What is an Angle Grinder Used For – read here!

An angle grinder’s an impressive power tool any homeowner wants to have on their tool bench. Sand, polish, and sharpen, or use it to grind and cut through metal, tile, stucco, pavers, and/or round out mortar. An angle grinder does all of these things and it does them well. The performance’s consistent and reliable, and it saves the wear and tear this sort of work will take when you use other means of getting it done.

The most popular uses of angle grinders are to cut tile, mortar, and pavers, to eliminate rust, to loosen paint, to sharpen blades, and to cut or grind steel. They’re quick to use and effective. Grinders like this require a cutting or grinding wheel which is usually switched out depending on performance or what’s being worked on. Needless to say, an angle grinder’s an underrated power tool.

Angle grinders, for the most part, are quite inexpensive in comparison with other power tools. Inexpensive low quality angle grinders also exist although we understandably want to avoid these. What you really want is a tool you can rely on for demanding work whether that’s cutting on cement, stucco, or something else. Ideally, this takes a powerful motor of at least 5-9 amps. Anything less isn’t worth entertaining, even for homeowners who are barely going to use it.

One of the best angle grinders in Canada is the PrimeCables branded model which includes a 6.5 amp motor, a 4.5” universal disc, and comes completely cordless so portability is easy. The cordless element of this power tool is worth speaking a little bit more about. Wires get in the way and in this age, they’re not needed as much especially on tools like these. Make your job easier by equipping yourself with the ability to charge and go.

Once you have your angle grinder in hand, you can buy different wheels and accessories to heighten the effectiveness of it on certain materials and/or for a different effect. For example, wire brush wheels are given to clean off rust from metals such as on a garden tool or pipe. You can choose to pair an abrasive wheel with your angle grinder or something completely different. Read the label. Every wheel may look similar but they can be designed in a way that the performance is very different.

Cordless power tools like angle grinders, power drills, automatic tire inflators, circular saws, and more are available from Canada’s own PrimeCables. You’ll absolutely love the access, free shipping on orders above $49, and the quality of performance perhaps above all else. Shop cordless angle grinders and more today.

PrimeCables® Angle Grinder
  • Includes one 115 mm-diameter grinding disc

Is an Outdoor TV Antenna Better than an Indoor One – See the Benefits

Despite impressively modern designs and functionality, the perception of TV antennas are that they are old-fashioned, bulky, and aren’t overall a great option for free over-the-air TV. High-definition TV antennas have come a long way over the years.

Subscription streaming services aside, a little over-the-air TV access isn’t a bad thing with local news and programming something you won’t necessarily find on any service like Netflix. Surprisingly, indoor antennas work rather well at finding and receiving signal. Even so, there are limitations. Is an outdoor TV antenna better than an indoor setup – well, yes. Here’s why.

How does an outdoor HD TV antenna work?

Any HD TV antenna is a transducer which means it receives electromagnetic waves and then converts them into electricity signals. An outdoor TV antenna is both a receiver and transmitter. Any waves – radio or TV – intercepted by an antenna is converted to either video or audio according to what’s possible by the type of the wave.

Digiwave® UHF Ultra Clear Outdoor Digital TV Antenna

Why to get an over-the-air TV antenna in the first place

Using an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you’re immediately saving on cost with free TV. No subscription or cable bill. If you don’t watch a lot of TV, here’s your solution and you still get up to 20 channels – a lot of which are local – with news, sports, and common television programs.

PrimeCables® Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Can’t I just use an indoor TV antenna?

An indoor TV antenna is a more budget-friendly, affordable solution. While it works well, it also compromises a lot. For example, an indoor antenna isn’t mounted on any kind of high point meaning that there will be interference. Signals have to travel through walls and objects, which reduces signal quality.

Why an outdoor TV antenna is a better option

An outdoor TV antenna is better than an indoor model because it operates interference-free, boasts a higher frequency, and will provide a better signal quality.

If you live in a major city like Toronto, you can receive a lot of signal from an indoor antenna. In more rural areas though or even outside of the downtown area, you’re going to start seeing worse and worse capture.

