced HDTV antennas pull signals from FM, VHF, and UHF frequencies. That said, they don’t all cover the same distance. There are some that can pull from farther away while others that will cover the basics close-by.
  • There are no guarantees as to what channels will come up on your HDTV antenna. There are some channels that are commonly found across Canada however even so, in some regions, you can’t access them. Close proximity to the nearest broadcast tower plays a sizeable role in what you can or cannot receive.
  • There are indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas. Although many choose outdoor antennas for their extra reach, you can still get quite a bit from an indoor antenna. In fact, PrimeCables’ cheapest indoor HDTV antenna comes in at only $5.99!
  • You will likely need to ‘scan for channels’ a few times with your high-definition TV antenna. Adjust your antenna’s direction a little each time. Find what angle works best at getting channels. If you don’t want to experiment, which we do highly recommend doing so that you know without question what you can receive, you can look online at HDTV antenna maps and how to position your equipment.

The best HDTV antennas in Canada are found with PrimeCables. By purchasing any of our antennas, you can access a mix of Canadian and American channels at no monthly cost. Get access to live sports, the Oscars, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and more.

Have you thought about cutting the cord before? Here’s your chance. It’s even better if you purchase an Android smart TV box or already have a smart TV to go with your HDTV antenna. You’re covered this way, with local programming and streaming service alternatives alike, like YouTube, Netflix, and more to choose from! Get it all from PrimeCables.

Don’t Get Tricked into Buying Fancy HDMI Cables for $30 or More – Shop Cheap, Quality HDMIs with PrimeCables Instead

The best HDMI cables in Canada are rarely those the most expensive. Although you can buy HDMIs for $30, $40, or even more, they oftentimes don’t deliver on quality. To put it succinctly, you’re not getting that ‘extra’ you think you’re paying for, regardless of what the manufacturer says or what is written on the box.

HDMI cables are so important to our home theater systems, TVs, computers, laptops, gaming console, and devices. After all, they are the arteries that make up our home media centers. Carrying digital signals – in both audio and video – HDMI cables are used in almost every Canadian home. The best HDMI cables in Canada are high quality and in-demand. There’s also no shortage of choices out there, for you to browse and pick through.

So many of us settle for cables that are low quality. That is, cheap HDMI cables that sometimes break within a couple weeks of opening them. These cables are dangerous to your devices and most importantly, a complete waste of money. Don’t go for them. Through an established North American branded HDMI cable, you can rely on a strong performance and reliability.

PrimeCables is a premium HDMI cable brand with a half-dozen top quality HDMI designs to consider. Do you need a cable that’s not going to get broken by bending, getting chewed by pets, or by getting clamped down on – you need one with Nylon jacket protection.

Or, are you searching for an HDMI cable with the ability to swivel so that you can set it behind devices or your TV – you need a cable with 180-degree swivel connectors. Alternatively, maybe you just need what works and what’s cheap. Don’t worry. We have those as well. In fact, PrimeCables carries the cheapest HDMI cable in Canada at only $1.99!

For Canadians looking at a simple way to upgrade their HDMI home theater setup, there aren’t the only options. A lot of people will want a 4K HDMI cable with Ethernet capabilities. This is a very high quality choice, and an excellent HDMI selection if you are a gamer or have a really advanced home theater setup. Even better, you save 15% when you shop yours today.

As far as technical specifications and price go, PrimeCables has got nearly every brand in Canada beat. Especially at these price points, you won’t find anything that comes close. Canada’s favourite HDMI cables come from PrimeCables, with the same high quality 4K performance, speed, and functionality you’ll see in models $40 and up. Don’t spend more than you need to. Shop advanced HDMIs alongside the basics and grab only what you need, and spend not a dollar more.

Should I Get a Tabletop TV Stand or a TV Wall Mount

TV wall mounts are tremendously popular in today’s home theater, media, and entertainment technology community. That said, not everyone’s so excited about them. For some, a simple tabletop TV setups is still ideal. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to both, tabletop TV stands and TV wall mounts. Here are some of the reasons you may take one over other.

TV wall mounts

TV wall mounts really create the sense that you’re watching a film, television show, sports game, or media in a theatre setting. It looks professional, high-class, and can transform the media entertainment system experience if you haven’t used one before. There are also a number of different TV wall mount types to choose from, including more affordable basic models for under $7 and gradually more expensive ones depending on what features you want. You can add a tilt, swivel, full-motion, or pull-down over-the-fireplace type mount.

There aren’t really any big drawbacks to TV wall mounts except for the fact that some rooms aren’t built to handle them. If you don’t have an ideal wall to install a mount on, that could motivate one to go with a tabletop stand.

TV tabletop stands

TV tabletop stands are meant to sit on a table and hold your HD flat-screen suspended. It’s identical to a wall mount except of instead of mounting it to a wall, you’re simply elevating the screen up and slightly above the table. People prefer TV tabletop stands at times because the height’s adjustable, they feel the installation is more secure when it’s fixated to a flat surface as opposed to a wall, and managing a lot of cables, consoles, media boxes, HDTV antennas, or other sources of media is more accommodating.

The biggest disadvantage of a tabletop TV stand is that it takes up space. With a wall mount, screens are put up against a wall which means no space taken away from a room. Using a tabletop stand, you’re in need of a table obviously.

Which one’s better?

If you have a lot attached to your TV, a tabletop TV stand’s can be set up on something where you’ll be able to install all those consoles and devices. Using a TV wall mount, you’ll need to set up mounts for each device.

If you’re looking for a slicker, cleaner setup and have minimal devices to hook up, a TV wall mount’s a great option. You can combine it with some speaker mounts or speaker stands and really give it the look of a high-class, luxurious home theater setup.