What Are the Best Black Friday Deals in Canada – see here!

Canada’s favourite Black Friday deals are coming out of the gate from PrimeCables, with exclusives on home theater systems, USB accessories, smartphone accessories, and more. You can get a jump right now on your holiday shopping plan, with an early look into PrimeCables’ catalogue for the best Black Friday deals in Canada.

Smartphone accessories

Little knick-knacks for your smartphone including USB sync and charge cables, USB hubs, protection cases, magnetic mounts for your bedroom or car, and more are on Black Friday sale. These make for great Christmas or holiday gifts, or are wonderful to splurge on yourself. Once you’ve added up the savings on what you can walk away with, you’ll find it to be a pretty incredible day to go shopping. This is the run-up to the holidays and we want to see products move!

Smart home products

Have you wanted more surveillance at home, more security, or are just plain fascinated by technology – check out some of our smart home products. Smart home tech Black Friday deals include exclusive discounts on smart locks and door bells, security cameras that link to your smartphone 24/7, home automation and smart home controllers and kits, smart lighting, smart plugs and outlets, and monitoring and sensors. You will love what you can walk away with.

Height adjustable sit-stand desks

A huge attraction for home office users, entrepreneurs, and business owners working out of a space in their home or rented in a multi-office setting are sit-standing desks. These height adjustable models allow you to sit or stand as you see fit, helping you with your fitness and cardiovascular conditioning as you work. More people are tapping into these ergonomic desks and for Black Friday, they’re on a big sale!

Home theater accessories

If there’s one thing we’re known for at PrimeCables, it’s home theater accessories and November’s a great month to grab what you need to set up, install, or upgrade what you got going on at home. See speaker systems, TVs, projectors, speaker mounts, TV wall mounts, A/V receivers, cut-the-cord indoor and outdoor TV antennas, and Android smart TV boxes. Home theater Black Friday deals are ready to happen!

This isn’t all you’ll find at PrimeCables, of course. There are 100s of deals. A lot of these deals only come once a year. We’ve had some customers clear out their whole holiday gift shopping list from a single Black Friday shop at PrimeCables. Here’s your chance. See gifts for men, gifts for women, award-winning tech products, and high quality products that are sure to sell out soon! This is your ultimate Black Friday shop in Canada.

Setting Up Your Tool Bench with High Quality Screwdrivers, Power Drills, and More this Black Friday

Dishing out some of our best deals of the Black Friday season, get ready to shop for some hand and power tools. Fill out your tool bench or tool belt, replacing what’s no longer working and adding some high-tech tools you may not have had before. Sure to grab the attention of any builder or DIYer, here’s a preview of these deals to whet your appetite.

Cordless electric screwdriver

For light household projects, a 36-piece accessory kit complete with a portable cordless electric screwdriver drill is a Black Friday dream. Although there’s nothing wrong with a manual screwdriver, you can make it easier on yourself when you go electric and hey, no wire or cords! Cordless and electric power tools make any job easier.

Cordless electric screwdriver drill + 36-piece accessories kit

LED head light and magnifier

For anyone working with smaller pieces – such as jewelry, watch repair, or even for general hobbyists – having a head light and amplifier can help you get your work done without lacking light. Adjustable to any head size, it’s key to allowing you to work in less than desirable conditions.

LED head light and magnifier

Multi-purpose 38-in-1 screwdriver phone repair set

For any general houseworking, repairing, and maintenance of smartphones and similarly small electronics, this multi-purpose screwdriver phone repair set is on big Black Friday sale. Have fun delving into smaller electronics, learning how they work and discovering the right repairs to get them to where they need to be.

Multi-purpose 38-in-1 screwdriver phone repair set

Ethernet cable tester and crimping tool

Re-designing your Internet connection in a home or business environment involves testing and crimping Ethernet cable. The lengths you need aren’t always what you get. This tool set gives opportunity to customize your wired Internet setup, bringing you to the exact amount of cable required.

Ethernet cable tester and crimping tool set

20-volt cordless power drill

Stocked with a number of high quality power tools on Black Friday sale, the most popular in the PrimeCables catalogue is a 20-volt cordless power drill. For when you’re working with no plug nearby or when you simply want more freedom than a wired tool can provide, charge this and after a single use, you won’t want to go back.

20-volt cordless power drill

Across the PrimeCables site, you will find page after page of Black Friday deals. This is one of the most anticipated Black Fridays of all-time. The great thing about shopping with PrimeCables is everything’s done at home. No waiting in lines. No rushing and pushing into a retail store. Grab some tea, have a seat, and click on your favourites as you pile them up in your cart. Make Black Friday your own!

HDMI Cables, USB Cables, and More on Black Friday Sale Canada-Only

We’re not one to wait. The best Black Friday 2019 deals in Canada have already started at PrimeCables. HDMI cables, USB cables, Apple cables, speaker wire, Ethernet cables, and more. There’s no better place to pick up new cables for your home theater system, smartphone, or Internet connection. Do you need a hook up?

HDMI cables

High quality HDMI cables that are built to last can in fact last decades. Unfortunately, some of who’ve purchased low quality ones for our home theater system may not be getting the best picture or may be in need of a replacement. Get your HDMI cables now from Canada’s top source.

USB cables

USB sync and charge cables for your smartphone, tablet, and mobile devices eventually either end up lost or they break and need replacement. It’s only a matter of time, for those of us with pets, that one gets chewed through. Find Nylon braided high quality USB cables on Black Friday sale today.

Apple cables

Apple-certified USB cables are golden for any of your Apple devices. If you require an Apple-specific cable, we can almost guarantee we have it in stock. Before stock veers towards being sold out, pick up yours.