Outdoor TV antennas reach further, and will ensure you’re getting the maximum quality and amount of signals as possible.

PrimeCables® Professional HDTV Fishbone Outdoor Antenna

An outdoor TV antenna is well worth it for anyone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, who want to reduce their cable bill or get rid of it altogether, or who wants an upgrade over an indoor model. Pick up yours today from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

Why HDMI Cables are Designed the Way They Are – Understanding What Makes a High Quality HDMI Cable

HDMI cables are designed in some very unique ways to deliver the ultimate high-definition capable connection for home theater systems. HDMI has proven to be a standard so capable and quality that virtually no flat-screen sold today is lacking a component input for it. In fact, regulations prevent any manufacturer from making a flat-screen with a resolution lower than standard definition (480p). Needless to say, if you appreciate high-definition and 4K quality, it’s HDMI cables you want.

What type of HDMI cable do I need?

Now there are different types of HDMI cables available, some of which are only capable to provide 1080p while others can go up to 4K. There are also some devices that use HDMI but with a mini HDMI port or a micro HDMI port. Assuming you have a 4K HDMI cable, keep in mind the video display must be 4K and the media itself must also be in 4K. Regardless of what your view may be on 4K, HDMI 1080p cables are usually enough to meet most family’s entertainment needs. Be sure to pay attention when purchasing yours however to ensure it has the quality you want.

What kind of HDMI specifications should I be looking for?

Be careful when selecting an HDMI cable from a third party to ensure it’s built well. For example, HDMI has 4 wire gauges – 22AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, and 28AWG. The higher the number, the thinner the wire core is and that shortens the transmission distance. If you have a longer HDMI function in mind, select a low AWG accordingly.

Why the wire core material is important in an HDMI cable

The wire core material in an HDMI cable also matters. Ideally, you want an HDMI wire core with a pure copper conductor as this supports ultra-long distance transmission and signal stability. Copper HDMI cables can provide a 1080p HD resolution for up to 30 meters and beyond sometimes. For most households, they evidently don’t need this length. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about material used.

Why gold plated connectors are integral

High quality HDMI cables in Canada all have gold-plated connectors. Why? Better quality, of course! Gold-plated connectors solve loose contact problems which can occur after repeated plugging and unplugging. These issues cause signal loss and reduced picture quality. Quality connectors battle back against this. You can’t go wrong with gold-plated connectors, if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of plugging and unplugging with a specific HDMI cable model.

Browse HDMI 8K Cables, HDMI 4K cables, zinc-alloy HDMI 2.0 cables, HDMI cables with swivel connectors and wrapped in Nylon jackets, and more high-speed HDMI cables for home theater systems from PrimeCables.

Why We Love Our Dual Monitor and Triple Monitor Desk Mounts

We’re not all blessed with mansions and tons of space on our desks or in our computer room. When space is limited, you’ve got to make the most of it and that’s precisely we love monitor mounts.

In your work or play area – regardless of whether you’re a gamer looking for multiple screens to survey the results of your strategy, or a professional musician or graphic designer in need of increased screen size – a monitor mount’s an easy answer to more.

How does a monitor mount work?

A monitor mount lifts your computer screens up off your desk and affixes them to an arm connected to your desk. This suspends the monitors at an ergonomic viewing angle while freeing up the space underneath them for you to put stationery, pens, pencils, or whatever else you need. A dual monitor mount works for two monitors and a triple monitor mount works for three.

Adapt everything to the most optimum angle

Let’s say you have 3 monitors you want to have set up on a monitor mount. Even setting them up across a table, not every screen is going to be at an optimum viewing angle. To solve this issue, use the adaptability of a monitor mount to angle your screens to what’s best for where you’re seated. These advanced triple screen desktop monitor mount infrastructures means they are easily movable and are recommended for anyone who is routinely changing positions.

Who are monitor mounts perfect for?

