Why Buy a Gaming Keyboard – read here!

A gaming keyboard. It’s a special thing. For gamers, they know the value of using a gaming keyboard.

Non-gamers may look at these, unaware of the advantages they bring and be uninterested in the cost. We get it. That said, gaming keyboards for PCs are a great addition and equally important for gamers as the motherboard, processor, and graphics card is.

You Type Faster

The keys on a gaming keyboard are mechanical, contrary to membrane keyboards. The mechanical keys are easier to press and type with. You don’t have to force them. If you move your character through your keyboard, as a lot of us do, it’s easier. You won’t get so fatigued pressing keys. You move faster, gaining you an advantage in the game as well.

It’s More Comfortable

When you really get into a game, a lot of us can play for hours at a time. A gaming keyboard design is more comfortable than your average keyboard. The shape of it is meant to fit a gamer’s hands better. The keys are more full-sized and spaced. It’s generally agreed that gaming keyboards let you play longer without hurting your hands or wrists.


The first thing that hits you about a multi-color gaming keyboard is the lights. Red, blue, white, green, and purple. This gives your gaming keyboard a whole new look. As a gamer, it makes it more fun. They aren’t just for looks though. Backlights help you play games in low light or dark conditions. If you like to turn down the lights or play at night, the multi-color backlights give opportunity to know where your keys are at all times.

A Gaming Keyboard Has Macros

Macros are keys that you can customize to do anything. You can create shortcuts through a gaming keyboard that gives you the chance to act faster and more efficiently in your favourite game. Automate tasks you have to repeat. Automate important actions. This further adds to the in-game advantage a gaming keyboard brings.

Once you’re experienced in gaming, eventually, you’ll probably decide you want a gaming keyboard. While it’s not as important as other specs, there are definitely benefits to having one. They give you advantages you wouldn’t otherwise have and make gameplay much easier to tolerate for longer periods of time. If you are seeking minor ways to improve game performance, shop a gaming keyboard at PrimeCables and see the difference!

What Do I Need to Work From Home During COVID-19 Outbreak – Check the List!

This is the ultimate guide to working from home during coronavirus. Check out the full list of equipment for what you need to get the most from your time at home. Whether it’s a short- or long-term arrangement, here’s where to invest in customizing the perfect home office for you.

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

The first product on our list is very anti-office. It’s a height adjustable portable laptop stand. A tremendous benefit, this guy allows you to get work done in bed, on the couch, or wherever around the house.

Over-the-Ear Headphones

You need some way to block out the noise. You’re at home. Even if you don’t have kids, a roommate or the pets can easily distract you. Over-the-ear headphones are an absolute coronavirus home office necessity if you’re somewhere you’re likely to be distracted.

Clamp-on Power Strip

Normally you will have outlets at the bottom or behind your desk. They are not easily reached. Enter in this clamp-on power strip. Clip it onto the end of your table and have 4 outlets readily available. Charge your smartphone, plug in speakers, and more.

Ergonomic Desk

Get your coronavirus work-from-home juncture started on the right foot. Everyone needs a desk. Try an ergonomic height-adjustable sit-stand desk. Do work while you stand or lower it for sitting. Keep your body active at a time where the gyms are closed and going outside for walks seems like an ill-advised decision.

Ethernet Cables

If you are doing some heavy-duty Internet work, you may need a faster connection than WiFi. Ethernet cables give a direct wired connection to your Internet, speeding it up and ensuring you’re able to do everything you have to do without lag, interruption, interference, or inefficiencies.

Computer Accessories

Last on our list are various computer accessories and components you might not have. A 128 GB USB flash drive is a great portable storage solution that keeps your work all in the same place. There’s also mousepads, keyboards, a printer-and-scanner, and office computer chairs. Whatever you’re missing, you can find it on ShopperPlus’ list of work-from-home essentials.

Home Office Essentials

You may find some home office décor you like or accessories that you may find boost your productivity. This might include anything from an LED desk lamp to a wake-up light alarm, an essential oil diffuser, a new coffee maker, storage options, or decorative artificial succulents.

Shop all these work-from-home coronavirus essentials from PrimeCables today. We will ship your products to your front door, with contactless delivery.

Best Computer Speakers in Canada for Home Offices

For trendy computer speaker deals in Canada, PrimeCables has is offering some pretty cool speakers at a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere. High-quality, affordable computer speakers.

