Why Do I Need to Use a Different USB Type Cable for Every Device I Have – you don’t!

It sort of sucks having to use two or three, or sometimes four, USB cables to charge and sync devices around the house. It would be so much easier if everything just could be used on the same USB cable.

In the last twenty years, the world has gone through a handful of USB standards. Different USB types have been used on all sorts of devices. Strictly looking at the progression from cell phone into the ‘smartphone era’, there’s at least three or four main USB-based cables spread across multiple manufacturers.

These days, chances are, a household isn’t using devices strictly purchased in the last year. Independent of that, different sized devices may have been designed using different USB connections in mind.

Fortunately, there is a way to charge multiple USB devices, each with a different USB type of connector, with a single cable. It’s with a 4-in-1 USB charging cable. On this one cable, we see USB Type-C, USB-A, and micro USB connectors. They can be inserted over one another to essentially create the cable you’ve always wanted to have. Instead of carrying around a few cables, now you only need one.

For all Android and USB Type-C devices, get the quick charge you’ve been getting on other cables. If you happen to have other devices that use the micro USB standard, you can employ the same cable. You don’t have to go digging for the manufacturer’s cable. It is safe, with high efficiency data transfer speeds, and all connection are made from aluminum alloys. They are permanently affixed to the cable which means they can never be lost or misplaced.

A universally compatible USB cable is the perfect gift for a traveler or professional who uses portable USB devices. As if all that wasn’t enough, the cable is wrapped in Nylon braided protection. This ensures that it does not bend, break, get chewed through, get cut through, or become damaged. This is a long-lasting USB cable! Here are some other reasons to consider a universal USB cable for all devices.

  • A lifespan of 10,000+ bends or more.
  • Nylon braided shell makes the USB cable easy to bend with no damage.
  • Charge power up to 60W.
  • Data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps.

At home, traveling, in the car, or at the office, there’s not a reason to carry any other USB Type-C or mini USB cable with you. This one takes the cake! So easy to use and quality-made, pick up yours today by visiting PrimeCables.ca.

How Do I Connect DisplayPort to USB

Do you have older DisplayPort devices that you want to connect to a USB port – now you can. Through PrimeCables’ bidirectional USB Type-C to DisplayPort cable, this offers the adaptability users have always wanted.

Connect USB devices to DisplayPort ports. Connect DisplayPort devices to USB ports. The bidirectional design allows for both of these things to happen. It works in both directions! This is a high quality cable capable of delivering 4K video signals and with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Normally, to make this same connection, you might have had to buy a special adapter in the past. This adapter would have to have the functionality to do a DisplayPort to USB connection which doesn’t necessarily mean 4K was achievable. If you have legacy DisplayPort devices, excluding them from your home theater system or being unable to use them – those days are gone.

Do you have an old PC and new monitor that you need to make a connection to – DisplayPort’s a great standard to use but with the IT industry fixated on USB, complications arise. Use this DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable to make that connection whenever wanted.

What can I use my DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable for?

  • Use DisplayPort as a source.
  • Use USB signal as a source, as long as the computer, tablet, or smartphone has DisplayPort alternate mode enacted.
  • With 4K images, receive sharp, detailed images.
  • At the high refresh rate of 60 Hz, everything will be so much smoother.

It’s all plug and play, and requires no advanced setup or special IT knowledge. This is a great present for those that have a mix of new and old computer equipment, or new and old home theater systems. If you have a parent or grandparent who have the issue of many having too many cables, check to see if this DisplayPort to USB cable might be a way to help simplify their setup.

Can DisplayPort carry USB signals?

As we continue to move towards a world where USB is the single connecting cable we all use, DisplayPort has adapted to move into the same USB Type-C connector everything else uses. Though we hope to see more development in this vein in the future, for the time being, this bidirectional DisplayPort adapter cable may be your best bet at getting a DisplayPort signal into a USB port.

Make it easy to bridge USB and DisplayPort devices. Get your DisplayPort to USB adapter or DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable in Canada from PrimeCables today.

What is a DisplayPort Cable Used For – Everything You Need to Know

DisplayPort cables are a distinct cable type used to transmit audio and video, and are competition to the very popular HDMI cable.

What is a DisplayPort cable?

While HDMI has been used since the early 2000s by manufacturers like Sony, DisplayPort was invented by a consortium of PC manufacturers. To compete with the HDMI standard and to produce a more advanced cable, DisplayPort was considered to be a follow-up to both VGA and DVIs standards.

