office ergonomic

How Do I Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office?

Like many home offices who have made the switch to ergonomic office furniture have already done, you too can avoid neck, shoulder, and back issues simply by re-designing a select few aspects of your space. Do you have pain or are at an increased cardiovascular risk – sitting in an office unfortunately won’t do you any favours. Though a lot…

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ethernet cable

Why Cat6 Cables Are Still Preferred Over Wi-Fi

Ethernet cables have proven integral to environments where the demands of computer networking exceeds the limitations of WiFi. As wonderful as wireless connections are, there’s nothing faster than the Ethernet standards. Cat6 cables are used in many industries and are one of the most requested types of Ethernet cables. If you’re looking for the perfect cable to use on a…

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power strip outlet, surge protector

What is the Best Surge Protector in 2020 to Use to Protect My Devices – Check it Out!

The best surge protectors in 2020 build on past designs with increased functionality and new technological efficiencies. There’s a lot more to surge protectors and power strips these days compared to years ago when all it would be is a line of inputs. Check out some of the new functionality and types below. Why every house needs a surge protector…

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Mount & stand

Can You Mount a TV in a Corner – Yes, You Can!

Mounting a flat-screen TV presents a more theatrical and immersive experience. A TV wall mount gives an all-around more impressive aesthetic to one’s home theater system as well. In some rooms, unfortunately they are limited by light and space dynamics, and a flat wall to mount on isn’t always available. Depending on your furniture, you may actually find it more…

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apple lightning cable, audio cable, ethernet cable, hdmi cable, iphone cable, lightning cable

See a List of Home Theater Cables, Charging Cables, and Wires You May Want to Upgrade

With the holidays just having passed, chances are you may have one or two new devices or electronics to plug in, install, or power. When it comes to home theater cables, smartphone cables, and electrical wire, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade every once in a while. High tech, new, state-of-the-art cables make your daily life easier. You’ll see your smartphone…

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adapter, adapter & splitter, hdmi cable, USB cable, USB type C cable, video cable

Why We Buy Audio, Video, and Cable Adapters – Add More Function to Your Home

Occasionally, we run into the problem of not having the ability to amplify audio or connect a video to the right device. When this happens, thankfully, you have a wide array of audio and video signal adapters to choose from. Why we buy cable adapters is ultimately to turn one cable type into another cable type, modifying the connector. For…

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