What makes a great computer speaker – a lot. You want them to be an appropriate size so they fit onto your desk. A pair of computer speakers should match the look of your home office workstation. Also, excellence in sound quality is as important as anything else.

For the sake of making it easy, we’ve chosen to break down the best computer speakers in Canada. Here are the pros and cons of each, and what sort of home office setup they’re best suited for.

Desktop USB Powered Speaker Set – $14.99

This is your most basic set of computer speakers. They are USB-powered desktop computer speakers. They work for PCs, laptops, and anything with a 3.5mm port. While they certainly will provide adequate sound, they aren’t the most advanced audio setup. For their portability and quality though, factored into their price point, there’s nothing better.

2.1 Multimedia Desktop Speaker Set – $24.99

This is a great multimedia-focused desktop computer speaker and subwoofer, connecting via cable. The classic box design is easy to fit into any desk setup. The acoustic performance is absolute clarity, whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The subwoofer amplifies your bass sounds. When it comes to a combination speaker-and-subwoofer, this is one of the absolute best in Canada.

2.1 Bluetooth Stereo-Powered Speakers – $34.99

This is a Bluetooth-enabled stereo powered speaker and subwoofer. Connect your computer, smartphone, or anything with Bluetooth audio. Though small, this speaker system’s built very well. With 10 watts of power, you can stream music, listen to podcasts, connect almost any device, and receive that high-quality deep bass you only get from a subwoofer.

6.5-inch High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers – $65.99

2-way bookshelf speakers are preferred by a lot of buyers. They fit well into dorms, condos, apartments, and tight quarters. They’re often used for movies, music-mixing, and small audio projects. You get excellent clarity in sound with bookshelf speakers like these, hearing the details of dialogue and everything in the soundscape – just like you desire.

Computer speakers are worth shopping around for. Consider what’s best for your personal computer setup. Shop all these computer speakers and others – as well as earbuds, Bluetooth soundbars, over-the-ear headphones and more – from PrimeCables. There’s no reason to wait. Get high-quality professional-grade audio for music, movies, and more.

Pros And Cons of Work-From-Home Jobs in the Coronavirus Outbreak

Continuing to work in the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us are doing so from home. There are some pros and cons to working from home. As you’re embarking on what it’s like to try and maintain a career with the coronavirus spread, here are the advantages and disadvantages worth remembering.

Pro – You’re Less Likely to Catch COVID-19

The reason why we’re working from home is because of coronavirus. In self-quarantine or self-isolation as we are in a work-from-home situation, you’re protected against the possible transmission of the virus in an office setting. This arrangement prioritizes your health above all else.

Con – Cabin Fever

If you’ve been at home this entire time, you’re stuck around the same family, friends, or roommates nonstop. It can take its toll on one’s sanity. If you’re having issues or are in a dispute with someone else in the household, it can make getting things done at work almost impossible.

Pro – No Dress Code

If you’re stuck working from home due to COVID-19, remind yourself not coming in means no dressing up. You can work in your pajamas if you want. No filter. No makeup. No cares given. Wearing comfortable clothing will make it that much easier to get things done.

Pro – You Can Look After Others

If you have someone in your household who is sick, disabled, or if you have kids, all these shutdowns have sent them home as well in all likelihood. This puts you in a position to earn your income and also be able to take breaks when you need to. This means a flexible work-from-home arrangement, allowing you to look after family members.

Pro – No More Commute

You don’t have to spend an hour or more in traffic or on public transit getting to where you’re going. When you work from home, everything’s mere feet away. You can actually wake up and be at work in less than a minute if you were very determined.

Con – The Comforts Of Home

That’s right. This isn’t a ‘pro’. The comforts of home are distractions. They reduce productivity. Comfortable isn’t the objective in business. If you want to stay focused, ensure you aren’t too involved in the environment around you.

Con – Productivity Can Suffer

If you have never worked from home before – and even if you have – switching to such an arrangement is likely to affect your ability to perform.

Pro – You’re Still Earning

The biggest benefit of working from home during coronavirus is being able to still earn a paycheck. A lot of Canadians are at home right now with business shutdowns and they don’t have their paycheck to pay the bills with. The fact that you’re not in the same boat is an advantageous position to be in.

Are You Working From Home Because Coronavirus – Here Are Some Tips to Help You Through

A lot of Canadians have been sent home, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some, fortunately, have been allowed to keep their employment and bi-weekly paychecks coming in by working from home.