DisplayPort cables are more focused on computer displays and IT environments than home entertainment or home theater systems. Over the years, DisplayPort cables have progressed to 1080p versions and above. The latest models come with high bandwidth, ultra-HD video resolutions, and are an excellent investment for any household.

How does DisplayPort work?

DisplayPort is a 20-pin connection. You have your standard DisplayPort and an Apple mini DisplayPort which functions similar to Thunderbolt. There are two main DisplayPort cables for a home theater to consider.

  • DisplayPort 1.2 supports video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD, 4K) with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This type of cable also supports 3D video formats. The maximum bandwidth sent through a DisplayPort 1.2 is 17.28 Gbps.
  • DisplayPort 1.4 supports video resolutions up to 5120 x 2800 pixels (8K) with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The maximum bandwidth through a DisplayPort 1.4 8K cable is 25.92 Gbps.

DisplayPort boasts stronger video properties than many HDMI cables and on top of that, the upcoming DisplayPort 2.0 cable standard will have a whopping resolution of 10,240 x 4320, capable of 77.4 Gbps in bandwidth.

What are the benefits of using DisplayPort cable?

There are a lot of advantages to using a DisplayPort cable for your home entertainment or computer system. For example, DisplayPort can drive multiple monitors – up to 4 monitors at 1920×1200 resolution on a single interface.

The speeds of data transfer on DisplayPort also exceeds what you can get from an HDMI cable. DisplayPort also supports a variety of adapters, including HDMI, DVI, and VGA which makes it easily purposed across a number of different functions. You can convert a DisplayPort signal to HDMI but not the other way around. For all these reasons, DisplayPort is a standard in entertainment, commercial, business, and many residential environments.

Are you looking for a high quality 8K DisplayPort cable in Canada – visit PrimeCables. See a bandwidth of up to 32.4 Gbps with version 1.4 and a resolution up to Ultra HD. This high-performance cable is perfect for any desktop computer, laptop, or home theater system. Be shocked at how good your video image looks!

3 Best Headphones and Wireless Earbuds for Music, Podcasts, and Media in 2020

For under $100, wireless headphones and earbuds in Canada that sound great and last may resemble an impossibility – it’s not.

On this list are three of Canada’s best headphones and wireless earbuds for media. On a comparison of price-to-value, these models exceed their competitors. They all pack exhibit excellence in sound and functionality. Here’s our list.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with mic and charging case – $44.99

You’ve seen wireless Bluetooth earbuds like these before. Currently on sale, the all-white earbuds come with a rechargeable case, have a multi-function button to answer calls if you’re on a smartphone, and involve no wires whatsoever.

If you want high-tech earbuds with great sound, this fits the definition. They’re built well but as wireless headphones, they won’t tolerate as much abuse as cheaper or wired models can. Fortunately, as long as they’re properly taken care of and charged, you’re going to get an excellent performance from them.

Over-the-ear high-tech headphones – $19.99

The best headphones in Canada for under $20 is this model. The over-the-ear design cuts out background noise. The detachable cable and mic makes it easy to pack and use for communications and gaming. They’re also foldable. For the functionality alone, you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to sound clarity, these headphones receive an A+. It’s like having a premium headphone for a much lower price. It’s killer sound and on top of that, you can knock these around a bit without having to worry about quality of audio being affected. For the rigors of everyday use, choose these.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling headphones – $69.99

For Bluetooth wireless headphones, you won’t find a better pair. Enjoy up to 16 hours of playtime on a 500mAh lithium-ion battery. The Active Noise Cancelling component helps to build an excellent quality sound that you can enjoy on movies, music, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

Audiophiles love the sound that this pair delivers. It’s a tough bar to clear offering this type of quality for under $100 but this model definitely got there. They work great on a workout cardio machine or worn in bed while watching a movie. They do a great job blocking out the world around you and letting you focus in on your audio experience.

PrimeCables.ca has made a name for itself in Canada offering premium audio cables, headphones, earbuds, and audiophile accessories. If you’re seeking great, reliable sound, discover cheaply priced high quality headphones that aren’t going to quit out on you. We don’t do regular prices. Shop with us today for sales on wireless earbuds and more.