  • Are you a gamer who enjoys playing with multiple screens? Lift those up off your desk, creating the ultimate gaming workstation for you to coordinate your strategies and gameplay from.
  • Are you a graphic designer or video editor – if so, chances are multiple screens would provide a faster way to get things done. When you’re editing images or video, you need significant space to test different effects out. If you already have multiple monitors, we strongly recommend a multi-monitor desk mount for your professional workspace.
  • Are you a professional musician or music producer? If you’re in the studio working on your next masterpiece, you need multiple monitors to record, mix, and master everything down. A triple monitor mount’s will spare you headaches switching between programs and provide you the chance to chase creativity with no restrictions.
  • Do you have a home office? Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a dual LCD monitor mount to provide you with two screens from which to work. If you edit documents, have to conference in on Skype regularly, or have to review different work, multiple monitors may prove beneficial.
PrimeCabels® Dual LCD Monitor Mount
PrimeCabels® Full motion Triple Monitor Mount

Here’s How to Upgrade Your Home Theater Sound System with Purpose

Home theater systems and the sound that makes them has gotten smaller, sharper, and richer. Although any video editor or filmmaker will tell you they want you to experience their work in theatres or on the largest screen possible, not as many focus on sound quality despite it being equally important to what appears on-screen. A 4K image, for example, isn’t worth a thing if sound-wise, it sucks.

Now imagine a home theater sound system where you hear every word of dialogue, every atmospheric detail, and every note of the soundtrack. Ideally, this is the sort of home theater sound you want to search for. Thankfully, contemporary surround sound systems and audio speakers are small and higher in quality than ever. You don’t need massive to win the day, nor does spending $1,000s equate to good sound. You can have excellent results with speakers significantly less in cost.

Monoprice® DT-3 50-Watt Multimedia Desktop Speakers

There are many ways you can go with upgrading home theater audio. Some choose to buy premium surround sound systems already configured and easily set up. Others meanwhile will purchase speakers and subwoofers that they themselves can easily move and position in accordance with what the room looks like. You can also start from scratch with some speaker wire, an amplifier, and go forth from there.

If what you want is surround sound and you refuse to look at anything less, search for a minimum 5.1 channel speaker system. The ‘5’ refers to a 5-speaker setup and the ‘1’ indicates a low-frequency effect channel which is a fancy way of saying ‘subwoofer’.

Monoprice® Premium 5.1-Ch. Home Theater System with Subwoofer
  • List price: $349.99

Using a surround sound system, you can mount the speakers against the wall, set them up on speaker stands, or alternatively position them on a table. Regardless of where you position yours, you will need to stick with strategy to ensure audio is moving correctly throughout the room, from the right angle and/or direction.

Can you use the audio channels from your own TV? Sure, lots of people do. This is very basic sounding audio though. If you really want to have an experience and fully immerse yourself in something you can feel in your bones, a home theater speaker and subwoofer far exceeds the limitations of any flat-screen.

For a lot of people upgrading their home theater systems, saving space is a must. For them, a Bluetooth stereo soundbar has the quality and functionality that’s well worth installing in a small room or condo apartment. If you want more than that, a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers or home entertainment-friendly 50-watt multimedia desktop powered speakers also work. Needless to say, there are no rules. Choose what suits your budget and space.

PrimeCables® Stereo Bluetooth Sound Bar with Wired Subwoofer

Loud, dynamic, and high quality sound elevates a home theater system, and it’s worthy of an upgrade if you don’t already have the right speaker setup. Customize your home theater experience at PrimeCables today.

See the Best Tripod for Instagram Photography and YouTube Video

Do you know how to get your next spectacular Instagram photo from your smartphone or professional camera? Are you ready to take your YouTube videos up a notch with crystal clear, stable photography? What we’re talking about is what anyone with a camera needs – a lightweight tripod.

A tripod is an underrated camera accessory and in an era of selfies, isn’t something thought of outside of people with a strong passion for photography and video-taking. Even so, a tripod instantly expands the types of photos or video one can take. It also opens up a whole new category of capture, with your ability to maintain stability in intense, movement-heavy situations.

What can you do with a lightweight photography and video tripod? We’ll you’ve definitely for some options and different types to choose from. What we’re talking about so far is a universal photography or video camera tripod that allows you to center your camera without problem. Ideally, for this, you want something lightweight, height adjustable, and high compatibility. A tripod like this you can carry with you when you’re travelling, on the road, to events or sports games, or keep it in the home to provide a stable, centered image.