For some workers, they might feel lost, uninterested, and/or see a lack of productivity being at home. In this era of coronavirus work-from-home, here are a few tips to remember. By staying home, you can continue working while helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – a key recommendation from our government.

Do Your Best

We all have different home situations. Some are looking after kids. Others could be caring for family members. Whatever you’re dealing with, all you can do is your best. Stay relaxed if your performance isn’t producing the same numbers, if you’re not as productive, or if things overall aren’t as efficient as what they used to be.

Have A Dedicated Work Area

Have a work-from-home area where you can concentrate. Set up a room with an ergonomic desk, home office accessories, and anything else you need to stay on task. Remove any temptations or distractions. Keep it tidy.

Plan Ahead

Every day, know what you’re trying to achieve. Have a task list, separated by the hour. Use this plan to prevent yourself from getting off-track. Frequent switching between tasks or multi-tasking’s a massive productivity killer.

Organized And Focus

From the moment you sit down, you shouldn’t have a reason to get up and distract yourself. Smartphone, pen, paper, a charger for your smartphone, etc. Have everything there with you. Organize a routine or set an expectation for emergencies, what happens if the doorbell rings or you receive a phone call, and who takes care of the kids. Investing in some over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones block out sound – another helpful buy.

Have Your Tech Ready

Ensure your Internet’s connected. Find a way to keep in touch with other team members. Messaging options include Skype, Google Hangouts, or Slack. You also have project management apps that could be more conducive to tracking projects, like Asana, Trello, and others.


The biggest challenge for a lot of work-from-home jobs are the distractions. Minimize them. If you’re working at the computer, time yourself. Clock in. Clock out. Use this to keep yourself motivated and productive. As long as you’re on the clock, you shouldn’t be texting, on your Facebook, smartphone, or Googling anything.

Don’t let coronavirus keep you from earning a paycheck. If you can work from home, do so. Growing accustomed to it, you will find it has a lot of unique benefits over going into the office. Stay safe through this uncertain period.

Protect Your Eyes At Work With High-Quality Safety Impact Goggles

Eyes are vulnerable in a lot of workplaces. This is why eye injuries are so common. In Canada alone, every day there are roughly 200 job-related eye injuries that occur.

Fortunately, the right eye protection is believed to be an effective preventative. As many as 90 percent of these eye injuries can be prevented with protective equipment like safety impact goggles.

Safety impact goggles are the best protection you have for your eyes while at work. They offer a wraparound lens that still allows you to tap into your peripheral vision. The kind made by 3M Centurion also has a venting system that minimizes fogging. Any sort of prescription eyewear can also be worn with it. Safety goggles are easy to use and don’t obscure vision.

Let’s take a look at the most common eye injuries that occur in the workplace.

  • Chemicals in the eye.
  • Foreign objects in the eye.
  • Cuts or scrapes on the cornea.
  • Splashes from grease or oil.
  • Burns from steam.
  • Ultraviolet or infrared radiation exposure.
  • Injury from flying metal chips.
  • Injury from flying wood chips.

Did you know 3 out of 5 of workers who suffer eye injuries were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident – it’s true. The right kind of eye protection can mitigate the risks of a lot of these common injuries, especially with someone working in an industrial, construction, or warehouse setting.

The type of eye protection you should wear depends on your workplace obviously. The occupations where the risk is the highest for an eye injury are construction workers, in manufacturing, mining, carpentry, auto repair, electrical work, plumbing, welding, and maintenance. If you’re advised to wear safety goggles or similar eye protection, do so. It could save your vision. All it takes is one accident to cause cataclysmic events.

Here are some of the benefits and protections given to you by industrial-quality safety impact goggles.

  • Protection from impact.
  • Protection from dust.
  • Protection from chemical splashes.
  • They shield the entire eye, not just the fronts.
  • Protection from hazards coming from any direction.
  • No reduced vision. No glare.

Protect your eyes. Wear goggles. Without vision or with an eye injury, you might not be able to continue working. It will impact every aspect of your life if you injure your eyes. In our opinion, workplace injuries stemming from a lack of protective wear are way too common. If you’re working in a workplace where it’s recommended, don’t skimp on eye safety.

Multiple Single Monitor Mounts v. a Large Multi-Monitor Mount, Which Is Better – see here!

The best single monitor, dual monitor, and triple monitor mounts in Canada are available with PrimeCables.