How Many Watts Do My Computer Speakers Need – A Guide to Multimedia Speakers

So you want to buy multimedia computer speakers but you don’t know how many watts you need. Most of us think, ‘The more, the better!’ This isn’t necessarily true.

In home audio design, there’s a lot of dispute about this question. A lot of people have misconceptions around audio or choose speakers based off how they look in design rather than the specifications that sit behind the look.

When computer speakers give a wattage amount, it’s not always clear what this means. There isn’t any indication whether this is a maximum, average, peak, or if it’s a sustainable level of wattage. It’s also not easy to find this information. Even digging online into the manufacturer’s specifications, it’s not uncommon to walk away mystery unsolved.

Did you know a 200-watt amp puts out the same power as a 10-watt amp – it’s true! Listening occurs at average levels, oftentimes using less than 1 watt on a speaker. At a specific volume setting, in a given speaker load, amplifiers give the same amount of power as long as they’re capable of giving said amount.

With multimedia speakers, these aren’t meant to be used for big events where you want the volume at an uncomfortably loud level. At most, you may never need more than 10 or 20 watts.

For speakers like these to work, you want to use an amplifier that matches the wattage. A 1,000 watt amplifier can work with a 50-watt multimedia speaker and won’t do any damage it as long as you don’t turn up the amplifier to exceed the limitations of the speaker.

With a set of desktop-powered multimedia speakers, the amplifier is built into the speaker so this risk doesn’t exist. If you want a simple, high-power computer audio setup, desktop-powered speakers are the way to go.

Now let’s assume you’re using your speakers for music. If you aren’t expecting to throw a party and have them rock the house, 50 watts is more than adequate for desktop computer speakers. Comparatively, the average TV audio amplifier only gives out up to 10 watts per speaker.

A listenable volume is achievable with much less than what you need in power. The added wattage in a desktop multimedia speaker at 50 watts is going to be loud, clear, enjoyable, and you won’t find them expensive. In general, the more watts, the louder and cleaner an audio signal’s going to be. That said, a 50-watter is perfect for desktop computers.

Find the ultimate multimedia speakers in Canada for desktop computers, laptops, and home theater systems from PrimeCables today.

See the Best USB Ports in 2020 for Charging

USB ports allow you to connect multiple USB devices at the same time to charge, sync, and/or connect. Every port works a little differently, some only charging while others offer direct connection to a laptop or computer.

These multi-purpose ports are easy to install, are usually very portable, and are getting used by more and more households, especially multi-person dwellings such as condos, student houses, and families.

If you have three or more devices in your household that need to be charged weekly, make charging accessible for yourself and anyone else in the home. These are the best USB ports in Canada in 2020, ranging from smaller models to a premiere 13-port high speed hub.

4-port USB 2.0 high speed portable hub

If you want a multi-port connection to have with you and your laptop, this portable high speed 4-port USB hub’s a recommended buy. It’s all plug-and-play and is very easy to use. It will turn a single USB port into four.

PrimeCables® 4-Port USB 2.0 High Speed Portable Hub

Monoprice 4-port USB 2.0 passive hub

This 4-port USB hub square works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and is a perfect USB expansion in a space-saving design. It’s self-powering, 2.0 ports, is backwards compatible, and has overcurrent protection. Why it’s included on this list is the convenience in its design.

Monoprice® 4-Port USB 2.0 Passive HUB

72-watt 10-port USB smart charging hub

For households with four or more family members, this 10-port USB smart hub is the solution to arguments over who can take the plug to charge their phone. This is one of the most stable options, has a fast data transfer, and saves on space as well with holders built into the design to keep safe your smartphones, tablets, and other charging devices. The only drawbacks are that it’s not very portable and for heavy-duty use, you may want to check out another option on our list.

PrimeCables® 72 W 10-Port USB Smart Charging Hub

12-port USB hub circle

If you have a workstation, gaming station, music studio, video studio, or simply have a large amount of USB devices, here’s a way to connect them all. You get 12 ports – that’s right, 12 friggin’ ports! It’s in a circular design so you’re saving space. It’s relatively expensive, compared to standard USB hubs above 10 ports. The only drawbacks to this 12-port USB hub circle design are it requires an AC adapter and with twelve connections, that’s a lot of cables to get knotted up pretty fast.