Speaker wire

Speaker wire is a unique way to customize your home theater sound setup. If you’ve always wanted to build your own surround sound system or re-develop your home audio listening experience, speaker wire’s what you’ll need to connect speaker to speaker.

Ethernet cables

Ethernet cables are the fastest wired Internet connections in the world, even beating WiFi in instances where multiple people are online simultaneously. If you feel like you may not be getting the most from your Internet or you simply want to switch to a wired Internet connection and eliminating the limitations of wireless, check out some Ethernet cable.

Computer cables

We also have a number of specialty cables we’re pulling out of the warehouse and putting on display for Black Friday deals including things like DisplayPort, VGA, DVI, Toslink digital audio cables, RCA, digital coaxial, 3.5mm audio cables, hard drive SATA cables, and more. If you’re looking for cables, we probably have it somewhere in our catalogue!

Why Black Friday?

The holidays are coming up and Black Friday’s the day where all the best deals you’ll find this season are. For the majority of us, we probably use at least two or three cables daily to charge and power our devices or equipment. Internet cables, home theater cables, and more are discounted until Black Friday waiting to be shipped. Do you need new cables – pick yours at PrimeCables.

Black Friday Deals for Under $5 for You and Your Holiday Shopping List

Looking to wet your feet without spending every dollar in your wallet this Black Friday? PrimeCables’ Black Friday wish list is long with dozens of high tech products for under $5. Buy for Christmas, for family, or for yourself, here’s your chance to get some great deals.

High speed HDMI Ethernet cable – $2.99

Are you ready to hook up your home theater system with Ethernet – now’s your chance to make it happen. Through an HDMI cable with Ethernet, you get an Internet hook up that plugs in direct and which isn’t coming through your wireless. You will love the clarity and quality of signal!

HDMI to HDMI 6Ft cable Premium 3D,1.4 High Speed Ethernet Cable

AA Alkaline Battery 8-pack – $1.99

For when you need AA batteries for your electronics, you want them there already. They aren’t the flashiest Black Friday buy but they’re sure helpful when you need them. They’re affordably priced, quality-made batteries on a Black Friday deal under $5.

AA Alkaline Battery 8Pcs/Pack

10-feet Cat6 Ethernet cable – $2.69

For homes or places of business where the Internet speeds you need aren’t the speeds you’re getting, an Ethernet cable’s a sure way to get you everything you can from your connectivity. Choose a mix of Ethernet cables for under $5 on the cheap this November.

10FT Cat6 550MHz UTP 24AWG RJ45 Ethernet Network Cable

Adjustable camera mini tripod for smartphones – $4.99

Create smartphone videos, YouTube smartphone videos, or capture photography with ease via an adjustable tripod customized to support any smartphone. Deals on Black Friday smartphone accessories don’t get better than this.

Portable and Adjustable Camera Mini Tripod Stand Holder

USB cables – $2.99

Every smartphone requires a USB sync and charge cable but there are so many standards out now that it can be hard knowing what cable to buy for your phone. PrimeCables has virtually every USB cable on sale for Black Friday, with several models for under $5 and as low as $2.99.

Wall mount hanger for guitar – $2.99

Do you play guitar, bass, mandolin, or similar acoustic string instruments – check out this wall hanger. It’s a simple mount that allows you to hang your guitar like a painting, freeing up space without having to set it up on a tripod-design stand.

Wall mount hanger for guitar

PrimeCables has plenty of Black Friday deals for under $10, under $15, and under $20 as well. Before you pull out your wallet, stop by any time and bookmark your favourites. Before your holiday plans are in place, it’s a great time to get your gift shopping done on the cheap. Visit PrimeCables today to check out home theater, smartphone accessories, USB cables, and more.

Best Home Theater Deals for Black Friday You Can’t Miss!

Love it or hate it, Black Friday’s nearly upon us. There’s no denying it. Black Friday’s knocking at the front door. Thankfully, you don’t need to swarm the mall for the best deals on home theater systems. You can get them right from home, making it as easy as a click and a purchase.

The best home theater deals on Black Friday this year are coming from Canada’s own PrimeCables. In the catalogue, you’ll find a wonderful range of Black Friday deals from $5 or less through to the more big ticket items. Here’s a few of those very can’t-miss deals!

Android smart TV box

So many streaming services are setting records in the marketplace this year. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime are favourites, as is Crave. Joining them is Disney+  and Apple+. If you don’t have a smart TV though, you may not have access to these and other content channels like YouTube without a pretty advanced setup. Buy an Android smart TV box and turn any ordinary screen into your very own smart TV paradise.

Surround sound system

What’s 1080p HD quality content without the equivalent detail preserved in sound – you need home theater-level audio. You will find plenty of home theater speaker Black Friday deals, including on Bluetooth stereo soundbars, bookshelf speakers, speaker mounts which can be incredibly useful at designing a home theater speaker look, and of course, our critically acclaimed selection of surround sound systems. Choose the speaker setup that works for you.

Outdoor TV antenna

If you’re cutting the cord with so many other Canadians, you may still want a connection to regional content such as the local news and sports. This makes sense! An outdoor TV antenna nabs you up to 25 channels or more, including local programming. Especially if you live in a city environment like Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, or Halifax, there’s more free over-the-air signals you can pick up. An outdoor TV antenna installed on your home is a sound investment.

What other Black Friday deals do you have?

The home theater Black Friday sale keeps on coming with a wide array of excellent deals, like multi-outlet wall mount surge protectors with USB ports, a portable wireless keyword, satellite speaker stands, headphones, 1080p TVs, and more. Anyone can click on PrimeCables and effectively design a home theater system brand new from top to bottom.

Don’t lose yourself in the unstoppable force of Black Friday. Spend wisely, know what you want, and shop it at PrimeCables. Give yourself the home entertainment and media system you’ve always wanted to have. Now’s your chance! Have a click.