As you comb through the catalogue, it fast becomes obvious. It’s unclear which mount is best according to what you need it to do. If you’re interested in an ergonomic monitor setup for yourself, single monitor mounts may prove more dynamic than one dual, triple, or 4-monitor mount.

Advantages of Multiple Single Monitor Mounts

A single monitor mount is very small on its own. This makes it easy to install on various computer desks.

The designs range from a stationary single monitor desk mount to a height-adjustable gas spring monitor mount.

Using multiple gas spring monitor mounts or another type of single monitor mount, you have the ultimate customization option. Set your monitors where you desire. There are no limitations on where or how many monitors you can have. All that’s required is something stable to affix your mount to.

Disadvantages of Multiple Single Monitor Mounts

Using multiple single monitor mounts, you can encounter space issues. You may have enough space to accommodate multiple single mount designs.

For some guests or friends, it may also appear confusing the placement of monitors. Most consumers expect a single multi-monitor mount for multiple monitors as opposed to a small collection of independent mounts.

Lastly, the expense of multiple single monitor mounts will most likely exceed a single mount for multiple monitors.

Advantages of a Large Multi-Monitor Mount

Large multi-monitor mounts are widely available. You, of course, have the very popular dual monitor mounts. There are also multi-monitor mounts up to six monitors and more. You can essentially create as large a station of monitors as you like.

Something like a quad monitor articulating arm desk mount saves a ton of space, is more economical than buying four single monitor mounts, and keeps all your monitors in one easy location.

Disadvantages of a Large Multi-Monitor Mount

You do lose some functionality when you begin getting into three-monitor and four-monitor mounts. Tilt and swivel functioning, for example, can vary.

Multi-monitor mounts do take up a lot of space. Some desks may not have enough available. Independent single monitor mounts may prove to give more options in this vein.

Proximity between monitors can be challenging. Mounts are meant for specific sizes. The more monitors a mount carries, the heavier and more expensive it’s likely to be. This creates issues around safety.

Find stylish, durable, heavy-duty monitor mounts for one or multiple monitors from PrimeCables today. Build a sleek, futuristic monitor space. Whether it’s for work, creativity, or gaming, your monitor mount will add ease and appeal in a way not otherwise possible. Visit us today for information and monitor mount availability.

What Are the Benefits of a Children’s Ergonomic Desk – read here!

A quiet space to do their homework. A private where they can be creative. A children’s ergonomic desk is an opportunity to stoke creativity.

An ergonomic desk isn’t no regular child’s desk. An ergonomic desk is height adjustable. It is designed to support a user’s posture.

An ergonomic desk for a child reduces the likelihood of learning the bad habits that befall so many office workers. Sore backs. Aches. These issues are cured with ergonomics.

Give your child a comfy ergonomic children’s desk and chair set from PrimeCables. Here are the benefits.

Discourages Slouching

Children love to slouch. When we’re young, we can. We don’t experience the same sort of discomfort. Our bodies bounce back quickly. As an adult though, that won’t be the case. A children’s ergonomic desk set discourages slouching.

Height Adjustability

A height-adjustable children’s desk adapts to the child’s growing height. Normally, it’s used to adjust the desk from a sitting to standing position and vice versa. It should be used for that, absolutely! That said, it’s also a benefit to know you won’t have to buy your child another desk come a couple years from now because they’ve ‘outgrown it’.

Tilt And Angle

An ergonomic children’s desk comes with a tilting mechanism. This allows a child to angle a desktop to maximize comfort for activities like writing, drawing, and reading. The easier it is, the less of a barrier going to their desk will be.

Choose Your Color

When you buy an ergonomic desk for a child from PrimeCables, you get to choose your color! Blue, pink, or grey. This gives you some area to customize it according to your child’s likes.

Small to Fit In Any Room

This isn’t a very large desk. A lot of desks are. This is a small children’s desk that fits into virtually every room or play area. Even when one adjusts the height, it doesn’t interfere with the width or space needed.

Looks Cool

Homework can almost feel archaic, to some children. When we’re surrounded by tech, digital video, and all sorts of cool things, getting excited about work isn’t on the list of any child. A children’s desk with an ergonomic design looks like tech. It mimics a lot of smartphone features, from its color to shapes. This could be a way to get your child excited about doing their homework.