Monoprice® 12-Port USB Hub Circle

13-port USB hub with power switch

The ultimate USB hub in Canada has got to be this. What you’re looking at is a small yet very powerful 13-port USB hub. It is travel-friendly and portable which is why it’s preferred by many in professions who require portable USB connections. They’re all 2.0 USB ports which means quality charging. You can also use these to connect printers, external hard drives, and all sorts of devices. Equipped with a DC power adapter and switch, this is a whole new way to use your USB connections.

13-port USB hub with power switch
  • 34% OFF
  • until March 3, 2020

How Do I Use Cage Nuts to Mount My IT Equipment

“What are cage nuts?” “How do you use cage nuts?” “Can I use another type of nut to mount my IT equipment?” These are all very common questions we receive about the hardware recommended for mounts. In this article, we hope to shine a light on what are cage nuts, how they are used, and why they are considered necessary for mounting equipment.

What are cage nuts?

Cage nuts are used to mount IT equipment in server racks. Cage nuts are easily identifiable through their square hole design. They are commonplace in IT environments. Cage nuts protect the weight of the equipment from stripping the threads.

How a cage nut works is by housing a standard nut in a case with a spring. A cage nut has two wings that, when pinched together, allow it to be inserted into a square hole on mounting equipment. The wings then release and the cage nut is held in place.

M6 Cage Nuts & Mounting Screws for Server Rack

What does M6 mean on a cage nut?

Cage nuts generally come in two standards – M5 and M6. The more advanced and heavy-duty of the two standards are M6 cage nuts. M6 are heavier and more robust. Comparatively, M5 are designed for light and medium equipment only. Here are some more advantages to using cage nuts for IT mounts.

  • They permit a choice in nut and bolt size.
  • If a screw is over-tightened, the nut can be replaced.
  • Cage nuts are very easy to use on materials that are thin or soft and/or which there is difficulty creating threading.

How do I install a cage nut?

In some cases, you may need a slot screwdriver to help install a cage nut. That said, there are mounting tools to help with cage nuts. To uninstall a cage nut, you will have to release the nut wings. It should then come right out.

What type of screws do you use with cage nuts?

Larger M6 cage nuts are for weight and so this must be kept in mind when selecting screws. Ultimately, it does not matter what kind of screw you use with a cage nut as long as it’s rated appropriately for the nut being used with it. You may find it more advantageous if you’re purchasing cage nuts to get them in a kit with mounting screws.

Where can I buy cage nuts in Canada?

Buy cage nuts in Canada from PrimeCables. They have a 10-pack currently on sale for $4.49 complete with mounting screws for a square hold server rack. If you don’t have one already, PrimeCables also has server racks to mount which can be paired in a purchase. The cage nuts available from PrimeCables are made from low carbon steel with a black oxide finish.

A High-Quality Laptop Table No Student or Entrepreneur Can Live Without

As a student or entrepreneur, the work-life balance thing is hard. It’s not every day that things magically work out so that time at home isn’t somehow impacted by your scholastic or professional commitments.

They say, you shouldn’t be doing work on your laptop in bed. For some of us, we know better. Sometimes you just have to. Whether it’s in bed, on the couch, or sitting on the floor, finding the right surface to set your laptop on is a problem not easily solved. Enter in your portable laptop table.

A laptop table is exactly what you’d expect it to be. It’s a small, comfortably sized table that perfectly suits the size of your laptop. You can take it with you to bed or set it up on the couch with you. Students can do their homework, write essays, and do research on it. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can check their financials, author reports, and monitor their companies. The experience of using a laptop in bed doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

What if we said you could have a height adjustable laptop bed table – yes please! With the adjustability component, this makes it easy to angle everything ergonomically so that you’re comfortable and not having to strain to type. You can even adjust the top surface so that it’s angled exactly where it should be as not to put any unnecessary pressure on your hands.

Even though it is a laptop table meant for laptops, it can also double as a hard surface to do paperwork on or even be used as a breakfast tray for snacking. If you want to watch a movie, take your laptop table with you to bed and settle in with a snack or your favourite beverage. Leisure or work, whatever it is, a table like this is extremely handy to have.

This is especially true for those of us who like taking our work home with us. Trying to work on couches and beds only leads to us feeling physically sore. The back aches come before long, alongside whatever else bad posture does to your body. A laptop table for business gives you stability as well as an optimum height at which to work at. Also, if for whatever reason, you can’t leave your bed, you can have a table to do your work at, make video calls, eat, read, watch videos, and more.