That isn’t the only type of tripod for Instagram or YouTube that will keep your smartphone centered. If you don’t have a DSLR pro camera and are just using your smartphone, consider a mini tripod stand holder for your smartphone – one that’s portable and adjustable. Incredibly inexpensive, they’ll allow you to center your phone on a table or flat surface. Just like a general tripod, you can use it to position, angle, and rotate your smartphone to where you have to shoot.

If you’re making professional YouTube videos or want to up your Instagram photo-taking game, you can also use the sort of tripods that world class photographers go for. Light plays huge influence on quality of photo and video on social media. What so many YouTubers go for are photography light tripods which can help position all sorts of lighting, soft boxes, and umbrellas. Manipulating light, you can ease out facial blemishes and give your image the exact aesthetic you want.

You can’t take every photo with your smartphone or camera in hand! Sometimes, a little bit of stability and manipulation isn’t a bad thing. Find a height adjustable, durable, secure, and portable lightweight tripod for Instagram, YouTube, and social media.

PrimeCables® Lightweight Universal Tripod

Shop it all from Canada’s own PrimeCables and join the ranks of other hands-free, stable smartphone photographers and influencers.

Instantly Double Your Smartphone Screen Size with a Screen Magnifier and Reduce Eye Strain

At night and in bed, you may find yourself with a headache trying to watch media on your smartphone. If you’re in the backseat of a vehicle, commuting in transit, or simply passing time some afternoon, no one wants to tire their eyes out trying to watch a film or TV series on their phones. Instead, try a screen magnifier for smartphones.

Complete with a foldable stand, you can enlarge your smartphone screen by as much as 2.5 times. If you’re often watching video on a small screen, you can reduce so much fatigue with a magnifier. In the past, you may have seen similar products. They’re usually built cheap and sometimes don’t always provide the clearest picture. This guy does. Clear, vivid, and dynamic. Coming in a small size and easy enough to carry around, take it with you to wherever you may roam.

Within seconds, you can turn your tiny smartphone into a full-blown theatre room. If you watch movies regularly on your smartphone, even if you don’t feel it, that’s a lot of stress on the eyes. Through the design of this smartphone magnifier, all you need to do is insert your smartphone to its’ back and then you’ll enjoy a wide array of benefits, including cutting down on visual fatigue, prevention near-sightedness, and radiation protection.

The magnifier also supports hands-free use. In a way, it’s almost like its own stand. In its enclosed design, you can adjust the angle and turn it into your own little media center. It is suitable for iPhones and other smartphones although is not compatible with iPads or tablets. Use it indoors, outdoors, camping, or wherever you may go. If there are any doubts on size, measure it. This screen magnifier is ideal for phones measuring less than 14 cm in length, 8.3 cm in width, and 1.3 cm in thickness.

More and more, we are seeing interest in smartphone magnifiers from not only Canadians but smartphone users worldwide. So much media is watched on our phones every day, from TV to movies, YouTube, live streaming, downloads, and our own self-created video. When you have some way to magnify the video on your phone, it gives the chance for you to share it with your family or friends without having to cast it to the TV. Although not all smartphone magnifiers are sufficiently effective, the PrimeCables model has got to be one of Canada’s best.

Buy your screen magnifier in Canada for iPhones, Android, Huawei, and any other smartphone type today from PrimeCables. Combine it with other products like a Nintendo Switch wireless controller or wireless multimedia keyboard to bring it up to a minimum order of $49 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. See this PrimeCables exclusive.

PrimeCables® Cellphone Screen Magnifier

What Are the Advantages to Using an RJ45 Cable – read here!

RJ45 cables and connectors are one of the preferred mechanisms to use in connecting to Ethernet. RJ45s are most commonly seen in offices where the strain on the Internet is significant. Computers, printers, network storage, cable models, DSL models, and more.

What type of RJ45 cable do I need to use?

There are two types of RJ45 cables. ‘Standard patch cables’ are used to connect a device or computer to a network router or switch. Then, there are ‘crossover cables’ which are used to connect two computers without a router or switch between them. In most cases, and to most homeowners or small business owners, they will choose a standard patch RJ45 cable.