Somewhere That’s Theirs

A desk encourages work, concentration, and creativity. A child feels like they have their own space when they have a desk and chair to go to. They’re no longer trying to finish homework before dinner. It’s a gentle way to encourage them to do things like write, draw, read, and develops a positive relationship with these things.

A Newbie’s Guide to Working From Home

A lot of Canadians have been sent to work from home as a measure of protection against coronavirus.

If you have never worked from home before, here’s a beginner’s guide to working from home. Outlined here are how to minimize distractions, keep yourself concentrated, and ensuring you aren’t overworking yourself. This is the rulebook you want to follow.

Rule #1 – Measure Productivity

A big challenge to work at home is being productive. It’s easy to be lazy, check out Facebook, listen to music, and zone out. As a means of staying focused, set productivity goals hourly. Your performance relies on hitting these marks. Don’t beat yourself up if your productivity is less than expected. This is normal. It’s an adjustment working from home.

Rule #2 – Eliminate Leisure Activities

Set aside a space in your home that will be strictly for work during set hours. Remove leisure activities. Eliminate distractions. Say to yourself that you’re going to sit in this chair and concentrate. If possible, set up an ergonomic home office. This approach prioritizes comfort without making things so comfy that you fail to produce.

Rule #3 – Do You Have a Child At Home?

Coronavirus has shut down a lot of facilities that would normally take care of your child. Give permission to allow yourself to take care of your child when they need you. It’s easy to get frustrated by interruptions. Let it go. Know going in that your child’s at home and they’re going to need assistance. Check in every hour with them, set aside some time to be with them, or split time with your partner.

Rule #4 – Wake Up, Get Dressed, and Go To Work

Don’t make this an excuse to work in your pajamas. Wake up when you normally would. Get dressed like you normally would going into the office. Follow the same pattern you would. This cues your brain into behaving in the same way, maintaining the concentration at work that normally would apply. Replicate your office experience as well as you can.

Rule #5 – Make a Social Effort

Extroverts are at a disadvantage being sent home to work in isolation. It’s a wholly different environment, for anyone who is used to working in an office around their colleagues. Make an effort, especially if you are an extrovert or live alone, to speak with someone over the phone, Skype, Facebook, etc. You don’t want to feel like you’re losing out on that social connection. Outside of work-from-home hours, take the time to connect with someone.

What Ergonomic Home Office Essentials Do I Need to Work From Home – see here!

A functional home office doesn’t have to come at a cost. Ergonomic, high-productivity office essentials are here.

A lot of Canadians work from home. Even more don’t. You might be working from home as an entrepreneur overseeing your own business. Or, with the coronavirus pandemic in Canada, maybe you have to work from home and are being forced to put in some time away from corporate HQ.

However you come to it, the look and feel of your home office matters. ‘Ergonomic’ is what to look for. Ergonomics are office furniture designed to minimize stress on the body and accommodate healthy, natural postures. Here are the best ergonomic work-from-home office products.

LED Lamp

Come evening hours, the sun’s light isn’t so accommodating. An LED lamp for home office is naturally positioned on your desk. The average lifespan of an LED bulb is 35,000 hours. That’s plentiful time to get working and accomplish all your objectives before having to switch it out.

Monitor Mount

A desktop computer and a monitor takes up a lot of space on a desk. Free up some of that working area with a monitor mount. A heavy-duty monitor mount lifts the screen up and in an ergonomic design, positions it angled to the correct height to minimize stress on the neck.

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

You can’t have an office without a desk. Doing work at the kitchen table or on the couch isn’t anywhere near focused. Maintain high productivity. Stay concentrated on the tasks at hand. Choose a height adjustable sit-stand desk.

USB Smart Charging Station

Charge your smartphones and devices while you work. This high-quality 10-port USB smart charging station is perfect for iPhones, Samsung, and more. Charge up to 10 devices at once. Plug them in, set them up in the stand, and let them power up while you work.

Surge Protector

Chances are you have one or two things that need to be plugged in. A multi-outlet surge protector is perfect for a home office. There are all sorts of surge protector designs, including a side socket with swivel that allows you to adjust the angle of your outlets. If your work desk is positioned in an awkward location, a swivel may give you easier access to outlets.

Adjustable Tray For Keyword and Mouse

If your computer desk doesn’t already have one, you can install your own easy-glide adjustable computer tray for your keyword, mouse, or general storage. This gives you a place to put a keyboard so that it’s not in the way. When not in use, simply push it back into the desk.