Finally! A laptop workstation you can take to bed with you! Buy your multi-purpose height adjustable laptop table in Canada from PrimeCables today. See the benefits yourself and prioritize comfortability.

PrimeCables® Ajustable Laptop Table

How to Create a Study Space at Home For Your Child

Every child in school deserves to have a safe, quiet, dedicated space for them to complete homework at. A child who has to settle for doing homework at the kitchen table isn’t going to have the same focus as if they were alone in their own space.

In every home, there’s almost always a place to set up a study for a young student. Examples include a loft, an open closet, in the hallway, or even a quiet corner. The only thing you need to mark an area as a study space is a desk and chair.

Parents concerned about the long-term health impact of prolonged sitting thankfully have ergonomic desk options for children to choose from. The advantage of an ergonomic desk is primarily that it’s height adjustable. This is excellent for a growing child as the desk can be increasingly raised the older they get. Secondly, the height adjustability aspect means they can work while sitting or standing, minimizing the impact that sitting has on their health.

Does a child really need an ergonomic desk?

While a child may not need an ergonomic desk, it helps to build positive habits. Adults who experience aches and pains from desk jobs, this comes from slouching and poor posture. These habits are learned very early on and then get carried through for decades. An ergonomic desk cuts through all that, teaching how to work at a desk long before a child turns to adulthood.

An ergonomic desk also looks pretty cool. It’s fun, multi-functional, and tiltable which is an excellent feature for any child artists or designers out there. It’s easy to draw, write, and read at, and it gives them their own space. That’s the really important part of creating an inviting study space – it’s the child’s own.

What else is there to know about setting up a child’s study space?

The spot you choose for this study space should be conveniently accessible. You want it to be somewhere a child can focus, concentrate, and enjoy so no TVs and no distractions. It should be a place that is organized, preferably with places to put paper and keep pens. It doesn’t hurt to provide some storage options as well as a trash can of some kind. Also, encourage the child to personalize their space. If you want, you can make it a project for you and them, and ask them what they would like in their study space. Get them excited!

All of this starts with an ergonomic desk for children to build around. It begins with a great kids’ desk! Give them a study space to call their own, and keep it focused and concentrated, comfortable, and well-lit. Get your desk today at PrimeCables.

PrimeCables® Children’s Multi-Functional Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk

What is a Smart TV Android Box – read here!

Have you always wanted a smart TV – for as low as $35, you can buy one. You won’t need to replace your flat-screen to make your wish a reality. It’s all done through a smart TV box.

What is a smart TV box?

A smart TV box offers the same technology that is built into many smart TVs. In a sense, it is an operating system and media player. Instead of being located inside your flat-screen, it’s completely external. This would be similar to the difference between an internal and external drive.

How does an Android TV box work?

A smart TV box connects to your TV through an HDMI cable. It requires an Internet connection which means you can either go wired with Ethernet cable or set it up via WiFi.

Your smart TV box uses an Android operating system. This system was created by Google for smartphones. It is open source and free, which means it is very cheap for manufacturers to produce hardware that uses it.

What do I need to connect a smart TV box?

The only thing you need to connect a smart TV box is an HDMI cable and Internet. You will also want to make sure your flat-screen has an HDMI input to accept another wired connection.

Another note we want to make is that not all Android boxes are 4K, unfortunately. Some come 1080p and even in 720p. If you want to watch and stream 4K media, you need to ensure you purchase a 4K Android box.

What can I do with a smart TV box?

A smart TV box turns your regular flat-screen into a media and entertainment center. Using an Android operating system, you can stream media from your laptop or smartphone to your TV without additional hardware. No wires. Play movies, binge TV shows, and more.

An Android box doesn’t just bring with it a media center, either. You can connect Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, surf the Internet, Netflix, Hulu, download games, download apps. Do you have an Android smartphone – Android boxes work very similarly. The operating system is very similar, right down to giving you access to the Google Play store.

What is the best Android TV box?

There are several Android TV box models out there. You do want to ensure the smart TV box purchased fits your needs. Look for a model that has 4K video quality and, if you download content, H.264/H.265 capabilities. Two of the best Android boxes in Canada are the X96 mini 4K Android Box and the MXQ-4K Android smart TV box. They are both available today from PrimeCables and on sale!

PrimeCables® X96 Mini 4K Android 7.0.1 Smart TV Box
PrimeCables® MXQ-4K Android 8.1 Smart TV Box