RJ45 cables as an alternative to fiber optic tech

Fiber optic is a competing technology to RJ45 cables. The biggest disadvantage to fiber optics are that they are very expensive to install, despite the fact that it’s usually faster than an RJ45. There are two big disadvantages to a fiber optic connection compared to an RJ45 cable. Any data you want to transmit over a wireless connection can’t be transmitted at the speed of an RJ45 cable. Also, a wireless connection opens yourself up to others hacking in and exposes this data to possible interception.

Can I use an RJ45 cable outside?

Yes, you can use an RJ45 cable for Ethernet connection outdoors, such as to network between homes or other buildings. To do so however, you will need a specific outdoor RJ45 burial patch cable. These are built with higher quality materials, such as pure copper and with gold-plated connectors. An RJ45 patch cable like this is weatherproofed to a degree and exceeds the functionality that a regular Ethernet cable will be able to give you.

Why wouldn’t I just go wireless?

You can try to use a wireless connection between buildings but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know connection quality can vary, you open yourself up to electromagnetic interference, and it’s plainly not worth it if speed and security are a priority.

Can I just use an ordinary Ethernet cable for outdoors?

If you try to use a standard non-outdoors Ethernet cable – such as a Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable – it will work temporarily. That said, any sort of semi-extreme temperature and humidity is going to slowly damage the cable and reduce its usefulness. Considering how labour-intensive installation can be to get an RJ45 cable to connect between buildings, it makes more sense to do it right the first time and to use a cable that’s actually built to last.

Shop RJ45 cables, RJ45 connectors, Ethernet cables, and more at PrimeCables. Make it easy on yourself when you have to run Internet cables outdoors. Protect your network, your security, and your investment.

Is a Wired Nintendo Switch Controller Better than a Wireless – in some cases, yes!

Nintendo Switch launched in early 2017 as a hybrid gaming console bringing together the advantages of portability with being a stationary gaming console. With the Nintendo Switch, wireless controllers were included with advanced technology to allow for tactile feedback, motion sensing, and more.

As impressive and efficient as a Nintendo Switch wireless controller is, in some cases, a wired controller is still preferred by some users. With the wireless controller being so good, who would ever want to have to go back to a wired connection? Well, going beyond the nostalgia of a controller connected by wire, there are certainly a few advantages.

Lag-free performance

Browsing the specifications of a wired controller for Nintendo Switch console, the biggest reason to buy is improved performance in gameplay. You’re getting no lag as it’s a direct connection right into the console. In your hands, it also feels like a classic Nintendo controller so for classic games like Mario Kart, Pokemon, and others, a wired controller is a much loved purchase.

Long playing times

When you have a wireless controller, it needs a charge otherwise it’s not going to work. Though some can last a long time, when you’re gaming, you don’t want your time interrupted when a controller goes out. If you’re playing for extended hours, definitely invest in a wired controller! Especially for playing with friends or having a marathon day of gaming, you don’t want any interruptions.

More affordable

With a wired Nintendo Switch controller, you’re shaving a lot off the price. The Pro controller, comparatively, is super expensive despite having arguably better functionality. For example, multiple wired Nintendo controllers can be bought for the same price of a Pro wireless Switch controller.

Less functionality

If you’re really into the idea of motion controls, rumble, and such, these are areas where some controllers fail. That said, a lot of third party Nintendo Switch controllers still provide vibration functions and others, maintaining that same level of immersive gameplay. If you ever have problems with interference or lag, you may actually find any sort of lack in high-tech appearances, or in functionality, can be forgiven.

For home gaming, wired is the way to go

For home gaming or non-professional gamers, a wired Nintendo controller is a solid choice. If you’re buying for a young child or someone who isn’t playing games relying on gyro or any physical motion, it’s the perfect choice. For these uses, there’s virtually no reason to buy a Nintendo Switch wireless controller.

Shop one of the best quality Nintendo Switch wired controllers in Canada from PrimeCables. For your favourite games like a Mario Kart, Resident Evil, or indie games, you’ll be glad you went wired.